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November 14, 2009

We Are The WORST, But STill We Are The BEST

this is a public declaration!
to whom may concerns, the students, the lecturers (which effect maybe), whomever who got a probs with, let me tell u something..

DPA4D( or soon to be DPA5D next sem) aint just a simple class. we r worst, in any kind of perspective, we r bad in attitude, i dun change just because someone ask us to, we dun follow the rules as stated cuz to us, rules are made to be broke, we dun give a shit bout what people say or think bout us, we just roll the way we like, n if u got a probs with that, take it to the complaint area which in this case, is the freaking big damn dustbin. this is DPA4D. this is us, WE ARE THE WORST, BUT STILL WE ARE THE BEST! got a probs? u cna kiss u big damn ass gudbye cuz we dun give a shits.

wanan talk but publicly covered nice behaviour? shitshead! we dun need any hipocrite or plastic symdrome in ur clas. we love all of our clasmates just the way they r. who cares is there are soemtimes over the line a bit, cua we all are. we are porn shits, we are loudmouth, we r crap- in-the-mouth type of guys an girls, we dun censored a bit in our speaking n we dun care. thats just who we r. DPA4D is free wothout any bond to bare with. deal with that. whoever got a probs, take it to the street, we'll sure be there cuz we never back down either.

again, this is a reminder, DPA4D is the way we r.


malu @ shy? wujud dlm setiap diri setiap insan. perlu kah kita malu? atau kita hanya perlu just let it be n be ourself n let our self fly high? cakap senang r kan, tapi susah sebenarnya utk membuang perasaan malu tuh. tol x? dlm study? malu utk bertanya lecturer kalau xpaham. malu takut kwn2 pangkah, malu takut dilabel bodoh. xsalah utk bertanya tol x. watpa nak malu? tapi once again, ckp segan, tapi bila kita berada dl situasi tersebut, still muka merah, lidah terkelu utk berkata2. dlm bab love, lagi r. bapak malu siot. malu utk express kan love kita kat seseorg yg kita minat.malu utk berdepan ngan kenyataan yg kita mungkin akan di-reject. tapi bila dh melepas, org len yg lagi cepat, yg jenis xmalu dh masuk line, nyesal plak kan. pa salahnya kalu kita just express it out, teh outcome doesnt really matter. at least we know where we stand aite? tapi, consequences dia mmg agak hard fall gak r kan. kita lebih rela berfantasi bersama2 si dia pujaan hati dari menghadapi realiti utk betul2 bersama2 si dia. kita rela berangan2 bermimpi2 dari memiliki dgn sesebetul2nya. like it or not, this is the reality that been shown by everyone every single day. tapi, ada gak yg jenis brani, daring, dun-giv-a-damn, muka tebai, xkesah lgsg.diorang ni suma aku respek. sbb diorang sanggup menghadapi kenyataan. snaggup berpijak di bumi yg nyata dr trus dibuai mimpi indah bak menanti "BULAN" jatuh ke riba. respect u all!!

gambar hiasan

Final Lap!

OM-ahad ni

last paper, adam. rajin ckit. score r OM tuh. cover blk paper2 yg ang dha kantoi tu. xkn nk kantoi suma paper. jatuh truk pointe rnag satgi. study2. tutup laptop tuh.

November 12, 2009

Camna La Aku Tak Jatuh Cinta Kat Dia!

Profile Name: Misaki Ayame
Real name: Tsuzaki Ayame
Birthdate: April 26th, 1989
Birthplace: Kobe-shi, Hyogo, Japan
Blood type: B
Height: 163cm
Bust: 92cm (F cup)
Waist: 62cm
Hips: 92cm
Shoe size: 24cm
Hobbies: Singing, playing sports
Favorite quotes: "Naseba naru" (If it can make, it will become); "Soushisou ai" (Mutual love)
cmna la aku xjatuh cinta nak amoi nippon sama zodiac ngn aku. dua2 kami aries. blood type pun sma. height, lebey kurang r kot. age, dia tua setaun ja, so xdak beza sgt r. aku mmg byk bergaul pun ngn budak2 umoq 20. hobby singing. orait r tuh. ble aku wat band ngn dia.ahak.

Center Of Attention

have u ever, sat down with some of ur peeps n asked them about their opinion bout u? asked them to be really damn honest, dun hide any fact at all bout urself even a bad one. i did! most of the time i done it. why? cuz i dun really know myself that gud. i did that not bcuz i matter their opinion, just to know myself a bit closer. yeah, sometimes i do get bad respo but still at least i noe i can stil improve myself. but from time to time, one of the common response i get is, "ang menonjol, evn bukan ang sendri yg suka tonjolkan diri ang tapi ang ada aura yg menonjolkan".. lets face the fatc. maybe its truth. i do get attention a lot. trust me, i didnt ask for it, im not the type of person who crying out loud to let people know their existence, seriesly im not that. i just dun no why. take my acc164 clas fro example. im not originally from that 3B class, but still my lec notice me n label me "cikgu" cuz from her POV i love to teach others, especially my peeps. the fact whcih hidden is, im not the one who r teaching, its totally opposite that. its mayb elook like im teaching others bout the subject, but the truth is im asking them to teach me. i ask a bunch of people.

let take another example. last smester, stil accounting clas, i was tumaping-ing in part 3 clas last sem. wanna know what happen in my first clas. well as usualy, at the starting of new semester, lec will alway ask us to introduce urself in front of the clas. in i was selected first. well, skip the intro. teh lec then asked me bout my opinion bout accounting. i said straightly, I HATE IT! I DONT LIKE ACCOUNTiNG. ten, several other student did the same. some give a same answer as me, taht they laso hate accounting. well, then come the highlight. one gurl, standing in front of the class, introducing herself n said teh same, that she hate accounting too. then out of nowhere, she said, "i hate accounting just like ADAM".. well, the there bunch of her frens that said that they hate teh subject to, but still im the point of attention to be an example of. eventhough im a newbie in that clas, n its my first time being in that class, but she seems like to knwo me well enough to make me as an exmaple. frankly, at that time, i dun even know that gurl (of cos later i eventually know her, she is Fatin Kecik from DPA3C)..

well, what else can i say. i dont choose to be the center of attention, but somehow somewhere i will alway attract attention to myself, even if im just being plainly silence.maybe theres a magnet in me, which make me attention center. hm.. i guess it just something i have to live with, eventhough i kinda hate it, i sometimes like to be invincible where know one know me, but it seems impossible. but others, i like it too. cuz i make me have a lot of frens. rite?

November 9, 2009

Gua Minat Siot Awek Ni!

ni la crush terbaru aku skrg. comey x? minah jepoon ni nama dia ayame misaki. aku sbnrnya xminat sgt cita2 jepun, anime2 jepun, tapi smlm aku bukak external aku, ntah mangkuk mn ntah bubuh cita CuTie Honey dlm external aku. aku layan ja la. bygkan 25 episod aku tgk dlm masa sari ja. awek ni diantara 3 org superhero pompuan cita dlm cita tuh.3 honey flash yg laen suma berperwatakan berbeza. dia yg plg cold, dun-care-attitude,i-dun-give-a-damn-attitude. besh kot lakonan dia. walupun ala2 dark tapi aku suka.lagi suka dr watak utama cita cutie honey tu, si Honey sendri. o ya, watak ayame dalam cita tuh nama Saotome Miki. dia flash kaler biru. smart n cute!exoticly cute!layan!

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