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April 7, 2011

Acceptance Is One Click Away

In terms of lying, its an excusable act because no matter what, everyone did every once in awhile. But the most unforgivable lie is that we lie to our own self. Some might ask a sloppy question as such, "How come we can lie to ourself?". Well, one of the simplest example is pretend to be some else just to fit in alienated enviroment rather than to take a stand for what you are. Can't really blame them for the action because acceptance is something that most of people seek. Acceptance not to be labelled as one of the freakshow who may seem a lil different from other.

Why? Why do people willingly pretend to bee someone else just for the exchange of being said yes to? Is it really matter how people view us? it does, but people tense to let go the most important acceptance, the real truth lie beneath every one self, which is people won't accept us as we are unless we accept it sincerely. How we gonna make 'em believe if we ourself didn't put a well amount f trust on ourself? Yes, its silly but undeniable.

If its up to be, i said, to hell with it. I feel comfortable with the way i act, the way i behave, the words i said, the colour i choose to wear, hell i feel comfortable with my own lifestyle. Why? its that mean that i really believe in myself? No. At some point i do question myself, but it really doesn't matter because in the end, you are all by ourself to face the world, and me and myself it all i got. So whether I like it or not, i am sticking with myself. So go ahead, shut me down, reject me, I aint gonna wait for approval, i earned it for those who willing to give. Wishful thinking? No, its the truth!

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