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April 11, 2009


i have to admit Plain White T's Is A really Good Jiwang band. their new single is the best.its can be compare to hey there delilah though. Taken from Their latest album BIG BAD WORLD here is 1234

1, 2, 1, 2, 3, 4
Give me more lovin' than I've ever had
Make it all better when I'm feelin' sad
Tell me that I'm special even when I know I'm not

Make me feel good when I hurt so bad
Barely gettin' mad, I'm so glad I found you
I love bein' around you
You make it easy, it's as easy as 1, 2, 1, 2, 3, 4

There's only one thing to do
Three words for you I love you
There's only one way to say
Those three words and that's what I'll do,
I love you

Give me more lovin' from the very start
Piece me back together when I fall apart
Tell me things you never even tell your closest friends
Make me feel good when I hurt so bad
Best that I've had, I'm so glad that I found you
I love bein' around you
You make it easy, it's as easy as 1, 2, 1, 2, 3, 4

There's only one thing to do
Three words for you
I love you
There's only one way to say
Those three words and that's what I'll do, I love you
I love you

You make it easy, it's easy as 1, 2, 1, 2, 3, 4
There's only one thing to do
Three words for you I love you
There's only one way to say
Those three words and that's what I'll do, I love you
I love you

1, 2, 3, 4
I love you
I love you

Welcome To HellHole

im goin back today, bax to penang. my beloved penang.or should i say Hellhole? yeah! its seem perfect word for it. its not that i have anything against penang, no im not its just dat my life in penang is soo twisted n full of lacks n negative suprises that i have to face every single day. but yet again, its where i come from. a place that teached me how to live, teached me wrong from right, teached me how to to survive, if i can survive it, i'll be fine anywhere else.still, penang holds all my love cuz theres no better place like home, n penang is my home. i'll be fine, dun worry, i'd survive the war before, im pretty sure i'll survive this time around.thats why, i love kedah. eventhough is not my bitrhright but still i am happy here. its a perfect getaway, a perfect coolout place where i can hide n runaway from where i can mellowed myself down from any unpredictable incidents.i only hate some part of kedah, everything else, its just perfect.not so urban n not so lame.kedah rocks! btw, as i look into the calendar just now i just realized that i have another 6 days before my birthday. the Friday of 17th. wow, as for teh moment my age count is 18 years n 299 days. just another 6 days before i enter sweet 19 years old. wow! what about my future plan? plans of chnages taht i wanna make to myself.well guess what, i'll be celebrating my birthda in penang so its gonna be tough though. still, i'll try my best to make it happen.thats all. bye kedah, i'll be away for a weeks. i'll be bax. dun worry. bye saf, see you in a weeks. bye "angel.." see you in a weeks. i'll be missing you guys from penang. dun worry. ist only a week.out!

Im STill Happy Though

well, eventhough the nite did not turn out as i aspected but still im happy. seriesly, no hard feeling at all. at least i know sumthing, something which meaningful to me. she finally thought that i am serious about this matter.adn i can conclude dat shes gonna take me seriously after this, boleh ke? well its all depend on ready when u r babe.kitorang lepak sampai pukui 12 kat parking fudcourt. in the rain. yup, walaupun aku tgh demam2 ni stil gedik nk lepak ngn dia dlm ujan.mmg crk nahas.but, its worth it.babe, like i said before, if waiting is what it takes, then i'll wait. plus u r right at one point, we r still in the process of knowing each other. plus, theres more i need to knwo bout u, n theres more bout me that u need to be alerted.its okay babe. at least i have the chance to hold ur hand for the first time.its priceless. its damn worth it for every cold fever i had to face tomorrow.haha.thanks angel!!

p/s-saja letak gambaq ni. baru snap td tp blur.ha3

April 10, 2009

Wish Me Luck

I Got A Special Plan...
Hopes its Goes Well

Comment Yg Aku Buh Kat Blog Diba

in my opinion, politik tu xkotoq, actually politicians are. xkesah which side u on to, tp apa yg penting opinion kita. jgn bagi org len pny opinion shake that, hold on tight to ur believe. i sendri pun political science student, betul cm u ckp diba, kita observe n make our own conclusion. bab usia jdk penghalang i xsetuju, based on polls, landslide victory yg PR dpt time PRU12 dulu disebabkan young voters, org cm kita. ya, kita mmg setahun jagung kalau nk bercakap apsai politics. tapi, disitulah org silap menilai kita. org yg dh byk pengalaman mmg dah tgk mcm2 tense to do mistakes in life decision whereby youngster yg setahun jagung cm kita ni kita hanya blajaq theory. thats actually our strong point. theory mengajaq kita utk ikut benda yg betui, where else experience mlearned by mistakes. betui x? sbb tu opinion2 freshie2 mcm kami ni kdg2 lg bernas sbb kau just stick on theory yg kami, ini politics man, anyone can give their opinion n anyone can support which batatlion they wnat. kata democracy, napa nk marah2 cik rizal oi.. or u just wanna prove taht our govt didnt practice pure demo, that they r practicing auto/demo? yes, kami mmg student uitm, n its against AUKU, but still we can give opinion. kalau govt xmau kena bang, sapa suro wujudkan course whcih involve political science, n again kalau govt takut nk kena bang, jgn r wat mistaken. remember, teh power its in our hand, the people, the one who gonan cast the ballot card. im not govt supporter, not oppisition either. im just silly political science student who used to hate politics, but like it now when i learn it. so, just bare with it man. diba, stick to what u believe is rite. in politics, there no rite n wrong.

