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July 2, 2010


everything fine, everything okay.
everything back to normal, everything cool.
nuff said

June 29, 2010

The Future Is Still Mine

JD-Before You Leave, I Gotta Ask, Why Aren't You Getting That Test?

Patient -I Don't Know.I Still Might, In The Next Few Years..Or Days.But Right Now, If I Found Out That I Was Eventually Gonna Die From Something, Once You Learned That Information, U Can't Unlearn It.And This Why My Future Is Still Mine. It Can Be What Ever I Wanted It To Be. Is That Make Sense?

J.D- Yeah..

p/s-Scrubs Season 08 Episode 17 -My Finale

June 28, 2010

I'd Miss This

You-ppsss..!!no komen...wah..
Me-ops!!!! hahahaha

You-wahhh...terlebey u la yayunx..!!
Me-love you to yayunx..?????

You-grrr~ ? more n more..
Me-grrrr~ meowwww. more n more 1000x

You-chipmore la..da lewt.. jom tidow..sok keje..huxhux
Me-hahaha. oh ya, u busy esok ek. banyak keja kna wat. tidoq, makn, online. peh. busy2.hahaha

You-aah yunx..u thu2 je la kn my life without u ..u pon bz,i pon bzkn dri la...haha
Me-ala sian yayunx i. nk wat cmna yunx. i da career sbg waiter kehormat

You-hahaha...alamak..waiter terhormt eh?k,,i try to accept n understnd u yayunx..will miss u..
Me-tula. career i sgt penting wat masa ni. but no sweat, u will alway be my number one priority.hahaha. miss u too yayunx!! =) np u jauh dr i.. huahuahua.. i alwaz need u yayunx..kje elok2..jgn nowty2 yeah..
Me-ula nk wat camna. jarak memisahkan kita la yayunx..dun worry. even if im working, u will alway be in my mind n in my heart. i mn pernah notty.hahaha

You-hehehe..ley caye ke yayunx i xnowty2 ni..? ermm.. i trust u..jom dating nk x ke rabu ni erk..midnyte after u finish ur work. haha
Me-ble ja. demi u, i sanggup la yayunx. kalu ble, nk ponteng keja ja for u. but u know, its my career.

You-ok yayunx..its ok la if lewt pon..jnji i dpt jmp u..!!
Me-me too. tapi u taw la kan, i pas after keja, knpem2 bucuk. u ok ka?

You-erm..(thinking).ok kot..xde hal lah..u alwaz my musyuk..hahatu yg syg lebey..
Me-wow.bertmbah2 la i syg kat u,yayunx. u alwayz be my miss model..

You-hee..terharu nye i yayunx..yayunx..i have smting to tell u..erm...
Me-whats that?

Me-thats sweet.I LOVE YOU TOO SO DAMN MUCH!!??????

You-????? ngee~ crazy love..

When I Put My Mohawk On, Im Bad Again

like i said before, punk is a statement, not a lifestyle. thats the reason why im alway into mohawk.its a statement its a warning letting the world know that i am bad, i aint just another pussy, i aint another dude whom is a poser. if none of this make sense, please do watch A-Team movie n lsiten to a character played by quinton "Rampage" Jackson- Bosco Albert (B.A.-Bad Atttidue) Baracus. he'll explain well about mohawk being a statement.thats the reason why i watched that movie 3 time in cinema. just to listen to the line of BA Baracus.well, as for rite now, i damn wish i ddint cut my hair back to normal. i wish i still had my mohawk on. because as for now, i done been nice. i wanna be bad all the time, 24/7/365.

I Aint Tough But My Heart Is A Soldier

I have some shits to drop out in my blog but still i havent found my word to fully full it. wait.all i know rite now, i wanna get the hell out of penang ASAP and this sem break turns from being one of the best one i ever had to the worst. i guess my life suck huh? all i can ever think of is this, what goes around come around. because i think i got a sweet lil life before this and i alway know its gonna end one day when the real shit storm tarnish everything in its path of my life. n now im in its destrcution path. well, i keep on saying that my heart is a soldier aite? its not just another silly statement, its fact. my heart is a soldier doesnt mean i am tough and ready to war it but it means my heart is a fighting spirit.not just in love, but in life too.i will keep on fighting no matter least i try to do so. i never had a time so beatdown like this. i never been this down in life. usually when im down, its because others life around me affected me one way or another but this time its my life that been hell. life to be enjoy not wasted? as for this moment, its doesnt fit me well.i mean look at me. i never wanna runaway before but i do now.but again, we would i run? to kedah? my life there pretty suck too. another sweet statement i alway made is life aint sweet, motherfucker get a helmet, well im being stupid by not preparing myself with a sweet protection helmet for pain enduresment.huh. i guess Syida Shukor is rite after all, it aint funny to talk about life. well, see you guys on the other side. when i say the other side, i mean the isde of successful. once i get there, then we talk again shall we? adios.

p/s- i really need my bestie safena isfazura rite now!

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