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August 9, 2012

Anaruxi: Dead And Scorned

They Say Hell Has No Wrath Against Fury Of Scorned Woman,
But My Gentle Wrath Will Not Justified With Hell Or Man, 
Seven Hells Can't Contain Me Soft As I Burned Up And Down,
Run Away All You Want, Matter Not Because There Is Not Place Save And Sound.

Yes, I Am Talking To You Mr I-Wanna-Save-The-World,
Your Stupidity Holds Me Ground By Your Side Sparing You From Darkness Twirl,
Yet Here I Am Dead And Vanished While You Are Still There Fighting Your Imaginary War,
Ignorance Is A Bliss, But Not To You As The World Is A Lost Cause As It Is Shock And Awe.

How Come You Are So Determined To Save The World, Mr White-Shining-Knight,
It Caused Me My Life You Fool, Now You Stand Alone To Face The Gruelsome Fight,
If You Just Accept The Fact, We Would Be Half The World Away Sharing A Kiss Together,
Laying On The Sandy Beach Toasting Booze Forever And Ever.

Now Look What You'd Done, I Am Dead For Your Dying Cause Not For My Willful Cue, 
Would You Even Look At Me Now As I Burning In Damnation , Not That You Ever Do,
I Am No Angel You Dummy, Just A Faithful Shadow Crawling From Behind You,
A Misfit Guardian With The Power To Save No One But Only You.

Wrath Gathers But No Strong Enough To Face The Might Strike,
If Death Ever Has Meaning, I Hope Mine Will Open Your Blind Sight,
But I Guess Is Meant Nothing Because There You Are Still In The Moronic Fight,
Will It Ever Stop You That The World Is Fruitfully Wrong With Nothing Ever So Right.

Now Heed My Sorrow From Underneath The Crypt,
There's Nothing Redemption Will Do Not It Does Rightful Deeds,
Now It's Time For You To Step Up And Be Who You Are Destined To Be,
Even Though It Hurts A Damn That You Are Not Meant For Me.

The World's Savior And Light Bringer Are Supposed To Live In Solitude,
There Won't Be Help From Me Since Hell Holds No Earth Reception, But The View Is Good,
Let See What You Worth Mr.Hero And Set The Burning World Afoot,
Just Know That I'm Waiting In Hell When Death Knocks You Senseless From Your Root.  

August 7, 2012


All It Takes Are Just Some Courage And Guts To Walk The Path of The Unknown. It May Lead You Ashtray But You'll Never Really Know As It May Lead You To The Path Of Greatness. All It Really Take Are Just Bold And Risky Move In Order To Gain Something far Beyond Imagination. Will You Do It? Will You Step Up To The Plate To Seize Your Opportunity? And If It Is Truth That It Is Nothing More Than Goose Egg Chase, Will You Stop And Never Leave Your Comfort Zone Ever Again? Will It Really Be That Hard To Raise Up And Take The Matter Into Your Own Hand?

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