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December 31, 2009


December 30, 2009

I Hope She Doesnt Read This

imagine a "thing", something that u eager to have,fantasize about everday n ever nite especially during the time b4 u close ur eyes to end the chapter of a day,hoping for tommorow that u'll possess that thing.try t imagine that. exp, the "thing" is ur favourite car, Toyota Accord.then one day, out of the blue, ot of sight, someone u know give it to u, the "thing".n u think that shes fooling around n u just accept it cuz u think its just a part of a funny joke.u compromise, u react, u oversee towards the action of getting the "thing" just by a fling cuz in ur mind u know u'll never get the thing for real possession from her. then as day goes by, u realize, she actually giving u the "thing" for real, for u to keep. she act like is was meant for u, but never clearly stated it n u r afraid to ask because u dun want to hear the answer. cuz u dun wanna to lose the "thing".u just went with the flow cuz u know, without having the tough conversation of the possession of the "thing", somehow, u r possessing it no matter what, as long as u play along with it. but in ur heart u r wondering whether u r really possessing the "thing". how to deal with it?? seriously, im confused but i refuse to ask. because i wanna own the "thing", i dun wanna loose it, so i choose to play along.. cuz if i do so, i own it, i possess it.story of my life!

December 28, 2009

Jangan Baca Kalau Anda Seorang Perempuan

If some ask for an advice or piece of mind rite now bout love the only think i can say is Love is full of hatred, heart broken shits, messed up emotion. its truth n im speaking from personal life experience. they say in love, u need to be confidence, the who u are, self aware, n just go with ur feeling. but when u do so, theres alway consequences n price need to be pay. high price. because when u do be confidence n be urself n express ur truth feeling bout her face to face, teh common answer u gonna get is this, "kita baru ja kenal, kita ambil masa dulu utk kenal hati budi masing2,give space to each other" n then they will giv e some shits bout praising ur saying taht u r "cute,simple,handsome, happy go lucky" just to make us to chase them more. but heres the deal, it all aint true n its all just a bunch of lies. all the gurl just wanna keep u chasing them making them feel hot or famous, but honestly they dun even want to be with us, they just palying with us. the real situation is that the gurl already have somebody else in their heart, waiting for that asshole to be with her. in time of the waits, their plays us to make their life aint so bored n doom. think ur self as a safety net to this kind of gurl, cuz if their dream boy reject them hardly, they still have us as second choice. thats all we will ever be, a safety net. nonetheless. so mr.H thats my asnwer n i hope its satisfy u. remember, love aint so beautiful.

u better off being single. its for the besh. really!


Escape The Fate

Band-Escape the Fate
Song-You Are So Beautiful
Album- This War Is Ours

I could've found a better way
You know I never should have stayed
I could accept the things that I believed were wrong
(you know your wrong)
Now you're saying that it's late
It doesn't matter what I say
You know you're just another one of my mistakes

You are so beautiful
You are the kind of girl that has the chemicals
That makes me fall in love
Beautiful, you are the kind of girl
That has the chemicals
That makes me fall in love

So now I'm feeling like a slave
I'm locked away inside of this grave
And I'm hoping for a way I can be saved
(I can't be saved)
You know that there will come a day
when I'm just gonna have to change,
you know you're just another one of my mistakes.

You are so beautiful, You are the kind of girl
that has the chemicals that makes me fall in love
Beautiful, you are the kind of girl, that has the chemicals
That makes me fall in love
Fall in love

You know I found a small paper you lied about,
You lied about
You know I found a small paper you lied about,
You lied about
You lie to me, lie to me

You are so beautiful, You are the kind of girl
that has the chemicals that makes me fall in love
Difficult, so very difficult
You are the kind of girl, that makes me fall in love, fall in love

Bru Smpai Penang!


anyhow, congrats Man U ngn Arsenal mng, o ya liver pun mng gak.
n padan muka chelsea kalah.
the only big four yg kalah.


December 26, 2009

Currently in KL..
Attending some relatives wedding reception.
unplanned vacation..
KL aint so good btw, compare to penang.
penang is the best..
see ya bax in sunday midnite!

December 25, 2009


i'd change my relation status in facebook.
enough said!
btw, to answer all the questions, the answer is this,

its for me to know, n for u to find out!

December 23, 2009

I Wanna Love You Right Now (Na Na Na Na)

shes a pretty gurl..
cute i should say..
too cute to melt my heart out..
crush it down to her love belt.
make me wanna change my status from single to its complicated.
an accident that intertwined us together.
a cute meet which unplanned.
i heard bout her a lot before.
but im to tight with "beliau" n i ignore all the suggestion made.
now, as i move on, put apart ms.beliau away for a while.
i was able to open up for others.
cuz i noe, ms.beliau is not mine to hold.
then, i meet her.
F**** is her name.
cute as the person herself.
i wanna mak it rite this time.
wish to god.
special thanx to emma n K.I to introduce her to me.
thanx guys!

p/s- i do had feeling toward her already. love at the first sight maybe. tetiba truih layan lagu akon tetiba- i wanna love you n right now (na na )

December 19, 2009

I'd Come For You

im summoning the courage to tell..
stil waiting.
stil waiting.
stil waiting.
stil waiting.
stil waiting.
stil waiting.
stil waiting.
i guess i wont come out after all.
n im loosing it.
bit by bit.
i gues it time to let it go.
but my heart wont let it.
my heart is stil hoping.
stil fantasizing.
stil wanna.

p/s- i love you!

