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He Walk Among Us, But He's Not One Of Us

August 15, 2009

Ernie Syafika Binti Zamri

EveryDay N EveryNite We Met,
Not In Dream Not Even In Person Only On Laptop Set
Blogger to Thanks To For The Nice Connection We Share,
Every Post I Published You're To Care..
I Adore Ur Page Its Really Pretty Nice,
I Like All Ur Pixies cuz Ur Smile Is Like a White Nice Mice,
Ur Post Aint About ANyOne Just Ur Story To Tell,
There Are All Nice Nothing Such a Yell..
Take A Look On My Every Sloppy Post I Put,
All Full Of Her Comment In Such Happy-Go-Lucky-Mode,
Eny Heart Or Eny Diamond, The Nick Name She Chose,
Snek To Her Blog, Judge n Smile For All Her Stylish Pose..
Recently Speaking I AInt There For You,
I Know Its Hard, Its Damn Hard 4 Me Too,
We Barely Commented On The Time To Be,
Whats Left For Me, Theres Not You To See..
I Miss All The Nozzy Stuff We Share,
Cant B eThere Each Time Aint Something That I Can Bare,
But I Know Deep Deep InSide She Was Alway There,
Keep On Visiting eventhough on Thought Wondering My When n Where..
Just Wait Babe Till I Settle Down,
When I Do, I'll Be There For U To Be Found,
No Delay, No Excuses, Nothing as Such,
Just Creatin' This For To Say THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH!

p/s- ni just a poem khas untuk pelawat setia blog aku, ENY HEART @ ENY DIAMOND! thanx Babe!!

Life Aint Sweet Mother FuCker!

borink kot hidup tanpa wifi @ any internet connection.. baru skrg aku taw mengharigai bertapa bergunanya wifi UiTM Kedah.. walaupun at some point slow mcm gaban tahap kelajuan dia, but still aku ble connect tenet, but now, sejak2 kena dok luaq kampus aku xmerasa langsung nk maen internet. YM, xble, Blogging xble, Facebook-ing pun xble.mmg ser r.. housemate aku suam ada plan nk pasang stremyx tapi kami pny kemudahan umah pun ble ada yg cukup g. dapuq xbeli gi, meja dapuq xbeli g. tgk r cmna. maybe next sem r kot baru ble pasang tenet. till then, aku kena r carik aktiviti len tgh2 malam buta utk buat sbb slalunya time2 cmtula aku dok online. no sweats, life aint sweet, gte a helmet kan. haha

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