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He Walk Among Us, But He's Not One Of Us

June 30, 2013

Things Sometimes Ain't Horizontally Straight. Sometimes We Need To Go Down

I Am What People Thought They Knew, Yet Somehow When I'm Not.
Hate Is Not The Question Here, It Is The Fundamental Of Belief
The Crazy Thing Is, After All The Shit Storms, I Was Never Alone. 
Fact Is Not The Sure Fire Thing Here, Fact Can Change, Believe It.
That Is Not What I'm Trying To Shoot Here. Thing Always Confusing. 
I Don't Need To Justify Myself Here, I Do What I Do, Don't Judge!
Need More? Here, Take This And Try This One For Size. This Is Me. 
You People Always Ask For More, Even When Shitloads Drop.
More Or Less, I Never Put High Hopes On People To Get The Deal.
Than What? Is This The Time When I Tell You Guys The Real Version?
You Will Never Believe Me Anyway, So My Bother? Why Ask?
Know, Know This! I'm Not The Knight With Shining Armor Of Bravery.
I Am Just A Guy Who Want Thing The Way He See It, That's All.
Miss The Old Me? The One That Keep His Shits Together? 
You Ought To Be Disappointed. Why Oh Why Do You Believe Me?
Beautiful Letdown? Thats My Nickname Ever Since. Why So Surprise? 

Gandhi Was Killed By His Own Countryman You Know

"Be The Change You Wanna See In This World"

Thanks For The Advice, But You're Not In My Position, You Don't Walk In My Shoes. You Haven't Cross The Lines Of Appropriateness That People Claimed To Be The Breaking Point, Yet Somehow Manage To Pull Through.  No, You Haven't Seen It All, The Dark Side Of The World, The Potential Of Armageddon Which Itself Is A Ticking Time-Bomb Waiting To Seized It Moment.

Don't Try To Put It On Me, The Blame Might Be Mine To Hold But These Hands As Bloody As Everyone Else's. I Tried, Goddamn It, I Did Put My Best To Shine The Light, Not To The Life Itself, But Mine Alone. Everyday I Put A Fake Smile To The People I Hate, Laugh At The Jokes That Ain't Freaking Funny, Show Me Sympathy To Those Who Don't Deserve Yet Here I Am, Deep In The Darkness Without Any Breathing Space, Same As Them Losers Who Never Even Tried To Be Good.


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