December 16, 2009

Super Spunky Bloomy

what if, out of the blue, when u least expected, the girl that u alway dream about, keep thinking about, have a funny undetermined feeling about, contact u, ask u how u were doing, ask about ur recent life, ask about ur result, encourage u to study harder, making jokes bout ur nick, n u "menganjingkan dia balik" *her words* a lot of stuff. at that may seem just a normal stuff, but it cherish my day, make me smile, make me laugh, make me overwhelmed.thats u gurl. u r the one that can make it all happen.. n for that, i thanks u.

December 15, 2009

On The Way Of Hitting That Cute Waitress

skrg kat kocha hotpot.
wat2 online.
wat2 bukak facebook.
wat2 bukak blog
sbb aku ngn hit on the cute waitress.
her name is sofia.
i'll like to get to know her better.
all it takes is just an ice lemon tea.
wifi connection.
a couple puff of ciggys.
and mostly courage to ask her out.
im such a girl.ha3

December 12, 2009

Call Me Girly, I Dont Give A Crap!

once, one of my buddy said to be the ultimate gold of dating a gurl is to get under her pant. which mean to have her crawling with you to the bed. let me rephrase that, it mean "fuck em' n leave em".. his words not mind. i stunned by that time hearing what he said, but i didnt argued. i guess at that time, i just dunno how to react to that sitaution cuz, let just say i kinda a nerd at that time. well here whats im gonna say if i could ever rewind that moment, having the exact same conversation, only differents is how i react n reply. what will i said? love is not about sex bro. esx in not love. well at least not all of it. love is about caring someone, caring so deep which you would willing to die for her. love is about missing someone, knowing that shes not around u make u uncomfortable n make u wanna fly high n reach for her no matter where she are. love is something physical matter. the hug, the showing of to the world with both of u holding hand while walking in the crowd, the smiling stupid trick of mengeliat(xtaw omputih panggil pa) n open out ur hand n put in on her shoulder n if u r lucky shes response n lean her head on ur shoulder while u watching a movie in the is also the simple touch of cheek of both of u. love is also the sweet kiss on the cheek. love is also the moment of arkward silence while both of you saying no words except having a staring contest together for a moment of god know is also the sweet damn first kiss that u r dying to have since u date her, n the moment of drum roll(the moment when before both of ur lips touches) n the excitement its cause. well thats sum up my thought of love. call me pussy, im just a lover.

December 8, 2009

Sinner See, Sinner Do

im a bad bad man.
my heart wants in bad, i cant hold it much longer.
i need to do it, so i just cross my finger.
adrenaline pumping i runs to my veins.
it joys me a lot evnthough is such a pain.
cuz im a bad bad man.

i didnt think much, i just do it.
its kill me to wonder so i just gone with the wind.
cuz im a bad bad man.

December 6, 2009

Loser n The Hero

loser of the week. padan muka. akhirnya kecundang gak chelsea.kalah cara hina plak tu. cian lampard ble miss penalty lagi. ish2, anti-lampard!. ahaks. plsu, the only goal from chealsea from yesterday match is the own goal from this guy

emmanuel adebayor, Man city scoring machine. dia sumbat 2 goal smlm. satu own goal, satu gi, lepaih dr petr Cech. ahaks. but the win goaling scorer is this guy
carlos tevez. man united patit rasa menyesal skrg screw tevez sbb his good.cantik free kick dia ambik smlm. but still, my personal fav hero of the match is

this guy. shay given, man city keeper. dia save byk trial smlm. even save penalty kick from lampard. i mean, cmon which keeper in the world who had save a penalty kickout from lampard huh? shay given can roudly say now, that he is one of them.salute!
conclusion, chelsea still leads the league but cause of the lost last nite, the different point is only by two. man u is closing in okay, we'll see.

Punk Is A Statement, Not A LifeStyles

December 4, 2009

She Kills The Old Me

waiting for the moment.

waiting for the perfect timing.
i hate waiting.
im the kinda guy with guts.
i follow my heart as it leads.
sometimes in the wrong path, but i perished any.
i do regret some wrong decision but i just lean.
but as for u.
is for different
i waited.
i search truly,deeply.
searching for the feeling.
make sure its the rite one.
feel the feeling.
i dunno why i be so damn careful.
maybe i dun wanna be reckless no more.
maybe i've grown up.
i dunno.
but one thing for sure,
for u i make a totally different move.
thats what make u special

Better Believe it

where ever u are,
i'll be right here waiting for you...

