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November 20, 2010

Believing Against The White Flag

In the motion of fighting a losing battle, some smart ass may conclude that rising a white flag is the best way to put an end to the miserable lost cause. It's not completely idiotic move actually because why keep holding on if you know that in the end you are going to lose anyway, right? That's what most of us preferred. Hell, history proved that this is fact. People rather surrender to stay survive if they already know that there's no point in resisting if the bigger picture shown that we are not going to win in the end. That what survival is all about, surrender if there seem to be no hope left.

This is no a story about bloody war. This is just a story of fictional battle that every single one of us face everyday. We give up easily. We choose to stay down when reached to the point where's it seem to be a dead end. I'm not making a point where I'm the hero that keep on fighting until my final breathe. I'm not making a legend out of myself which hope to be remember in near future. I'm just a normal guy. I did surrender sometimes in my life when things are hard. I'm no hero. But the fact is, who does? We are all not Clark Kent.

The real reason for this post it that I wanna tell about an on-going battle I'm facing in my life. Nothing serious, it just a stupid fling. Yes, all fact directed me to the extent of proof showing that there is no hope in winning this battle. I know the fact that I'm going to lose in the end of the struggle. Usually, at this point, I'd raise my white flag already. But somehow, I'm still fighting. I'm fighting to win even though I know I'm going to lose. Still, my fighting spirit ain't going to fade away. That's faith. Yes, I do have faith that I'm going to win after all. I'm betting against myself, I know, but somehow, something keep me going. I am not planning of giving up, ever. I want to keep fighting. Because I do believe that I can pull it off. I am going to WIN! Mark my words.

p/s- Dear You, I'm not giving up. Brace yourself. I will succeed!

November 16, 2010

Can U Read This?

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