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December 18, 2011

On Going Poem.

A World Without Pain Is So Much Fun,
But Its A Fantasy, in Reality There Cant Be None,
But Yet Someway Somehow We Want To Simplify,
But No Worries, I Am Here If You Started To Break Tears of Cry,
Maybe Someday The World World Will Be At Slide,
Till Then Hopefully This Is Enough, A Wish Of GoodNight!

p/s-so far, this is what i had come up with

November 28, 2011

Lil Piece Of Heaven!

November 10, 2011

Diari Seorang Lelaki-Harga Sebuah Kasih Sayang

Kasih Sayang Memang Boleh Di Nilai Melalui Wang Kertas, Bukan Syiling.. Jangan Bertopengkan Tali Persaudaraan Dan Talian Darah Sebagai Alasan Untuk Mengatakan Kasih Sayang Tiada Nilainya Jika Dibandingkan Dengan Wang Kertas. Sampai Satu Tahap, Kasih Sayang Mampu Dibeli Dengan Wang Kertas. Cuma Kita Yang Tidak Mahu Menerima Hakikat Sebenar. Kasih Sayang Kepada Insan Lain? Wang Kertas Tetap Memainkan Peranan.. Dan Yang Pasti Peranan Wang Kertas Adalah Faktor Terbesar Dalam Kasih Sayang Sesama Insan. Cinta Bukan Bererti Kasih Sayang. Kasih Sayang Sesuatu Yang Ditagih, Diperlukan, Diinginkan, Namun Ia Datang Dengan Tanda Harga. Tanda Harga Yang Kadang2 Bukan Semua Mampu Untuk Membayarnya. Jalan Keluar? Ada Cara Untuk Memliliki Kasih Sayang Dengan Mudah, Tetapi Sekali Lagi, Wang Kertas Memainkan Peranan. Mampukah Kita? Bukan Semua Mampu, Tetapi Jalan Berliku Perlu Ditempuh Hebat, Dan Ada Yang Sanggup.Ini Fakta, Walaupun Pahit Untuk Dimamah!

p/s- tagline- "Muka Hensem, Dressing Stylo, Xkan Xdak Awek Kot"

October 29, 2011

This Ain't A Lullaby Sleepyhead

No Matter How Good You Are, No Matter How High To Fly To Reach Your Fn-ing Dream, There's Always Someone Better To Beat You At Your Own Game. Yes, We All Try So Damn Hard To Reach Your Own Goal, But Realise One Thing, Other's Dreams Are Sometimes Bigger, Better And Far More Higher. In Comparison, They Make Us Look Pathetic. In Comparison, We Are Tiny, We're Like Bacteria To Flea. Isn't Awful If We Think Like That? Better Off Not Having Any Dream At All, Aight? Well, In That Case, You'll Be A Loser Forever, And Maybe That's What You Truly Deserve..

October 28, 2011

Why Not?


October 18, 2011

Kill Or Be Killed , Who Cares, Everybody Gotta Die Sometimes

"Learn To Hate Before You Can Love"

I know. Some people, no, I should say most people prefer the other ways around. They kept on saying oneself should know how to love before they step on the world of hatred. Well not me. What can I say? I have a twisted mind to begin with. Maybe in this context I'm more protective than before. You know, prevent something bad from happen so you gotta gank up your mind with the worst case scenario so if anything goes wrong, you are ready for it. If you not fully prepared, well the pain will come and get ya. So my advice people, learn to hate before you can love. Hate everything first, so when thing get out of hand, you are not that fucked up because at least you hate the thing first thing first, and if the thing out of good, well just cherish it and act surprise because sometime not everything is negative enough for us to hate. Well, maybe by having this kind of thought make you a negative enforcer but who cares, protect your own self because other right. By all mean, in deep deep truth, all people are selfish, and when push come to shove, they'll show their true colour, and when that happen, you'd wish that you hate it in the first place so you won't be that affected. Regardless, I am not perfect and god knows I'm not always right, so maybe you shouldn't follow my way, but it's your choice, play along and someday you'll get hurt or play my playbook and maybe you won't get hit so bad that you can't step back up. Again, it is your choice though.

p/s- Love Is Addictive So Its Fucking Hard To Hate Anything Or Someone

October 6, 2011

Wake Up Stupid, Its A Nightmare Not A Sweet Dream


For Something To Happen.
To Snap Me Up From My Own Goddamn Fantasy.