November 30, 2009

Dream Team

November 27, 2009



gambar hiasan

November 26, 2009

Legend In The Making

this is Aaron Lennon!
the future us football.
the future england winger.
one of the fastest man on the field in england.
from now on, i can buried C.ronaldo, cuz i have a new fav winger!
i hate Sold-Out player, so CR u r out!
gosh, i hope lennon wont leave Tottenham, but want can i say though!
im just a fan!

Crap Philosophy!

they say,
as ur position get higher, ur work goes lower!

i say,


carik aku kat facebook.

November 24, 2009

The Return Of The Doom Gang

same old shits, same old faces. tiap2 kali aku blk keja kat swenz kopitiam tiap2 sem break mesti ada kejutan baru pnya. first, this i i always known, the changes of menu.update, uptrown, mcm2 la.yg bebainya aku kena learn buat suma menu2 baru tu dlm first day of my comeback cuz in second day, i need to be ready to prepare for all the new menu for the customers. meaning, aku ble jadik waiter just for my first day. eversince aku mai keja. aku kena stat wat bar,wat roti, cashier, kitchen, suma2 la.i prefer waiter cuz its a lot easier but i guess i dun hav a choice huh? second suprise is that my sweet escape sem break runaway now already have a second branch. in megamall! i guess business is pretty gud huh boss eventhough most of us just fooling around the kopitiam when u r not around. hahaha*boss aku baca ayat ni mati aku*.thrid suprise, well gues what all of my old gang is also make a comeback to swenz. what the hell aite? well, usually aku ja la yg akan jadik pekerja senior kat swenz tu tapi skrg x dah, the senior2 swenz suma dah blk mai. aku pun xpaham. mcm xdak kat tempat laen nk keja, swenz gak depa dok mai blk.misah n ayu. ayu pekerja swenz sejak 2007 kot.dia keja 6 bulan pastu blah. skrg mai blk. dia kenai aku ja la kat swenz tu. skrg dah ble coop dah ngn suma. pastu misah pun dah blk mai dah kat swenz. awai taun ni dia balik pi sabah skrg dia blk mai blk. nk taw mn satu misah mn satu ayu? tgk kat gmbaq atas tu.yg chubby2 duduk tu misah, yg mamak look tu ayu.

November 23, 2009

I Heart Tottenham Hotspur!

First time ever in history in White Hart Lane!

Tottenham Hotspur TRASH Wigan 9-1!!


Defoe score 5*first player in history of EPL ever done that*

Lennon score 1!*right after come back from injury*

Crouch score 1!*magnificient header, the first goal in the first half.take note, there only one goal in the frist half, other 10 goal happen in seken half!*

Kranjaar score 1!*beautiful score too*

Bentley score 1!** beautiful free kick!

first time ever TOT had a big win in white Hart Lane. if is not bcuz of wigan conterversial 1 goal, TOT can leveled up with Man U ni 1995/96 when they win 9-0!

well done Hotspurs!

November 22, 2009

Menang n Second Place In The League

Darren FLetcher-Sebijik
Micheal Carrik-Sebijik
Antonnio Valencia- sebijik

Man U 3- Everton 0

Man U Move Up To Second Place In The League.
Watch Out Chels!


This post is specially created to all the loser of EPL this week.

Arsenal 0-Sunderland 1(darren Bent ROCK!! xsia2 aku buh mamat ni dlm fantasy footbal aku)

Liverpool 2- Man City 2
liverpool r damn lucky cuz benayoun still able to score the equaliser in the very last minute. if not, they'll lose an their on stadium Anfield. Still can be consider as LOSER!!!!

Burnsley 1- Aston Villa 1
aston villa LOSER! xble nk potong Tottenham for the top 4 spot.

Man U Ganbatte for ur match tonite. u guys gotta win so that u can seize bax the second spot in the league n closer to chelsea.

November 21, 2009

Swenz Here I Come!

nak pi keja dah..
yup, im back at swenz kopitiam..
gotta go, bye!