April 9, 2009

I Stoodstill Between Two Junction

in life, we r force, i stress this, FORCE to choose and make decision. decision that gonna effect the rest of our life. yup. i hate this part of life. i hate making choices. i hata making decision betwwen two choices. a poem in my form 4 or form 5 Road Not Taken always slip by my mind when this unpleasant situation occur. it sucks. i dun like being in this position. mostly because im afraid if the decision that i made is the wrong one. what if the decision i'll choose, im gonna regret it for the rest of myself. yes, one of the decision (JUNCTION A) offer me a great deal of opportunities. opportunities that gonna help me explore the other part of me. the part that keep me wondering whether im good at it of not. another one (JUNCTION B) , offer me nothing but happiness and no changes. for the people who noe me well, they'll know that i am a type of person that resist to changes. i like things where they r.things as i felt safe being in it.but as i promise myself, i wanna change that fact. i wanna get out of my comfort zone. exploring the world. being a better person. but, i dun aspect this big bang changes, i really dun.seriesly. i am afraid of this. yes, i admit it. but my heart wanna try it out, try to go on with the path on JUCTION A.but its gonna be a whole new world to me. can i even handle it. im not sure. but i wanna try it out though. still, i wanna choose JUNCTION B cuz i feel happy n safe in this junction. i am. but as i promise, after my birthday this year, im gonna change, become a better person. but how can i be sure that JUNCTION A gonna help me out of this matter? maybe i'll become worst, far worst then ever.who knows. i never knwo whats on JUNCTION A. at least as for JUNCTION B goes, i'd been there before. in fact, i am rite now in JUNCTION B, and i am happy. i dunno. i dunno which one to choose. i asked for some opinion on this matter. SAF, my besties, said i should go n try out JUNCTION A, the newlystart. eventhough if i chose A im gonna be far far away from SAF, but shes cool with it cuz all she want is whats best for me. Even Azam, my bro said so. he said for go it, go for A.still, i havent decided. i really dunno. like i said, i hate making choices between sucks!!!

p/s- this is not a love story though...this is a true story of my life.

April 7, 2009

Its Not Living If You Dont Have Anything To Complain About

who said being a student in institution is full of enjoyment n exciment, huh? cmon tell me. i wanna kick taht person rite on the ass. argh! tests, assignment presentation n quizs, exco's acts to handle fully pack my schedule this pass weeks. a price of a learning process, once my friends used to said. at that time, im just a silly bartender in swenz, but now i clearly understand whats the deep meaning of it considering my cirstumtances rite now. well, actually im glad though. at least im doing something rather then just hanging out n lofting in my room doing nothing. maybe im stil a newbie in this situation or maybe im just been outside of my comfort zone.well, seriesly i dunno wether i can handle it or not thats the reason i tried it out. well, as for now, its really tiring. a lot of probs occur along the way. literally. but then, i got something worth wkaing up in the morning for. does the word "angel.." ring a bell? thanks. u really cherish my world. plus, i got my buddies along the way to face this cruel life of being a student. saf, thanks babe, u help a lot along the way. azam, aimil, FZ, ijat, mini, baby, boy, awe, kuddus, ayie, n hakim. thanks dudes.

Wait Forever

Doubtful thoughts messing around your minds
Undefined feeling crossing boarder without any signs
Maybe its love, maybe it’s like, hope it is not hates
Who knows, it is all depends on faith

Guiltiness exultant your heart right this moment,
Why should you, just be cool and act innocent
That surely suite you well, just need a little sense
Open your heart a bit, gives a chance of enlightens

Everybody wishes and everyone talks
Sometimes it made the situation a lil’ odd
They wishes the best for us, but they don’t really see
Don’t listen to them, just like me, just want me for being me

You said I am good and nice, thank you
You said that just be myself, I will do
You said I am not pushy, again thank you
You said don’t be too hopeful, yes I won’t do

Predicting the future maybe that what really frightened you
Don’t be, because I am not going to
I don’t wanna know whats gonna happen next
Just have some confident that things won’t be lax

Maybe things won’t turn up as I want to be,
I won’t blame you though, because you had warn me
It is me who wanna kept on trying,
Because the love for you, just don’t wanna die

Scared in your mind and heart, I felt it too,
About things that gonna happen and things that need to do
Just chill and relax, follow what your heart has say
If forever what it takes, then forever I’m gonna wait

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