September 23, 2011

Hey Little devil, Hear My Confession!

I Thought That I'm A Slow Starter. The One Type The Chill In The Back Observing Things Before Make Any Move. Trust Me, The Usual Me Just Dive In The Pool Without Even Thinking Twice. Now, I'm Kinda Like Slowing My Pace In Everything And Let Everything Seems Clear And Okay Before I Make My Move. I Guess I Am Nervous At Some Point Regarding The Situation. Not Shaking-My-Leg Nervous But Nervous Of Making Anymore Silly Mistakes That I Ended Up Wishing I Never Done. Well, Maybe What They Said Is Truth, People Changes As Age Keeping Up. Well, I Still Believe In The Concept Where Age Is Still Just A Number But I Just Realise That I Am Moving Up Alongside My Age. Maybe It's A Good Thing. Do I Really Want To Be Just The Same As I Am Before In The Future? Even I Don't Believe That. Or Is It Maybe I'm Just Not Ready To Face All The Changes, To Face The Facts That I Am Growing Up from Teenager To An Adult. They Said "21 Forever" But I Guess I Hate That Stupid Idea. I Don't Wanna Stay 21 Forever, It Just Seems Silly. Everbody Gotta Grow Up Sometimes, Even When They Don't Want It, They're Just Scare To Face The New Phase Of Life. Well, I Gotta Say, Bring In On LIFE!

September 10, 2011


I'm Here, Now. There's No Turning Back, Now. Its All Start Again Somehow, Now.. At Some Point I Wish I Could Go Back Rather Then Be Here, Now.Resemblance Of What Had Happened, I Hate It Here, Now. But I Can Never Go Back, I Am Stuck Here, Now. What Ever I Do, No Matter How Good It Is, It Can't Never Be As Good As Before Not As Whats Now.. Oh I Wish I Am Dreaming Right NOW!

September 8, 2011

A Baby Steps Is Still A Starting Point

“There are two mistakes one can make along the road to truth...not going all the way, and not starting.”

“Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.”

“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end.”

“The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are.”

“All our knowledge has its origins in our perceptions.”

“So many fail because they don't get started - they don't go. They don't overcome inertia. They don't begin.”

“What we call the beginning is often the end. And to make an end is to make a beginning. The end is where we start from.”

August 26, 2011

Nuff Said

I Used To Pathetic, Waiting And Moaning For Someone Who I Don't Deserve. Well Girl, How's It's Felt Like Walking In My Shoe?

"selamat hari raya you.. i nak minta maaf ..i byk wat salah ngn u.. n sakitkan hati you. raya nanti jemput dtg rumah :("

p/s- I Ought To Be Angry!

August 24, 2011

Survive, Much The Same

We Live In A Dangerous World,
Somehow I Am Still Here.
Somehow, I Still Survived!

August 15, 2011


Boredom Is Not A Feeling, Is A Disease, It Can Spread To Other. Better Watch Your Back Bro!

August 11, 2011


She's Dead. Its For Real This Time.. R.I.P ayen

August 2, 2011

Keep On Speaking Up Moron!

People Speak Their Mind, What Ever They Wanna Say, About Anything They Wanna Say About, And Thanks To Technology, They Can Say It Out Loud Through A Lot Of Source And Network. But Yet Again, Do They Have The Right To Talk Or Give Their Very Own Opinion About Anything. Not To Discriminate, But What Qualify Them To Give Out Certain Perspective About Certain Topic? Do Their Specialize In That Area? Do Their Hold Any Sort Of Certificate To Prove That They Have The Knowledge And BackGround Good Enough To Allow Them To Speak Up? In Term Of Freedom Of Speech, Yeah They Should Speak out Their Thought. Let 'em Be. The Only Corcerning Matters Is That, The Party Involve In People's Conversation Or Criticism, But Must Smart Enough Not To Be Influence By Those Who Gave Their Comment. Let Them Critics, Let Them Condemn, Let Them Say All The Bad Thing, Just Know This, "Thing Will Be Chaos Is Its Not According To Plan, People Will Start Panicking." If Thing Do Not Fall Into The Plan, Just Try Harder The Next Time Around. Don't Let Any Orthodox Thinker Bring You Down Out Of Your Game.

p/s- People Say That K. Rajagobal Should Vacant The Post As National Coach. Hmm....