A Tale Of Triangle Love Story

i have a story to tell. is between a guy n two gurls. lets call the guy A. the first gurl lets name her T n the last gurl is D. okay, A is a single dude. still searching for true love.for him, true love is a very long journey. its not that he did not open up himself for any girl, he did but still no one ever see him truly.thats when T come in. T is somehow catched A attention. they noe each other for quite long time but never spoken face to face.until recently, something snapped. we finally spoke. and all the gud thing flew by after dat. we started to hang out together, helping each other when one need help. A at first didnt have any feeling whatsoever toward T but somehow he felt that T is giving him a lot of sign that she like him. example, she kept on asking for A help eventhough she can have it from any of her frens whom nearby. instead, she called A for it. A saw all that as "maybe she into me".T kept on finding excuses on make a time with A. A did refuse anyhow. T even sometimes tell her secret to A that she never ever told any of her beshfren.she even snaply said she is single out of nowhere eventhough A never asked.but the two of them kept of denying the truth. neither are willing to confess.A, which whom been let down a lot in the past, is been very careful. he doesnt wanna make a snap decision cuz somehow he value the frenship that he have with T.A is waiting for T to make a first move. current time, they we apart for quite a long time for some reason cuz T hometown is kinda far from A's. thats when D come in. D is A lost long-time fren since high skool. they meet up accidentally in Facebook. from Facebook, they catch up of the two years of absent on each other. currently, A make another snap decision by asking D for a date eventhough at that point A doesnt have a feeling toward D n still trying to figure out his true feeling toward T. D evntually said yes to the date. the date went great. they talk a lot. we even had some accident where A accidentally hold D hand. D then smile n dun wanna let A's hand go. she kept on smiling through the whole date.she even open up herself to A by telling all of her secrets, some are very deep one. A in the other hand, have a fling of heart toward D but somehow still can get T out of his head.A is confused. A doesnt know what to do. a part of A's lil heart said "pick up the phone an call T n confess to her n find out how she felt". well is A does that he can see thing clearly n clarify everything with T.If T is really in love with him, then they cna be together. n if she deny, A can go on with D n figure out where that relation may lead. but somehow, A is still afraid to pick up the phone to have the tough talk with T. n thats how A is still wondering, dreaming, fantasizing. until A find the courage, thing will still left strangle. thats all!

November 20, 2009

A True Date

you know people misintrepret a lot. a date is not when two love had declare their love an agree to be in love n when out for the first time as a couple. a date is a meeting of two people who are trying to figure out whether they r suitable for each other, a search of feeling of love, a cute meet for hope, all that kind of stuff. thats how my date goes today. i discover more bout her today rather than meet the eyes. she had her flaws without a doubt but she have her significants just trying to be realistic n i havent made out my mind yet. myabe we should go for another date to be clear. plus, i didnt pop out the quests, out of curiousity. well, our second date, isnt that far around the corner. it be soon.for sure. aCe+ out!

November 19, 2009

On The Date

its a wonderful day..
its a wonderful date.
even its on the morning.
early in the morning.
i never had a morning date.
its something new anyhow.
u r something different.
different from anyone that i ever knew.
thanx babe.
for a beautiful day.
thanx for th catch up.
we'll take it slow aite?

November 18, 2009

Out Of Nowhere

i guess, i got a date tommorow.
should i call it a date?
let see how it goes tommorow first okay


yeah! actualy aku dah lama nk update tp xdak mood nk tulih. yu yg last post aku pun simple ja. well, final exam aku dah abih ari ahad ari tu.paper OM-office management. okla. aku kluaq awai. sme ni paper OM ja aku kluaq awai. bkn confident tapi blur. aku kluaq 45 minit awai. pastu pi tgk carry mark, ok gak, maybe xdak probs kot paper tuh. so, aku xtaw r result aku nnt cmna. rasa cm ada paper repeat ja nnt. ntah la. so, skrg aku dah blk penang dah. borink? x r sgt, cuma skrg aku nk kena recontruct idup aku blk. nk kena tidoq ikut masa blk, mkn ikut masa yg betui. hm, susah kot, dah terbesa jaga time malam, n tidoq time siang. hm, stat ari ni aku nk try ubah tgk. satgi pukui 2 lebih aku nk tidoq r.(ble ka?? ntah la). satu g, aku xsure r nk keja ke x cuti ni. letih kot keja.tu yg aku xkonpem lg ngn boss aku. well, i cant imagine swenz without me around. ha2. kalu aku xkeja xdak duit plak. xmau r mintak kat mummy aku.malu besaq2 mintak duit kat mak, aku nk kena carik duit sbb stat sem dpn nk kena byq duit sewa umah g. mcm2 g, plus sem dpn aku dh part 5, byk project yg kena pakai duit. mn nk cekau. nk arap duit pt ja mn nk cukup.2 ja aku xsure g nk keja ke x. kalu keja pun kt swenz aku igt nk buat part time dah r. xr letih sgt. 2 ja la kot buah pikiran aku wat masa skrg. till next time, XOXO FUCK U!!

November 17, 2009

currently in penang.

November 14, 2009

We Are The WORST, But STill We Are The BEST

this is a public declaration!
to whom may concerns, the students, the lecturers (which effect maybe), whomever who got a probs with, let me tell u something..

DPA4D( or soon to be DPA5D next sem) aint just a simple class. we r worst, in any kind of perspective, we r bad in attitude, i dun change just because someone ask us to, we dun follow the rules as stated cuz to us, rules are made to be broke, we dun give a shit bout what people say or think bout us, we just roll the way we like, n if u got a probs with that, take it to the complaint area which in this case, is the freaking big damn dustbin. this is DPA4D. this is us, WE ARE THE WORST, BUT STILL WE ARE THE BEST! got a probs? u cna kiss u big damn ass gudbye cuz we dun give a shits.

wanan talk but publicly covered nice behaviour? shitshead! we dun need any hipocrite or plastic symdrome in ur clas. we love all of our clasmates just the way they r. who cares is there are soemtimes over the line a bit, cua we all are. we are porn shits, we are loudmouth, we r crap- in-the-mouth type of guys an girls, we dun censored a bit in our speaking n we dun care. thats just who we r. DPA4D is free wothout any bond to bare with. deal with that. whoever got a probs, take it to the street, we'll sure be there cuz we never back down either.

