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November 7, 2009

Another Boring Day

I look up the ceiling
White burning light with no switch beep
Dust and dump filled the floor, upsweep
Dead silence comfortly as most still dead asleep
Just another boring day.

I walked out the room
Coffee mug standstill loyally beside the ashtray
Laptop on the side as same as my cellphone lay
In a blink I lighted up my ciggys left me no words to say
Just another boring day.

I lay back down
As simple as the action my mind flew freely
I puff a smoke. Nothing, joy miserily unhappy
My thought came back come back and yet agai
n I am being me
Just another boring day.

I sat and dream high
Only one thing played in my head, thats you
Wondering whether you were up and whatcha gonna do
Thinking of how did we get here and sort things through
Hoping for a feeling that need to be discover
Searching deeply for a glance that really matter
Maybe it as sweet romance or turn to be a disaster
Worst come to worst, it'll just be another boring day.

p/s- a normal day of my life. but, the let question is who is the girl im thinking about? nah! im not gonna tell!

Tired n Broke!

letih dowh mggu final ni. nak kata study 24/7 xgak. mkn tidoq smoke. tu ja pun. tapi still letih. siang ngn mlm dah xdak beza dah bagi aku. sama ja. bila aku nk tidoq, aku tidoq, bila aku nk jaga aku jaga. mkn pun dah xikut masa dah. bila lapaq, makan. xdak dah istilah breakfast, lunch dinner. kdg2 tu dinner jadik lunch, kdg2 breakfast jdk dinner. ha3, thats life! plus, dah r broke skrg ni. bila la final nk abih, ble kau blk n keja, kumpui duit n then enjoy!

Layan Siot Lagu Ni

Song- Through My Window
Band- Bunkface
Album- TM Everyone Connect

Don’t want much, I just want everything
Thought that I could, do almost anything
One step in front of the other
Thought that I could do it alone

In the blink of an eye,
it’s just another day
Telling me why,
I’ll find another way
Got this feeling, got me reeling
I can almost start believing

Now there’s me and you
And we are not alone
You and me, me are together now
Through my window,
I can see there’s
More than you and more than me
Me and you, And we are not alone
Different view, We are together now
Through my window,
I can seeOur wildest dreams could be so real

I see a spark, it starts a fire
Is this the one worth waiting for?
Thought that I could do it without you
Can’t exist like this anymore

Now there’s me and you
And we are not alone
You and me
We are together now
Through my window,
I can see there’s
More than you and more than me
Now there’s me and you,
you and me
We are not alone and we are together
Through my window I can see
Our wildest dreams could be so real
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November 3, 2009


esok paper LAW245- Malaysian Legal System

Pa Haram Pun Xstudy Lg.
cmna nk score ni?

November 2, 2009

So Called Hang Out Buddies Huh?

sometimes, eventhough our clans/groupies/Hang out Buddies/ Member Kamceng/ n wahtssoever u called ur besties are, seems unbreakable, unouchlable, un-susah nak pecah punya-able,we miss a glance of look of something that matters a lot whcih is we ares trong only if we are all together. but we are so damn fragile is stayed apart. i learn that truth bout my hangout best buddies yesterday. me, ajam, aimil n fizi is , u can say beshfren n pangkah memangkah, gay raba2 type of frens. all 4 of us, are damn close. we r rumates, housemate, classmate, riding bike mate, assignmate group mates, n mates2 yg lain. in fact it seems like all of us click together bondly. but the truth is, we r not. well, its not sometimes big, its only a malu sitaution. our of respect maybe. u see, all four of us, if we r together, yes we r strong. 3 of us, still we are strong. but when come down to 2, hahaha! okay2, let me break it down to u. imagine this, if its 2 combination examples, me-ajam, me-fizi,me-aimil,ajam-aimil,ajam-fizi theres no probs at all. but the probs combination is when FIZI n AIMIL. depa malu with each other. seriously. FIZI ngn AIMIL jarang bercakap. keadaan hanya akan jadik kecoh kalu aku ngn ajam ada skali. tapi kalu fizi ngn aimil ja, diorang malu. ha3. xpecaya? believe it. aimil sendri nagku dia malu ngn fiiz, fizi pun ngaku dia malu ngn aimil. ha3. padahai kami ber4 slalu hang out skali. every week u might say. aku pun xpasan b4 this cuma smalam bila ajam brought this issue up, bru aku pasan. aku ngn ajam siap wat experiment lagi, tggaikan fizi ngn aimil dalam bilik, kami kunci n kami kluaq. kami sneak ikut tingkap. depa just duduk2 xcakap papa. pastu 2 minit pastu, fizi bangun n blah. ha3. weird! well, thats my buddies though.hahahahahaha

p/s- Asignment PAD260-office management sem ni hanya fizi ngn aimil ja yang siapkan, fully. i wonder, malam aku ngn ajam tertidoq tuh depa duarang duduk berdua nak siapkan assignment OM cam mana la sitausi dia kan. konpem arkward for both of them aite? haha.

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