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October 15, 2010

Deal With The Devil

This Time, It Will Be Different. I Will Make Sure It Will Be Different. I'll Promis Myself It Will Be Different. But Yet Again, I'm A Promise Braker.So, Lil Devil! Come Out And Play. Pull Your String With This Dumb Puppet. Lead The Puppet To The Darkness Once Again. Make Way For The New Lucifer To Rule Over Hell. The Puppet Need His Master.

October 13, 2010

One Two Three Go!

Like I said before, If I Let It Go Will The Scar Continue To Show? yes. i guess it does. pathetic? wow. seriously i never ever thought i'm have that in my traits. well, never gonna happen again. what can i say, im just a normal guy. i have my ups n down. well that move, its my down time move. i shouldn't sent those okay. so fucking pathetic. time to move to the next chapter i guess. recovery!

October 11, 2010

Thanks For The Memories

awk org yg sy penah syg..
org yg slalu jd keutamaan dlm idop sy..
everyday,everytyme... but...

i feel hate u sgt sgt sgt ..
n cant accept u anymore...!
rasa cm nk buang u jauh2 mungkin..
even everyday i still remmbr u..
apa2 pon..
simple word i can say, tenx adam.. .

p/s- as worst as it is, the only perks i can take from this is that the fact she did love me eventhoughshe do denied it before

October 10, 2010


‎"We Hereby Declare That This Project Was Conducted By Our Own And The Report Is Original Except For Those Duties Identified And Recognised"

Most Of The People Lied When They Put Their Signature To This Statement.
Most Not All Of Them

My Bestie

Bestie. I'll Sure Will Miss You A Lot When We Take Part Next Semester For Our Degree. Im Surely Will Still Stuck Here In Kedah And I'm Not Sure When Fate Has Store For You. U Know How Much I Wish That U'll Still Be Here In Kedah Because You Are On Of The Person That I Precious The Most In This Hellhole. You Are My Bestie, I Can Talk To You Bout Everything, I Can Joke Dirtyly Uncensored When I'm With You, I DOn't Need To Behave Myself When I'm Around You. I Just Need To Be Myself.Oh God, Where Or When I'm Gonna Find Another Safena Isfazura In This World. Hope Through It All, Our Friendship Will Remain The Sama Bestie.

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