again, this is a reminder, DPA4D is the way we r.


malu @ shy? wujud dlm setiap diri setiap insan. perlu kah kita malu? atau kita hanya perlu just let it be n be ourself n let our self fly high? cakap senang r kan, tapi susah sebenarnya utk membuang perasaan malu tuh. tol x? dlm study? malu utk bertanya lecturer kalau xpaham. malu takut kwn2 pangkah, malu takut dilabel bodoh. xsalah utk bertanya tol x. watpa nak malu? tapi once again, ckp segan, tapi bila kita berada dl situasi tersebut, still muka merah, lidah terkelu utk berkata2. dlm bab love, lagi r. bapak malu siot. malu utk express kan love kita kat seseorg yg kita minat.malu utk berdepan ngan kenyataan yg kita mungkin akan di-reject. tapi bila dh melepas, org len yg lagi cepat, yg jenis xmalu dh masuk line, nyesal plak kan. pa salahnya kalu kita just express it out, teh outcome doesnt really matter. at least we know where we stand aite? tapi, consequences dia mmg agak hard fall gak r kan. kita lebih rela berfantasi bersama2 si dia pujaan hati dari menghadapi realiti utk betul2 bersama2 si dia. kita rela berangan2 bermimpi2 dari memiliki dgn sesebetul2nya. like it or not, this is the reality that been shown by everyone every single day. tapi, ada gak yg jenis brani, daring, dun-giv-a-damn, muka tebai, xkesah lgsg.diorang ni suma aku respek. sbb diorang sanggup menghadapi kenyataan. snaggup berpijak di bumi yg nyata dr trus dibuai mimpi indah bak menanti "BULAN" jatuh ke riba. respect u all!!

gambar hiasan

Final Lap!

OM-ahad ni

last paper, adam. rajin ckit. score r OM tuh. cover blk paper2 yg ang dha kantoi tu. xkn nk kantoi suma paper. jatuh truk pointe rnag satgi. study2. tutup laptop tuh.

November 12, 2009

Camna La Aku Tak Jatuh Cinta Kat Dia!

Profile Name: Misaki Ayame
Real name: Tsuzaki Ayame
Birthdate: April 26th, 1989
Birthplace: Kobe-shi, Hyogo, Japan
Blood type: B
Height: 163cm
Bust: 92cm (F cup)
Waist: 62cm
Hips: 92cm
Shoe size: 24cm
Hobbies: Singing, playing sports
Favorite quotes: "Naseba naru" (If it can make, it will become); "Soushisou ai" (Mutual love)
cmna la aku xjatuh cinta nak amoi nippon sama zodiac ngn aku. dua2 kami aries. blood type pun sma. height, lebey kurang r kot. age, dia tua setaun ja, so xdak beza sgt r. aku mmg byk bergaul pun ngn budak2 umoq 20. hobby singing. orait r tuh. ble aku wat band ngn dia.ahak.

Center Of Attention

have u ever, sat down with some of ur peeps n asked them about their opinion bout u? asked them to be really damn honest, dun hide any fact at all bout urself even a bad one. i did! most of the time i done it. why? cuz i dun really know myself that gud. i did that not bcuz i matter their opinion, just to know myself a bit closer. yeah, sometimes i do get bad respo but still at least i noe i can stil improve myself. but from time to time, one of the common response i get is, "ang menonjol, evn bukan ang sendri yg suka tonjolkan diri ang tapi ang ada aura yg menonjolkan".. lets face the fatc. maybe its truth. i do get attention a lot. trust me, i didnt ask for it, im not the type of person who crying out loud to let people know their existence, seriesly im not that. i just dun no why. take my acc164 clas fro example. im not originally from that 3B class, but still my lec notice me n label me "cikgu" cuz from her POV i love to teach others, especially my peeps. the fact whcih hidden is, im not the one who r teaching, its totally opposite that. its mayb elook like im teaching others bout the subject, but the truth is im asking them to teach me. i ask a bunch of people.

let take another example. last smester, stil accounting clas, i was tumaping-ing in part 3 clas last sem. wanna know what happen in my first clas. well as usualy, at the starting of new semester, lec will alway ask us to introduce urself in front of the clas. in i was selected first. well, skip the intro. teh lec then asked me bout my opinion bout accounting. i said straightly, I HATE IT! I DONT LIKE ACCOUNTiNG. ten, several other student did the same. some give a same answer as me, taht they laso hate accounting. well, then come the highlight. one gurl, standing in front of the class, introducing herself n said teh same, that she hate accounting too. then out of nowhere, she said, "i hate accounting just like ADAM".. well, the there bunch of her frens that said that they hate teh subject to, but still im the point of attention to be an example of. eventhough im a newbie in that clas, n its my first time being in that class, but she seems like to knwo me well enough to make me as an exmaple. frankly, at that time, i dun even know that gurl (of cos later i eventually know her, she is Fatin Kecik from DPA3C)..

well, what else can i say. i dont choose to be the center of attention, but somehow somewhere i will alway attract attention to myself, even if im just being plainly silence.maybe theres a magnet in me, which make me attention center. hm.. i guess it just something i have to live with, eventhough i kinda hate it, i sometimes like to be invincible where know one know me, but it seems impossible. but others, i like it too. cuz i make me have a lot of frens. rite?

