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November 29, 2008

A Single Pic Have A Million Story

ntah la.since dp tagged sexy tuh dr izni aku rasa mcm nk wat entry ni.xtaw napa..its had sumthing to do wif pictures of a some of the pic that i think priceless n enternity..there r its own reasons......
musti pelik kan? musti mcm2 dlm kepala ttg pic ni..well actually pic ni bout kucing yg takut nk lompat dr tong sampah..ha3.aku pn xtaw napa aku snap pic ni..maybe aku rasa unique kot time aku tgk tuh..he3..btw, location kat Kolej malinja, UiTM Kedah.huhuhu

kalu tgk pic ni musti mcm2 kat pala otak hampa kan? pa kejadahnya benda ni..napa pic ni di-snap..angel mana..well, benda ni aku pggl dia nerdy..aku gantung dia kat cellphone lama aku motorola V3x..time aku snap pic ni aku buh nerdy atas meja n snap depan2 dia.Y? sebab aku boring time tuh.hahaha

ni Sam.keja skali ngn aku dulu time swenz kopitiam..walaupun dia dr vietnam but still kami close time keja kat citu.. aku plg terharu dia penah ckp bila boss aku tny dia sapa yg dia plg sayang n care kat swenz tu..dia ckp aku..sbb aku baek ngn dia.i noe.its sound a lil gay, but i noe he mean differently.

minah sebelah aku ni nama dia ah siu..time ni aku keja kat swenz kopitiam cuti sem lepaih..mcm kapel kan? yup..sum org yg keja kat citu pun kata kami husband n wife..based on the picture what we can see is two person who seem so happen n maybe in love..but the reality is, shes from Myanmar n she cant speak malay or english(well she tried to learn english on her own n shes getting better).. i have no formal communicate with her.just using body language but we still manage to be close n kena gosip..well, like i single pic have its own story..

well ni pic aku ngn rizal dekat porch umah aku.. ntah r tp aku rasa pic ni spesel di hati.. maybe sebab aku dah kwn ngn rizal dah lama..mmg lama..n kami bertiga plus imran skali yg paham jokes masing2 n org len xkan paham lgsg..well tambah ni secong pic aku snap ngn rizal sepanjang our frenship..weird huh? well maybe sbb aku ngn rizal bkn jenis yg suka ambik gambaq kot.sebab tu r kurang ja gamabq kami..time ni kalu bru kluaq gi clap..kami g CC..lawan Command N Conquer.he3

well to be honest, aku xrapat sgt ngn ke3-3 org dlm pic ni..yg kedua plg kanan skali tu nama dia ashraf(skrg dia study sekampus ngn aku under Business Studies part 4 sem dpn.).sebelah ashraf Sharil..dia ni bek gila n agak loaded tp xsombong.ble r wat kwn..yg ujung skali tuh aku pn xtaw cmna dia ble terlepas msuk dlm pic ni..nama dia Fahmi xclap aku..bdk "capub"..pic ni aku entitled Cover Album sebab nmpk mcm cover album r gak..u see, walaupun kami xclick tp dlm gmbaq nmpk mcm we r the ebst besties in the world..rite? life full of suprises dude, n full of fakeness..

gambar ni mmmg aku syg sgt2..time ni aku ngn wan aka MaxeeMuse aka Syazwan Hasan keja kat swenz kopitiam..kami kawan sejak form 4 lg smpai skrg..time keja ni kami bru abih spm..actually wan nk ambik pic ni just a simple snap tp dia tertekan sequence kami dua org posing maut r..last plek sbb napa bunyi byk kali..las2 taw yg terclap mode.sequence mode.tu yg tergelak tuh.ha3..well to be honest, i miss spending time wif wan.dia ni cool gila babi..syg, dia dah study kat dah pun.its been 1 n half year now.susah dah nk hang out ngn dia still contact..bkn xcontact lgsg.dia pun ada band dah skrg.Lazy Morning.esok diorang akn perforn kat satu charity concert skali ngn BunkFace ngn Seven Collar T-Shirt..go luck bro.i luv ya..

November 28, 2008

Izni Tagged I..

1) Sertakan tiga keping gambar anda yang anda rasa paling seksi.
2) Tak semestinya tak berpakaian atau mendedahkan, mungkin anda rasa senyuman anda pada masa itu adalah seksi, sertakan!
3) Nyatakan kenapa gambar itu seksi di mata anda.
4) Tag 5 orang yang seksi.
5) Selamat berseksi!

sexy sbb aku xsuka pakai kot ngn pakaian formal tp aku rasa amat smart n sexy time ambik pic ni..

sexy sebab time ni aku xmandi pun lg tp rambut still smart.hahaha.

p/s-aku xlanggaq rules no.2 sebab dia ckp xsemestinya xberpakaian..

jgn tny napa aku kata gampaq ni sexy..

ok dah sexy/seksa dah suma..aku nk tagged sapa ek?
+akakku hanna-J+

hehehe..ciap r korang..hahaha



I never truly love you
For God sake I know it is true
Maybe I’m really blind or stupid, but it’s the right things to do
Who cares, I just wanna be with you
My interests in you, its never cruel
Before I go to dreamland, I will always say “I love you”

Is my feeling to you love, I always wonder?
If its worth I’ll willing to trade my soul to the soul trader
I love you so much, whenever I high or sober
Simple curiosity cross my mind whether we’re soulmate
If its true, wow! It will be great
What if it’s not, my God hope it’ll not come true what I just said

Recently speaking I don’t really know what I feel right now
So many things in my mind, sorry I’m not willing to take a bow
I love you so much before, but I’m not really sure right now
We never fight at all, no such things as sorrow
We never share things, no offer for a borrow
I’m not sure our relation is love, today maybe what about tomorrow?

