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He Walk Among Us, But He's Not One Of Us

August 27, 2010

Stand On Your Own You Playa

Playboy/Playgirl Or Playa..Disgust Yet Confusing.Its All Depends On Ones Perspective & How The Define The Words Itself.Some May View It As A Person Who Never Stopped At Number 1, They Alway Want More.But, Do They Have A Closer Look On The Person Him/Herself Before The Judgement Call.Understand The Situation First, Before Any Conclusion Made.Don't Start Blaming Before Realising Whats The Truth Behind The Real Story.No Need To Argue Cause No One, Nay, No One Will Ever Understand Because The Perspective On Playa Had Been Decided Long Long Time Ago, And It Stick That Way, Never Change, Never Will.People Just Follow The Flow That Had Been Set, Not To Think For Themself, Well No Arguement Cause It A Lot Easy To Follow Rather That Search For Urself.Sorry, All Playa Out There, U Stand Alone In The World

August 24, 2010

Grab Me

Your Hand Not Mine To Hold,
You Not Mine To Own.
But Remember This,
I Aint Nothing.
I Am Something.
Im Not The Best Of The Great, But I Aint That Bad.
Among The Worst Kind, I Am The Best One.
Grab Me Before I Fall Back From The Grace.
Grab Me Before I Walk Back To The Line Of Darkness.
Grab Me Before I Loose Hope.
Grab Me Before I Give Up.
Grab Me Before Someone Else Does.
Grab Me Before Someone Else Noticed Me.
Grab Me Before Im Someone Else's.
Grab Me Before I've Own.
Grab Me.Grab Me.Grab Me.

August 23, 2010

Im Yours

Jangan kau bimbang sayang
di mana ku berada
dengan siapa ku bersama
jangan bimbang
ku tetap
kau yang punya

The Other Side Of A Bullet

Im willing to take a bullet for anyone as long as i know that they're willing to do the same.fullstop.

no wait.
there's more.
where im gonna find those type of people?
unselfish and unconditional?
i guess they're damn rare these days huh?
no sweats, my offer still remain.
holla me if someone point a gun at ya.

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