November 9, 2009

Gua Minat Siot Awek Ni!

ni la crush terbaru aku skrg. comey x? minah jepoon ni nama dia ayame misaki. aku sbnrnya xminat sgt cita2 jepun, anime2 jepun, tapi smlm aku bukak external aku, ntah mangkuk mn ntah bubuh cita CuTie Honey dlm external aku. aku layan ja la. bygkan 25 episod aku tgk dlm masa sari ja. awek ni diantara 3 org superhero pompuan cita dlm cita tuh.3 honey flash yg laen suma berperwatakan berbeza. dia yg plg cold, dun-care-attitude,i-dun-give-a-damn-attitude. besh kot lakonan dia. walupun ala2 dark tapi aku suka.lagi suka dr watak utama cita cutie honey tu, si Honey sendri. o ya, watak ayame dalam cita tuh nama Saotome Miki. dia flash kaler biru. smart n cute!exoticly cute!layan!

November 7, 2009

Another Boring Day

I look up the ceiling
White burning light with no switch beep
Dust and dump filled the floor, upsweep
Dead silence comfortly as most still dead asleep
Just another boring day.

I walked out the room
Coffee mug standstill loyally beside the ashtray
Laptop on the side as same as my cellphone lay
In a blink I lighted up my ciggys left me no words to say
Just another boring day.

I lay back down
As simple as the action my mind flew freely
I puff a smoke. Nothing, joy miserily unhappy
My thought came back come back and yet agai
n I am being me
Just another boring day.

I sat and dream high
Only one thing played in my head, thats you
Wondering whether you were up and whatcha gonna do
Thinking of how did we get here and sort things through
Hoping for a feeling that need to be discover
Searching deeply for a glance that really matter
Maybe it as sweet romance or turn to be a disaster
Worst come to worst, it'll just be another boring day.

p/s- a normal day of my life. but, the let question is who is the girl im thinking about? nah! im not gonna tell!

Tired n Broke!

letih dowh mggu final ni. nak kata study 24/7 xgak. mkn tidoq smoke. tu ja pun. tapi still letih. siang ngn mlm dah xdak beza dah bagi aku. sama ja. bila aku nk tidoq, aku tidoq, bila aku nk jaga aku jaga. mkn pun dah xikut masa dah. bila lapaq, makan. xdak dah istilah breakfast, lunch dinner. kdg2 tu dinner jadik lunch, kdg2 breakfast jdk dinner. ha3, thats life! plus, dah r broke skrg ni. bila la final nk abih, ble kau blk n keja, kumpui duit n then enjoy!

Layan Siot Lagu Ni

Song- Through My Window
Band- Bunkface
Album- TM Everyone Connect

Don’t want much, I just want everything
Thought that I could, do almost anything
One step in front of the other
Thought that I could do it alone

In the blink of an eye,
it’s just another day
Telling me why,
I’ll find another way
Got this feeling, got me reeling
I can almost start believing

Now there’s me and you
And we are not alone
You and me, me are together now
Through my window,
I can see there’s
More than you and more than me
Me and you, And we are not alone
Different view, We are together now
Through my window,
I can seeOur wildest dreams could be so real

I see a spark, it starts a fire
Is this the one worth waiting for?
Thought that I could do it without you
Can’t exist like this anymore

Now there’s me and you
And we are not alone
You and me
We are together now
Through my window,
I can see there’s
More than you and more than me
Now there’s me and you,
you and me
We are not alone and we are together
Through my window I can see
Our wildest dreams could be so real
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November 3, 2009


esok paper LAW245- Malaysian Legal System

Pa Haram Pun Xstudy Lg.
cmna nk score ni?

November 2, 2009

So Called Hang Out Buddies Huh?