Sparks From Within

If You Ask Me How I Feel About You,

I’m Afraid That You Are Not Gonna Like The Answer,

Because Deep Inside I Really Don’t Know My Feeling Towards You,

It’s All Floundering Around With A Single Thought Of Blur…

Deep Inside I Know You Feel The Sparks Within Us,

Or Maybe We Both Too Chicken To Commit Because It Seems To Fuss,

On And Off And On Again From Time To Time,

Well Darls, It’s Been Two Whole Years, Maybe It’s Time To Make It Rhyme…

If Distance Is The Uprise Question Well You Got Nothing To Worry,

In Few Month, We’ll Be Re-united Again To Claim Our Glowing Glory,

That’s The Thing, When I’m Close To You, You’ll Wash Away My Fury,

One Of The Reason I Gave You That Teddy So That You’ll Remember Me…

Do You Still Remember The First Time You Make Your Move On Me,

As In First Time Meet, You Chose Me Out Of All Your Batch Mate In Class C,

You Take Me As Your Example Even though You Can Pick From Many,

Seriously Babe, You Made Me Blushed That Day, It’s Driving Me Crazy…

Will I Ever Wind Up With You, One Of The Question Of Wonder,

You Are Not Perfect But Yet You Remain As My Heart Warmer,

Always There Every Once In Awhile Dialing Down My Rage Calmer,

Buts That’s The Problems, I Do Wish Our Situation Got Here Sooner...

Darling, I Never Hope For Anything Else Except The Truth,

Your Answer, Yes Or No, It Will Definitely Knock Me Out Of My Boots,

Maybe You Should Just Be My Bench Warmer Forever,

Maybe Those Sparks Should Turn To Something Real As We’ll In Love Together...

July 29, 2011

You're DEAD To Me

July 25, 2011

Breakfast For Champs

Don't try so hard to leave your mark in the world so that, one day, you'll be remembered by the new generation, just try lil' to leave a trace of your self so that you are not forgotten. Recognition is just an approval, but guess what some people, do not deserve ours. Just leave it be.

p/s-"Average People Is Considered To Be Special In Their Own Way, That's Why GOD Make A Lot Of Them"- Micheal G. Scott

July 20, 2011

CM Punk- This Fire Still Burn

From ECW reject to WWE champion, that's what can be concluded as CM Punk WWE career. Despite the tactical errors, Money In The Bank 2011 main event is indeed one of the best match ever. The match itself is legendary, the controversy around the championship created weeks before was epic, and the ending was magnificient. On Raw, WWE try to pick up whats left off from CM Punk action, but truthfully, I already miss CM Punk y'all. I disagree with his statement, whereby he claimed that he is the best wrestling in the world, but I do think he is one of a kind. There's only one CM Punk, and no one can become him.

So, what now? some might wondering. People are anxious to know what to become off WWE championship and the stand of Vince Mcmahon, but I can say that there's one person that won't be to anxious is CM Punk himself. He is now relaxing at home, watching Cub's game while Raw was on air. Damn. Thats beautiful life dude. Well, I gotta say, WWE landscape won't be the same after this, thanks to Punk.

p/s- This Fire Is Indeed Still Burn.. hahaha

July 17, 2011

Curse Word

"I'm Not A Risk Taker, Not A Play Save Guy Either. I'm Just A Guy Who Love To FUCK Around"

Please read the statement above carefully. For those who know me, really know me, or virtually know me, i guess you guys are already well known, or sick an tried of hearing me cursing around, in every sentence of words that come out of my mouth, or well written in any of my social network, am i right?.. Some of you, may accept me the way i am, some of you may still in the process of doing so, some of you well totally different way, hate my gut. right? Truth to be told, I don't really care, its just the way i am. Yeah, I cursed, a lot. Its a normal thing for me already. Spoken or written, there"ll be a curse word, some are really hurtful, some are just simply funny in its own way.