I really love you my sweet lil’ blood angel
It’s not I’ve someone else, but my heart right now really fragile
I’m so sorry babe, my cute shorty, my sweet dream goodnight, my girl
So many things up in my head, my mind been twisted and twirled
Maybe it’s good for us to keep the distance not just for now but for real

I’m sorry babe, maybe we are not meant to be
Maybe someone out here for you, or maybe I’m just being silly
I want us to be like before, when I say “I love you” daily
I just don’t want to know why but that really rare lately
Maybe, maybe, maybe we should break up, really
I know this will break your heart, it hurt me too, I’m really really sorry

My sweet lil’ blood angel, I release you
Fly and go to the place you really want to
I’m insist I really do
Fly high and rip the sky in blue
Don’t worry about me, fate and faith will find me my real boo
Its just that, that boo its not you….

yup.this the poem i wrote a few month back when im about to break up with her..but i change up my mind(then, i wrote the poem The Simple Kiss)..oh, god i wish i did break up wif her few month dat it wont be this arkward..

November 27, 2008

We Saw Only The Things We Want To..

reality sucks.. i noe..but it is what it is.. we are the one who must learn to accept the truth..
it alway been sucking experience when we face it,but like it or not the more we keep running from it the more it will keep coming..

we saw only the things we want to..
all the good things, relaxing, problematic free situation or should we say
"heaven of mind"
we create this kind of fantasy dat we want to because we don wanna face the truth..
well, till when we gonna stay this way?

Have a Gut To Face Ur Demon!
it is time to do so
its now or never..
take control of ur life now..
its about time..

November 26, 2008


well on the exact moment of 11.48pm on Nov 25 2008, i adam ar-rashid totally freed myself from nurNabila aka My Sweet Lil' Blood Angel aka ~My ShiteRu~.. ya.. its true.. we break up.. so


finally.. im free from any love relationship,emotional bond wif anyone..
to be honest,i feel relief..i dunno why..maybe its bcause i wanna be single or myabe its bcause, i dunno why but i feel great.. well i have to admit we have a long run on each other..well babe, its good to be ur boyfren but we noe better.. we suited only to be frens not as a couple..thanx babe, for all the fun that we share, the moment that we live will never be vainshed from my mind..seriesly, i have to give a thumb up to her.. its the longest relation that i ever been been 6 month n 7 dun believe myself either..but dun worry..we had a clean break, whats up world? brace urself.. because aCe+ is coming for ya..


p/s-its 1.08 am in the morning and i feel like going for a,whos with me?

November 25, 2008

Whats Killing Me Softly


ya im a jealous type.. but im dun really like to show it of.bcuz from my opinion its kinda like weak..showing to everyone that u r jealous on something its kinda like showing that u r vunerable..showing the inner side of u..letting people taking advantages of that jealousy..ya its rite people will take advantages of that jealousy..thats why i dun like showing it..but to be honest i cant pretend all the time..its killing me softly.dun ever try to make me jealous bcuz i will put the jealousy away and its will turn to angry or rampage so dun try me..dun try to make me jealous bcuz u dun want to suffer teh consequence me

November 24, 2008

Have You Ever

Have u ever lied straight from ur face and pretend like nothing happen?
I Have...

have u ever caught red-handed but still denying it?
I Have...

Have u ever runaway from ur probs?
I Have..

Have u ever pretend like nothing happen but deep inside it matters to u?
I Have..

Have u ever do something dat will haunt u down till the end of time?
I Have..

Have u ever loose control?
I Have..

Have u Ever ever though of suicide?
I Have..

i had tried,done,thought many awful thing before.. but, i thing its for sure.. it is all in the past.. i wanna change.. i wanna be sumone better..better then ever..better then before..this is me..genuinely say,


November 23, 2008

aku di-tagged oleh Nabila Syazwani aka Shank

1. The last person to tag you was?
+b4 dis one?.. some babe from the net under the name of Punk-Gurl Not Dead+

2. Your relationship with him/her?
+Pen-pal..chatting ngn blog ngn YM ble kira pen-pal ke?..hentam ja la+

3. Your 5 impressions towards him/her?
+Kinda Cute in her Punk'ish way+
+ntah..bkn kenai rapat pun+

4. The most memorable thing that she/he has ever done for you?
+she fuck up me..her words eventhough its harsh but its impress me..daring siot minah ni+

5. The most memorable word that she/he has said to you?
+I Am Who I Am,I Love Who ever I Am..i used dis tagline too n its so memoraable bcuz she said dat its just popped out her mind at the moment+

6. If she/he becomes your lover, you will
+cut my hair n style it with mohawk for the rest of my compatetive ok..he3+

7. If she/he becomes your enemy, you will
+Kick Her In her small ASS..ha3+

8. If he/she becomes your lover, he/she has to improve on
+My Cursing Way n styles.. its not hard enough,she said+

9. If he/she becomes your enemy, the reason is
+Indie'er than me..ada ke pekataan indie'er??+

10. The most desirable things to do for him/her are
+Make her dia jdk minah bertudung or sumthings..confirm gempak..ha3+

11. Overall impression towards him/her is
+she s beuatifoll in her own way+

12. How do you think the people around you will feel about you?
+pehal tetiba plak soklan camni ni??+.

13. Who is your ideal?
+suma org ble..aku ble msk ngn suma org..jgn tooooooooooo nerdy dah r..he3.sorry+

14. What do you hate about yourself?
+Nothing..i love myself+

15. For the people who care for you and like you, say something about them?

16. 5 people to tag answer :
-ntah r..xmau tag sesapa ble

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