sometimes, eventhough our clans/groupies/Hang out Buddies/ Member Kamceng/ n wahtssoever u called ur besties are, seems unbreakable, unouchlable, un-susah nak pecah punya-able,we miss a glance of look of something that matters a lot whcih is we ares trong only if we are all together. but we are so damn fragile is stayed apart. i learn that truth bout my hangout best buddies yesterday. me, ajam, aimil n fizi is , u can say beshfren n pangkah memangkah, gay raba2 type of frens. all 4 of us, are damn close. we r rumates, housemate, classmate, riding bike mate, assignmate group mates, n mates2 yg lain. in fact it seems like all of us click together bondly. but the truth is, we r not. well, its not sometimes big, its only a malu sitaution. our of respect maybe. u see, all four of us, if we r together, yes we r strong. 3 of us, still we are strong. but when come down to 2, hahaha! okay2, let me break it down to u. imagine this, if its 2 combination examples, me-ajam, me-fizi,me-aimil,ajam-aimil,ajam-fizi theres no probs at all. but the probs combination is when FIZI n AIMIL. depa malu with each other. seriously. FIZI ngn AIMIL jarang bercakap. keadaan hanya akan jadik kecoh kalu aku ngn ajam ada skali. tapi kalu fizi ngn aimil ja, diorang malu. ha3. xpecaya? believe it. aimil sendri nagku dia malu ngn fiiz, fizi pun ngaku dia malu ngn aimil. ha3. padahai kami ber4 slalu hang out skali. every week u might say. aku pun xpasan b4 this cuma smalam bila ajam brought this issue up, bru aku pasan. aku ngn ajam siap wat experiment lagi, tggaikan fizi ngn aimil dalam bilik, kami kunci n kami kluaq. kami sneak ikut tingkap. depa just duduk2 xcakap papa. pastu 2 minit pastu, fizi bangun n blah. ha3. weird! well, thats my buddies though.hahahahahaha

p/s- Asignment PAD260-office management sem ni hanya fizi ngn aimil ja yang siapkan, fully. i wonder, malam aku ngn ajam tertidoq tuh depa duarang duduk berdua nak siapkan assignment OM cam mana la sitausi dia kan. konpem arkward for both of them aite? haha.

October 31, 2009


TOT kalah 3-0!


baru first half dah kena 2-0 ngn arsenal.
sum agol bengong2 ja!
cmon hotspurs!
u guys are better than that!
keep the pace up!

October 29, 2009

Bak Kata Saf

life is like a drama
where i have to act as a different person in every situation
call me hypocrite or whatever, i dun mind..
only for people who knows me
will understand myself, the real me and who am i actually
i try to bring up myself as who i am exactly to every situation that i face thru
but i cudnt make it coz those people wont understand
im facing a hard situation of life and im chill dealing with it
i learn so much about life by observing people around me
what they did,how they react and when they are in emotions
that is how and what i've become now.

i dun trust love
i dun trust of "true frens"

COZ all i know
human breath becoz of the needs of themslves
i believe on every human are selfish
they want love so that they wont fill lonely
they want frens so they can chillin around
but i do believe in karma
im being realistic here and not idealistic
and soon yet after i found LOVE,
well not to say i dun believe in it anymore.
now i do realise, LOVE makes the whole world look colorful.

then you get something which u will never really expect!
and thats what my life is all about.

yeah im not perfect
im clumsy..
my hair doesnt stay in place
i spill alot of things
useless sometime
but this is me and and i always do have my flaws
accept me or just fuck off if u hate me

Quick Update!

to all Man U haters, go fuck ur self cuz Man U is Back on Winning Lane okay.
Last Nite, or should i said last 2 nite, Man U Kick Barnsley in the ass bu scoring 2-0. credit to Welbeck n Owen. Nice goal though eventhough Gary Neville get a red card, but a win is a win..

n not to forget, my second fav EPL team, Tottenham Hotspurs is also back on the winning game. their trah Everton..

ViVa La Glory!

Falsampah Hidup

Aku Mahu Ber Jaya Dalam Hidup
+Aku Malas Nak Berusaha+

Kalau Aku Ada Awek/Balak, Saya Akan Sayang Awek/Balak Saya
+Aku Ni Player, Satu Awek/Balak Mana Nak Cukup+

Kalau AKu Banyak Duit Aku Nak Tolong Orang Susah
+Keta Baru, Umah Baru, Nak Pi Vacation Lagi, Byk Aih Cmna Nak Tolong Org+

Aku Manusia Berprinsip
+Aku Sampah Masyarakat Yang Merosakkan Bangsa+

October 28, 2009

Jom Kahwin!

Smalam, aku dapat wedding invitition. seriesly, its been sent to me not my parent. umah aku mmg slalu dpt wedding invitation tapi usually jemputan tuh nama parent aku la,xdak nama aku pun, tapi ditulis kat situ ahli keluarga dijemput hadir sama. chop2. back to the topic. okay so aku agak suprise tambah excited dpt invitation tuh sbb bukan sng org nk letak nama aku dlm wedding invitation. curiously, aku bukak la. last2 terkejut beruk kot. member aku time skolah dulu, skolah kat Penang Free dulu nama lutya punya invitation. aku baca leklok kot2 akak ka abg dia yg kawen, last2 usha punya usha mmg dia yg akan kawen. peh! siot! seriesly terkejut kot. aku x aspect benda ni nak jaidk dlm masa terdekat. bend ayg aku maksudkan ialah dpt wedding invitation kawan2 dlm masa terdekat. aku dok igt kalu nk jadik benda2 ni pun maybe lagi 5 6 taun la kot. wow! member au ni tua setaun ja dr aku dia umuq 20. dah ank kawen december ni. wow! aku masih terkejut kot. cepatnya masa berlalu. padahai, rasa mcm bru smalam ja aku dok lepak2 ngn dia kat McD tepi Penang Free time skolah2 dulu. its make u think aint it, hwo old u are getting. member aku dah nak mendirikan umah tangga, aku masih terkial2 mencari arah idup yg x pasti lg. well in the other hand, on my defense she is way to wya to settle down. tapi xpa r, future husband dia daha da career plus 5 years older than her. aku palk, bila la nak kawen ek? ha3. gedix siot ang adam. bru 19 dah dok pikiaq nak kawen. well, theres nothing wrong to dream bout it, plus its not that far away timeline anyway. its just around the corner. maybe in few years, aku palk yg akan stat invite member ke wedding kak aku, n then wedding aku plak. chop! akak aku awai2 lg dah confess dia nk kawen lambat, so maybe aku la yg akan settle down dulu kot. ahak. konpem dlm pala otak sapa2 yg baca ni pikiaq adam ni gila meroyan gedik nk kawen. well my frens, think bout it. in a few years, aproximately 5-10 yeard from now, maybe i;ll get married so its not to possible ti think bout it now. at least ur mind is already been set bout the idea. im not a dreamer, but just a believer. yet again, i still in the progress of searching for MISS RITE. till i found her, im just gonna keep dreaming.. peace out!