It never occurred to my mind that some day I 'll give a damn about what people might think of me until a few days back. The Statement above is exactly what i post in my facebook and out of nowhere, my uncle, whom i never thought having an active facebook account, left me a comment, "nice language".. ops.. and it got me thinking. Yeah, I do love to curse. The only different on this realisation it that, my two different two finally collide. a world there i gotta be me on my own way, and the world where i am a son of my mother, so people always pictured me as a good,loyal, obidient son. Well, its already happen, so one thing that i can say is this, my mom know his only son, she know me, she know how i alway behave when i with my friend, she know that when i'm around her, I am not the real me, im becoming who she want me to be, and she's okay with it, so i'm not gonna change myself, I'm still gonna be me.

July 12, 2011

Bersih 2.0- The Post Mortem

Don't call or even labelled yourself as Malaysian if you haven't heard a thing call Bersih 2.0. You can choose to care less about it, but still it is the most talk about issue currently. Well, as people might already know, Bersih 2.0 is a rally of unity which demanded the government to give the people what they want, in this case, fair and clean election. I know its kinda late to make a review about the event but i gotta get something out of my chest anyhow. Same old question arise everytime a political issue been asked upon, where do I stand between both side? my answer, will alway be the same, EITHER ONE, I'M NEUTRAL!!

Back to the matter in hand, the Bersih 2.0 rally. Frankly speaking, Yes I do like the idea of Bersih 2.0. An organisation which fight for the fairness in election. It is a good, nice wishful thinking. A democratic nation without a fair election? better about to call it an authoritarian administration right if there's no clean and fair election. So Yeah, I do support the idea of Bersih 2.0, but not the method taken by them to achieved their solid goal. A rally, it is what it is, a nuisance, public disturbance and many more which it been called. Yet Again, if you want to grab the attention of everyone, even the world, you gotta go big or go home, that's why instead of any other method, a street rally seems to them as the best approach to achieve it. No Matter what, it's does seems unhealthy, disturbing but violence is indeed the best method to get what you want.

Based on every source that is written and read by me, it seem that one conclusion can be made, Bersih 2.0 is indeed a clean street rally, up until there's involvement of self-proclaimed group "Patriot" and yes, the authority. If they just let them march toward the end, nothing will happen, but a blockade cause a lot more problems than its settled. Take other country which had happened to handled street rally cases, some may be ugly, but some are not as bad as it sound. The presence of authority forces in those rally are to control not to block the rally. Yes, the force are asked to do what they'd done, but yet again, without it, Bersih 2.0 will remain as clean street rally, nothing more.

just in case: as stated in the Federal Constitution, Article 10 clause (a) every citizen has the right to freedom of speech and expression, clause (b) all citizens have the right to assemble peaceably and without arms, clause (c) all citizens have the right to form associations.

So tell me, what did went wrong with Bersih 2.0 rally?

p/s- There's no exact numbers been stated, but some sources claimed that the Bersih 2.0 rally is joined by almost 20000 people, from all races. and more than 178000 people joined Bersih 2.0 facebook page.That is unity if you ask me.

July 8, 2011


Langkah Perjalanan Tersimpang Ke Kiri,
Namun Kaki Terus Berlari
Madah Berkata Tak Sempurna Segi,
Namun Niat Pembawa Nan Suci
Kita Sering Jatuh Tersembam
Berselingkuh Kerana Jalan Hidup Yang Curam
Hampir Kita Menyerah Segala
Tetapi Perjuangan Belum Sempurna
Sering Kita Mengeluh Berbunyi Manja
Kerana Hidup Senang Nan Leka
Terlupa Kita Akan Perjalanan Yang Jauh
Membuat Kita Terus Berpeluk Tubuh

July 6, 2011

Sampah Tak Mungkin Menjadi Bunga

Kenyataan Di Tolak Namun Hakikat Teguh Berdiri
Kita Semua Sampah "Wangi" Yang Tidak Mengenang Budi,
Lupa Akan Asal Usul Kita Dulunya Keturunan Tuli,
Impikan Menjad Bunga Namun Masih Kurang Segala Segi.

