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January 2, 2010

So Long,Goodbye!

sambil layan lagu So Long Goodbye-Sum41.
ingin mengucapakn secara rasminya, selamat tinggal Penang.
nak balik kedah dah.. semester baru dah nak mula.
makin busy pasni, subjek makin berat.
tambahan, aku dah senior sem ni.
dah semester! rasa cam baru smlm ja aku gi daftar masuk uitm kedah sbg pelajar sem 1.
ish2. cepatnya.
org ckp kedah maju 2010, dha maju dah ke kedah.
tapi, aku tetap syg kedah.
dah jadik umah kedua dh pun.
k, ciao!
pasni dah susah nk online dah.
facebook dh xble nk bukak slalu,blog dah xble nk tulih slalu.
wish me luck on my new smester!

January 1, 2010

2010 & I, We Doesn't Have A Good Start

years come n go, we remain here. the same. nothing change actually, only the feeling in ur heart. a feeling that boost us to try to be someone else just because a new year have approach. but yet again, until the end of the new year n when a new new year arrive, we are still the same. the same person, the same idiot, the same mess up dud. resolution? its just a excuse people make to keep themself happy for a while, for a day, on 1st january. cuz when 31st december arrive, still we r the same except a year older. so why bother living the fantasy of ur own creation, a fantasy which we make to believe its so true but when reality strike, we realize, we are exactly alike.go take a look in the mirror of urself now, as on 1st january, look closely n deeply, n wait till 31st december, look again. are we so different after a year past by. minus the outlook appearance, look inside the heart n soul of urself. if we really have a change, then we stood on solid ground of reality. if doesnt, wake up! STOP DREAMING! nuff said, happy new year!

p/s- somesay 2012 is the judgement day, which mean theres 2 years left. are we prepared?

December 31, 2009


December 30, 2009

I Hope She Doesnt Read This

imagine a "thing", something that u eager to have,fantasize about everday n ever nite especially during the time b4 u close ur eyes to end the chapter of a day,hoping for tommorow that u'll possess that thing.try t imagine that. exp, the "thing" is ur favourite car, Toyota Accord.then one day, out of the blue, ot of sight, someone u know give it to u, the "thing".n u think that shes fooling around n u just accept it cuz u think its just a part of a funny joke.u compromise, u react, u oversee towards the action of getting the "thing" just by a fling cuz in ur mind u know u'll never get the thing for real possession from her. then as day goes by, u realize, she actually giving u the "thing" for real, for u to keep. she act like is was meant for u, but never clearly stated it n u r afraid to ask because u dun want to hear the answer. cuz u dun wanna to lose the "thing".u just went with the flow cuz u know, without having the tough conversation of the possession of the "thing", somehow, u r possessing it no matter what, as long as u play along with it. but in ur heart u r wondering whether u r really possessing the "thing". how to deal with it?? seriously, im confused but i refuse to ask. because i wanna own the "thing", i dun wanna loose it, so i choose to play along.. cuz if i do so, i own it, i possess it.story of my life!

December 28, 2009

Jangan Baca Kalau Anda Seorang Perempuan

If some ask for an advice or piece of mind rite now bout love the only think i can say is Love is full of hatred, heart broken shits, messed up emotion. its truth n im speaking from personal life experience. they say in love, u need to be confidence, the who u are, self aware, n just go with ur feeling. but when u do so, theres alway consequences n price need to be pay. high price. because when u do be confidence n be urself n express ur truth feeling bout her face to face, teh common answer u gonna get is this, "kita baru ja kenal, kita ambil masa dulu utk kenal hati budi masing2,give space to each other" n then they will giv e some shits bout praising ur saying taht u r "cute,simple,handsome, happy go lucky" just to make us to chase them more. but heres the deal, it all aint true n its all just a bunch of lies. all the gurl just wanna keep u chasing them making them feel hot or famous, but honestly they dun even want to be with us, they just palying with us. the real situation is that the gurl already have somebody else in their heart, waiting for that asshole to be with her. in time of the waits, their plays us to make their life aint so bored n doom. think ur self as a safety net to this kind of gurl, cuz if their dream boy reject them hardly, they still have us as second choice. thats all we will ever be, a safety net. nonetheless. so mr.H thats my asnwer n i hope its satisfy u. remember, love aint so beautiful.

u better off being single. its for the besh. really!


Escape The Fate

Band-Escape the Fate
Song-You Are So Beautiful
Album- This War Is Ours

I could've found a better way
You know I never should have stayed
I could accept the things that I believed were wrong
(you know your wrong)
Now you're saying that it's late
It doesn't matter what I say
You know you're just another one of my mistakes

You are so beautiful
You are the kind of girl that has the chemicals
That makes me fall in love
Beautiful, you are the kind of girl
That has the chemicals
That makes me fall in love

So now I'm feeling like a slave
I'm locked away inside of this grave
And I'm hoping for a way I can be saved
(I can't be saved)
You know that there will come a day
when I'm just gonna have to change,
you know you're just another one of my mistakes.

You are so beautiful, You are the kind of girl
that has the chemicals that makes me fall in love
Beautiful, you are the kind of girl, that has the chemicals
That makes me fall in love
Fall in love

You know I found a small paper you lied about,
You lied about
You know I found a small paper you lied about,
You lied about
You lie to me, lie to me

You are so beautiful, You are the kind of girl
that has the chemicals that makes me fall in love
Difficult, so very difficult
You are the kind of girl, that makes me fall in love, fall in love

Bru Smpai Penang!


anyhow, congrats Man U ngn Arsenal mng, o ya liver pun mng gak.
n padan muka chelsea kalah.
the only big four yg kalah.


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