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November 21, 2009

Swenz Here I Come!

nak pi keja dah..
yup, im back at swenz kopitiam..
gotta go, bye!

A Tale Of Triangle Love Story

i have a story to tell. is between a guy n two gurls. lets call the guy A. the first gurl lets name her T n the last gurl is D. okay, A is a single dude. still searching for true love.for him, true love is a very long journey. its not that he did not open up himself for any girl, he did but still no one ever see him truly.thats when T come in. T is somehow catched A attention. they noe each other for quite long time but never spoken face to face.until recently, something snapped. we finally spoke. and all the gud thing flew by after dat. we started to hang out together, helping each other when one need help. A at first didnt have any feeling whatsoever toward T but somehow he felt that T is giving him a lot of sign that she like him. example, she kept on asking for A help eventhough she can have it from any of her frens whom nearby. instead, she called A for it. A saw all that as "maybe she into me".T kept on finding excuses on make a time with A. A did refuse anyhow. T even sometimes tell her secret to A that she never ever told any of her beshfren.she even snaply said she is single out of nowhere eventhough A never asked.but the two of them kept of denying the truth. neither are willing to confess.A, which whom been let down a lot in the past, is been very careful. he doesnt wanna make a snap decision cuz somehow he value the frenship that he have with T.A is waiting for T to make a first move. current time, they we apart for quite a long time for some reason cuz T hometown is kinda far from A's. thats when D come in. D is A lost long-time fren since high skool. they meet up accidentally in Facebook. from Facebook, they catch up of the two years of absent on each other. currently, A make another snap decision by asking D for a date eventhough at that point A doesnt have a feeling toward D n still trying to figure out his true feeling toward T. D evntually said yes to the date. the date went great. they talk a lot. we even had some accident where A accidentally hold D hand. D then smile n dun wanna let A's hand go. she kept on smiling through the whole date.she even open up herself to A by telling all of her secrets, some are very deep one. A in the other hand, have a fling of heart toward D but somehow still can get T out of his head.A is confused. A doesnt know what to do. a part of A's lil heart said "pick up the phone an call T n confess to her n find out how she felt". well is A does that he can see thing clearly n clarify everything with T.If T is really in love with him, then they cna be together. n if she deny, A can go on with D n figure out where that relation may lead. but somehow, A is still afraid to pick up the phone to have the tough talk with T. n thats how A is still wondering, dreaming, fantasizing. until A find the courage, thing will still left strangle. thats all!

November 20, 2009

A True Date

you know people misintrepret a lot. a date is not when two love had declare their love an agree to be in love n when out for the first time as a couple. a date is a meeting of two people who are trying to figure out whether they r suitable for each other, a search of feeling of love, a cute meet for hope, all that kind of stuff. thats how my date goes today. i discover more bout her today rather than meet the eyes. she had her flaws without a doubt but she have her significants just trying to be realistic n i havent made out my mind yet. myabe we should go for another date to be clear. plus, i didnt pop out the quests, out of curiousity. well, our second date, isnt that far around the corner. it be soon.for sure. aCe+ out!

November 19, 2009

On The Date

its a wonderful day..
its a wonderful date.
even its on the morning.
early in the morning.
i never had a morning date.
its something new anyhow.
u r something different.
different from anyone that i ever knew.
thanx babe.
for a beautiful day.
thanx for th catch up.
we'll take it slow aite?

November 18, 2009

Out Of Nowhere

i guess, i got a date tommorow.
should i call it a date?
let see how it goes tommorow first okay


yeah! actualy aku dah lama nk update tp xdak mood nk tulih. yu yg last post aku pun simple ja. well, final exam aku dah abih ari ahad ari tu.paper OM-office management. okla. aku kluaq awai. sme ni paper OM ja aku kluaq awai. bkn confident tapi blur. aku kluaq 45 minit awai. pastu pi tgk carry mark, ok gak, maybe xdak probs kot paper tuh. so, aku xtaw r result aku nnt cmna. rasa cm ada paper repeat ja nnt. ntah la. so, skrg aku dah blk penang dah. borink? x r sgt, cuma skrg aku nk kena recontruct idup aku blk. nk kena tidoq ikut masa blk, mkn ikut masa yg betui. hm, susah kot, dah terbesa jaga time malam, n tidoq time siang. hm, stat ari ni aku nk try ubah tgk. satgi pukui 2 lebih aku nk tidoq r.(ble ka?? ntah la). satu g, aku xsure r nk keja ke x cuti ni. letih kot keja.tu yg aku xkonpem lg ngn boss aku. well, i cant imagine swenz without me around. ha2. kalu aku xkeja xdak duit plak. xmau r mintak kat mummy aku.malu besaq2 mintak duit kat mak, aku nk kena carik duit sbb stat sem dpn nk kena byq duit sewa umah g. mcm2 g, plus sem dpn aku dh part 5, byk project yg kena pakai duit. mn nk cekau. nk arap duit pt ja mn nk cukup.2 ja aku xsure g nk keja ke x. kalu keja pun kt swenz aku igt nk buat part time dah r. xr letih sgt. 2 ja la kot buah pikiran aku wat masa skrg. till next time, XOXO FUCK U!!

November 17, 2009

currently in penang.

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