Sampah Tetap Sampah Walau Dikitar Semula Berulang Kali,
Ditukar Ganti, Diubah Rupa Namun Tetap Tiadanya Suci
Habis Madu Sepah Dibuang, Tetap Jua Di Makan Caci
Mati Ditunggu Tiada Ke Mari, Terus Dan Terus Dicemari Badi.

Di Sepak Di Tendang Bukan Lagi Kudis Yang Bernanah,
Tempatnya Tiada Mulia Melainkan Tersungkur Di Tanah,
Dibiarkan Hapus Tanpa Belas Akhirnya Tewas Di Mamah,
Mencari Baru Namun Semuanya Masih Di Ambang Punah.

Tiada Pilihan Untuk Berubah Kerana Hakikatnya Kekal Sama,
Sampah Tetap Sampah, Tak Mungkin Sekali Menjadi Bunga,
Harapan Di Kendung, Sinar Di Puja Tetap Jua Di Pandang Hina
Tiada Jalan Keluar Terbentang, Terus Jua Bermandi Zina.

Sampah Oh Sampah, Bukalah Mata Terangkan Cendera,
Bangunlah, Keluarlah, Jangan Terus Di Empuk Leka
Sampah Tetap Sampah, Tak Mungkin Sekali Menjadi Bunga,
Kerana Bunga Akan Tetap Laku, Namun Sampah Kekal Di Takuk Sama.

Bunga Yang Sering DI Puja, Akhirnya Layu Tumbang Menyembah Bumi,
Tiadanya Seri Hilangnya Keayuan Bau Wangi,
Nasib Bunga Yang Layu Sekarang Hilangnya Bersemi,
Akhirnya Bunga Tetap Menjadi Sampah Yang Di Benci..

July 2, 2011

You're A Broken Machine


"You here to analyze me , doc?
fix me up before I go back to the animal factory?
ask me some probing questions?
find out how I go tick-tock?"

"You wanna know if I kill with ease because my daddy raped his
retarded sister , and I got spit out slightly more useful than
the afterbirth?"

"Or maybe I didn't make captain of the gridiron gang
never had a cherry valance of my own."

"Or maybe cause of the bookworm queens, who later grow up to be PHMD's
stared down their noses at me so much I thought the sun was a big , old

"Or maybe it's cause when I watch a man die at my hand,I finally feel
Theodore Bagwell matters more than all those gnat's asses in the world!"

"Because I know, dear kind doctor, in that moment nothing matters more
in that soon-to-be-dead man's eyes than I!"

"Because I!, I am his gatekeeper to life or death."

Is it that menagerie of misery that make me so special a case study, doc?
is it?"

Lloyd Lowery:

"You know it's not Theodore."

"When we started this case I thought i was going to get some great insight
into why you are the way you are,"

"A look into a complex psyche,
a glimpse into the neurological map of a madman, that could show some light
on some bigger truths, that could maybe help other sick people one day."

"As I got up-close and personal with you and your handiwork, I found a truth."

"It was a small one , though."

"As unexciting as it may sound, some machines just come out the factory broken."



"No Shit."

p/s-Theodore "T-Bag" Bagwell. Total Killed-31 People. A Genius,A Madman, A Creative Killer.A Broken Machine.

June 26, 2011

Jack Without Sally

We Were Lucky, Bacause We Were Once Happy

Every Other Couple Seem Suck, And We Were Like Jack And Sally

Our Bond And Chemistry Is Priceless, A Special Thing Of Beauty

On Top Of The World, Others Just Simpleton Peasants, We Were Mighty.

Now I am Just A Face In The Crowd, You Are A Complete Stranger
Hatred Had Now Overruled, And Love Is Something Cannot Be Lingered
Revenge May Seem Sweet, Because It Was Driven By Anger
Driven To The Escalation Point Where We Almost Traded Middle Finger.

When The Dust Is Settled, All I Have Is Myself To Take The Lead
Although I Am Wondering Whether Someday The "Perfect Someone" I Will Meet
But Yet Somehow, I Was Able To Pick Up All The Broken Pieces
Eventhough I am Still In The Search For Someone To Share Blow Kisses.

