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September 25, 2010

Pesan Ibu Kepada Anak Lelakinya

Ok. Satu ja mummy nak pesan. di mana pun kita berada pa pun kita buat jangan lupa kewujudan Allah. dari dia kita datang dan pada dia kita akan kembali. di sana kehidupan yang abadi, dunia ni persinggahan ja. carilah bonus dan dividen di dunia utk di bawa ke sana. Mummy saja nak pesan kat anak2. semoga suma anak2 mummy dalam perliharaan dan belas kasihan Alahh, amin.

p/s- mood-terdiam seketika

Im Sorry

u bz..
smpai ignore i..
im sad.. very sad...
i berhadpn ngn byk sgt mslh, i realy need u ..
dekat n dekat ngn i.. but...
just dreaming..
u ade hal u,,yg perlu disettle, also same with me..

xtually i just nak perhatian dr u.. when i sad n have poblem.
near with me please my dear..
im crying while im send diz text 4 u..
but u cant noe n see it.
i try jd kuat mcm u,, tp x bley.. hmm...
ape2 pon whish me luck 4 my test tmrow.. ◄:((►

mish u damn so much..!

p/s-im so sorry okay babe. i busy sgt lately.

September 24, 2010

Mistakes Is An Teaching Tool

Why are you being for afraid?
Touch the ground for God sake.
Life offer a lot and you get what you take.
please, make THIS mistakes

September 22, 2010

I Am An Anarchist

Inside The Aquarium Part 1

Dalam satu akuarium, ada dua ekoq ikan, ikan mas dan ikan kalui. ikan mas betina, ikan kalui tu jantan. Ikan mas nama M ikan kalui nama A. A kuat makan, perot dia muncit gila. Itu yang M sayang sangat kat A, sebab A suka wat gila.M plak suka wat hot, tapi dia memang chumel pun. M ikan mas kan, besa la.A tu si jantan, memang suka wat gila lebih2. Disebabkan M xde lah nak jumpa ikan2 lain sebab dia dok seakuarium ngn A , dia stay ja la ngan A. A ja yang slalu temankan temankan M, begitu juga M, slalu temankan A.A plak berpewatakan ganas sangat.A slalu buli M, tapi M xkesah pon.A suka kejaq2 M dalam akuarium tu dan A suka main2 mata dengan M. A gatai dan gedix, M plak ganas jugak pada luaran, tapi sangat lembut dan manja secara dalaman. M sangat juai mahai dekat A. A memang asyik mencuba takel M.tapi M still dok juai mahai.Mentang2 dia ikan mas.


September 21, 2010


Strike is one of the way to express our dissatisfaction and a fight to defense our rights. but the society view strike as act of violence and state of terror. is it that wrong to demand our right in a form which is legally approve by Fed Con? Strike is must, Strike is unity form of fight. strike may cause chaos and riot, but it is a way to show. It is a way to grab the attention of the public of what really happen. Strike is a force of action which is a fight tool against any type of discrimination and abusive of any form of action. but why do strike is been illegalise? afraid of what may be happened or afraid of what may be told? anyway around, strike will alway ended up badly. but that is the price that need to be paid and that is the sacrifice that is require in term of getting what we want and achieve what we desire. so, STRIKE! STRIKE! STRIKE!

September 20, 2010


This is not a statement. Its an Attitude. Live ur life to the fullest. Make it fruitful, make it colourful, dun ever step back, never ever make it dull. Because we only live once, so make it count. Die Young? yeah. Think bout it. The idea of die young is more of a reminder that death is upon us. One way or another, it'll coming to get us, one by one. The question is, how? Smoothly or the hard way? anyhow, its coming. The other thing is, do we really wanna live to the oldest time we can far reach, cuz at that time, we are old, weak, helpless so we are nothing but a burden to our kids or even grandkids. so, it is far better for us to die young. This is not statement, its an ATTITUDE. disagree? Fuck the hell off.

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