p/s- aku dah ckp dah kat mummy aku, kalu aku kawen nanti aku xmau buffet, aku nk makan berhidang. kira penuh ngn adat melayu abih r.series!

Song- Simple Man
Band- Lynyrd Skynyrd

Mama told me when I was young
Come sit beside me, my only son
And listen closely to what I say.
And if you do this
It will help you some sunny day.
Take your time...
Don't live too fast,
Troubles will come and they will pass.
Go find a woman and you'll find love,
And don't forget son,
There is someone up above.

And be a simple kind of man.
Be something you love and understand.
Be a simple kind of man.
Won't you do this for me son, If you can?

Forget your lust for the rich man's gold
All that you need is in your soul,
And you can do this if you try.
All that I want for you my son,
Is to be satisfied.

And be a simple kind of man.
Be something you love and understand.
Be a simple kind of man.
Won't you do this for me son,
If you can?

Boy, don't you worry...
you'll find yourself.
Follow you heart and nothing else.
And you can do this if you try.
All I want for you my son,
Is to be satisfied.

October 27, 2009


for opening up my eyes to a lot of stuff in the world
for telling me everytime i miss something on the journey of life
for messing with my feeling cause sometimes thats actually what i needed the most
for been tough with me when im about to break down
for sharing all of the shits
for everything
specially thanx to
my mind for think before i acte radically
my heart cuz just leads me to trouble
i guess chuck was wrong after all
i cant just follow our heart
cuz its just want we want it to be
our mind in the other hand
will do the thinking for us
the bad n good
the conqecuences that we have to pay for the action
the future prediction of what might happen
thanx again
my head
my mind

Who Know Aite?

chuck said "follow ur heart cuz ur head only gonna mess everything up"

which mean we need to follow ur heart eventhough ur mind said its a bad move.

i choose to stay down n do nothing..

whcih one is better?

Oh Facebook!

seriesly, facebook is far far better than myspace.
to whomever do doesnt create FB account, u should do it now.
im addicted to facebook now.

October 26, 2009

The Game Of Truth And Dare

ver played this game? okay, to make it a lil bit more interesting, skip the DARE part. only play the game of the truth. spin the bottle, the person it pointing to need to answer truthfully any questions been directed to him/her. on over trip last 2 day, we did play this game. guess what, it wat fun. n most of all all of us whose playing know others deepest secrets. i was fun. we actually kind aafraid that this gmae gonna affect our frenship but its not. it make i stronger. but yet again, all the secrets that had been reveal that nite, will stay as secret among us. no one will ever know though.. i love all of u though. ajam, aimil, saf, imah. ur secret is save with me.

Trip To The North Region

last sunday, aku ajam aimil saf imah fatin ronggeng ezzati mat jan ngn dua org kawan ezzati gi berkelah.well, that was the original plan. as it ended up to be atrip to the north region. dr SP kami gerak pi kodiang, lepak umah ezzati dulu. fatin ngn ezzati dah tidoq umah ezzai sejak sabtu g. btw, her parents are really wonderful. peramah siot. aku jadik malu truih. pastu dr kodiang, kami plan nk gerak gi gua kelam. aku roger mat jan ajak dia pi skali. sampai kat gua kelam jumpa di indu AIMST tuh. actually kami plan nak mandi kat gua kelam tuh, tapi last2 kami juts masuk n usha2 n snap pic ja dlm gua paleolitik tuh. ahaks. kami mandi kat bukit ayaq. ikut signboard panggil bukit air. pas mandi mandi manda mua gerak blk pi umah ezzati. pastu tgk2 jam dah lambat dha kot. xsempat nk make in on tinme tu sent dua minah tu blk ke uitm before 10.30. last2 kami overnite ja la. lepak kat aloq staq n then baru blk merbok blk. n pas blk aku tidoq puas2 n ready2 nk blk umah. the end.

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