The Future Seems Scary, Now That I Am Alone To Face It
Deep Inside, I Am Still Wondering That I May Not Be Able To Handle It
Make It To The End Without Have To Experience Another Heart Break
A Hope Of Smooth And Easy Love Without Any Toll To Take.

Jack And Sally, It Is All Now Just Another Sore Memories
Memories In The Past That Keep On Tempting Me Like Crazy
But I Am Stronger Now After That Beautiful Letdown
I Am Now Able To Cross The Ocean Of Doubt Without Being Drown.

Sally, A "Thank You" You Don't Deserve But I Owed You I Guess
I Am Far Off Better Now Without You To Make A Mess
You Are Now Someone Whom Love I Should Not Confess
You Are Now A Scar Of What Used To Be Pain In My Ass.

June 23, 2011


I fight to make you stronger, to make you love your life.
I fight to show you purpose, to keep you satisfied.
I fight to make you happy. I war to win your heart.
I'd fight forever for you. I ache when we're apart.

I fight to stay together, to bring us eye to eye.
I fight to speak your language, to keep you by my side.
I fight to make it easy. I push to give you time.
I fight our losing battle. I bleed to stay alive.

I fall like a fighter when you give me a shot. I'll live like a lover when you're all that I've got.
I'm fighting for us. My heart is a soldier.
I'm killing myself. My heart is a soldier marching to die.

June 21, 2011

Only God Can Plays God

Human is limited. Limited is every possible way that we can imagine. But yet, somehow, some of us gain extra in some way which put them in position where most of people adore, or even worship. But lets face it, they only superior in certain area, not all of it. In this case, they are still need to be consider as human, human whom can and will at any time, make a mistakes. Some are small, some may be big enough to ruin life. So, why we keep blaming those people if a mistake happened. We are whom adored them, worshiped them at the first place, putting them in the highest hierarchy in the system, and when they screw up, we put all the blame to them? That is not fair. Because Only God Can Play God, Not Human.

June 9, 2011

Runaway Monalisa

Run Monalisa Keep On Running
Don't Doubt Yourself Now Even Though Nobody Is Gunning
Keep On Your Pace And Your Head In The Game
Keep Pretending Forever That Everything Is Still The Same
But The Fact Remains That Everything Cannot Be Overturned
Every Piece Of Trust Shattered As You Left Me Burned
No Problem At All That's Everything We Build Is Now Ruined
Just Keep On Running Monalisa, For God Sake Keep On Going...

Put Your Act On Now Monalisa, Keep On Pretending
Play Your Roles As Puppet Master Now As I'm Stupid To Still Granting
To Still Be Waiting To Be Justified Even Though It's Never Happening
Toy My Emotion Away As I Moronic Enough To Still Be Believing
Believing Is Something So Impossible That We Will Someday Be Together
Dreaming Of Being At The End Of The Aisle As You Walk To The Altar
Dream Which Appear In Motion That We Somehow Happy Here And After
A Dream Of Stupidity What Left Me Broken And Suffered...

Yeah Monalisa, Keep On Running Away
Don't Stop Now Because I Am Inching Away With A Sway
A Sway Of Payback That I Keep Long Enough Peeling
Once I Release It For Sure You Be Numb Without A Feeling
But Somehow With All That Pain And Anger I Still Choose Not To
Because Right Now The Revenge Is Coming In Due
Not By My Doing But From Someone Who Did Stole Your Heart
Does That Make Me Happy? Happy Is A Funny Word and Yes, It Is A Start...

June 6, 2011

Redemption Come With A Price

Erlösung kommt mit einem Preis
la redención viene con un precio
la rédemption vient avec un prix
riscatto ha un prezzo

الخلاص يأتي مع السعر
verlossing komt met een prijs
λύτρωση έρχεται με μια τιμή
הגאולה באה עם מחיר
visszaváltási ára van
penebusan datang dengan harga

"redemption comes with a price"

June 5, 2011


Crush Me, I'll Still Get Up.
Kick Me, I'll Absorb The Pain.
Humiliated Me, I Still Laugh Out Loud.
Break Me, I'll Pick Up The Pieces.
Forget Me, I'll Somehow Survived.
Hate Me, I'll Still Be The Same.
Whatever, I Still Care..
Its You Who Walk Away.
I Am Still Here.
To Be Justified!

