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January 5, 2011

Demotivational Tool Is My Wishful Thinking

Changes may be sum up as two different things. Something which is good, things that can make you a better person in the end or the other one is making you being much worst than before. Thats the facts that you have, no, need to accept in life. Me in the other hand, i prefer things stay the same. Some may refer this as being afraid to move forward, or even being a coward whom want to keep in the safety zone for the rest of his godpity life but I do call it as survival tool. Why should we change ourself or even worst our surrounding if we ourself wasn't even sure that the changes will bring great fortune. iI rather keep thing at the same par if the consequences that I need to suffer is unpredictable in the end.Maybe someday I am no longer afraid to do so, but until then, i I keep my head high and stay on reality, which I already comfortable with.

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