May 31, 2011

Coretan Hati Derita

Orang cakap hidup ini kadang kadang umpama roda, sekali sekala kita di puncak membelah awan biru, ada kala kita tercampak jatuh "kedebuak" ke tanah dengan kadar kesakitan terlampau. Di tokok tambah pula dengan perumpama seperti, apa sekalipun yang terjadi hidup perlu diteruskan. Kita masih perlu melangkah ke depan tanpa menghiraukan apa yang telah menconteng pada sebuah kehidupan yang bagai sempurna sebelum ini. Yang Mungkin betul apa di coretkan oleh manusia sebelum ini.

Tapi, bukan semua pernah merasai suatu ketewasan , satu kekalahan yang mungkin menjatuhkan kita tanpa memberi peluang untuk bangun semula dan cuba sekali lagi. Sesetengah insan mampu, tapi bukan semua. Sayap yang sama membawa kita terbang tinggi juga merupakan sayap yang bakal membawa kita kebawah semula. Kita rapuh. Manusia sering rapuh dalam perjuangan hidup. Rapuh untuk bertahan, rapuh untuk melawan.

Keseluruhannya, kita bakal tewas akhirnya. Tak kira apa pun yang kita juangkan, apa pun yang kita pegang sebagai pendorong, kita hanya mampu melewatkan penentuan. Penentuan yang noktah, penentuan yang menyatakan kita hanya seorang pengalah yang sentiasa kalah pada cabaran. Tewas pada kepayahan. Terus menghurung derita yang tiada penghujung. Ya, kita sentiasa kalah. Selamanya akan kalah.

May 21, 2011

Care To Try Again?

Care To Try Again? I Do Actually
Because I'm The Guy Who Always Do Things Silly
Its Not Stupidity Its Just A Simple Act Of Bravery
Because To Me Rejection Is Whole Lots Better Than Sorry

Crash And Burn Plays Along As My Similarity Outcome
Why? Because Height Is My Phobia But I Still Make The Jump
A Jump Which Simply Defined As Rush Decision
But Is Showed That I'm Reckless More Than My Passion

But I Guess I'm Not Just One The Guy
The Type That Keep It All Bur Rather Than Just Let It Fry
Not One Of The Predictable Typical Type
One Of The Only That Keeps On Rocking The Vibe

Maybe You Are My Next Maybe You Are Not
So I Refuse To Keep In Shut In The Log
Because If You Are, I Have A Chance To Be Happy
Its Lot Than Wondering In Blurry

Care To Try Again? This Time I Am Damn Sure
Its Not Feel Like Love But The Affiliation Is Pure
I Not Gonna Tag Along Playing It Save
Because This Time I Got The Signal You Gave
In The End I Control My Own Choice, And Its You
Because, I Do Like You

May 19, 2011

Moving On Is Effing Hard

The sky turned dark make it hard for sore sight,
It make us all helpless, a lost cause without a guide,
Leaving you on thought how to get through the night,
sympathy alone make no good to put a strength of a fight.

A baby steps only easy as it been said,
But a suffering heart knows better as hope starting to fade,
Good 'ol memories repeated itself as sadness created,
In the end, you are all alone again like a confused soul in a maze.

Nobody can really understand how you feel inside,
As perfect moment seized, it disspeared in a glance of slide,
"You Will Never Move On!", this thought comes by as a might,
But you control your own life, you alone capable of making it right.

The pain alone killing you inside, without a doubt,
Makes you wonder on how to put a smile to the crowd
The same crowd of people who keep on asking why,
The same crowd who'll never understand why you cry.

No question that moving on is "effing" hard,
As you keep on trying, everything starting to fall apart,
But do remember, within every heart there's a soldier,
A soldier that haven't decided whether to be a fighter or a quitter.

Do yourself a favor, please be a fighter,
A fighter whom made out of believer,
A believer whome comes from weak becoming someone stronger,
With that you own yourself happiness which is better.

Life is not a fairytale, because you'll never be the same,
Times might heal the pain, but the scars remain,
But the scars do serve you as a reminder,
That you are once hurt but it will not stay on forever,
Bacause you will move on to something greater,
In the end, You, Only You Yourself Which Is Matter.

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