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August 8, 2009

Wave 125

my new ride!
thank mummy!

August 7, 2009

zero one two five four five four zero one three


there u have it now! u have completed my test.. u hav ethe rite to earn it now!

A Price Of Being A UiTM Student

bila aku compare blk aku ngn kar aku xbyk beza actually from the perspective of study n our condition as campus student. thats fact yg aku pegang n thought was rite, until now.. byk beza kot jadik uitm student ngn UIA student.. yeah, uitm mmg bebas ckit dari segi dressing attire ngn rules, which comfort me a lot sometimes but still byk yg uitm lack of. exp, budak2 uia stya pi la sampai sem brapa pun even kalau extend semester still xpayah risau nak kena carik uamh nk stay outside campus ke apa, sbb mmg disediakan.kalau cma kami budak2 uitm ni, bukan ble dok kolej till the end of our study, at soem point kamio akan kena dok luaq gak.. mcm kes aku lg cibai r.. spatotnya semester ni aku still ble dok dlm kolej gi, till last week. tetiba naek notis yg kami suma diminta kluaq dari kolej malinja n stay kat taman U, outside the campus. mmg fuck r. dah r cuti h1n1 mengejut. time cuti plak kami baru taw yg kami kena dok luaq dah.. fuck x fuck? the baru aku notice, kalau aku further my sdegree ngn uitm skali pu aku akan face benda ni gak. aku akan kena dok luaq kampus in my first sem of egree.walhal kak aku xpenah face probs ni suma pun. maybe dari segi transport susah r ckit sbb kampus dia besa nak mampuih. so teel me again, mana ada sama jadik campus student. ikut r U mana yg hampa masuk. aku xble nak complaint by r. sbb kalau comapre dr segi yuran plak, my fee is soo dman much cheaper comapred to my sis. well yet again,im only taking a diploma, so it aint should me so expensive aite? no sweats! i'll make it through somehow. its just some dificulties that i need to overcome anyhow. till then, im stil gona hold my head up to the sky n keep my love to uitm spreads through the nation! peace out!

August 6, 2009

Im BaCk, For Now!

seminggu mua aku xupdate blog. sorry r since aku dah pndah dok luaq kampus ni xdak dah r free wifi utk kami, so maybe pasni aku akn jarang update blog. ni bru balik umah jap nak ambik barang ckit.

August 3, 2009

Last Day In Malinja

A311..A220..A011.. for four semester i'd been busting my ass around malinja, n now i have to move out. gudbye malinja.. we shared a lot of gud memory together.. memory that i'll never ever gonna forget.. so lon n gudbye!

August 2, 2009

Person Inside The Mirror

I Looked In The Mirror,
I Saw One Dude..
He Looked Back At Me..
Stared At Me..
I Crunch My Nose..
He'd Do The Same..
I Glance My Eyes..
He'd Followed..
I Turn Away n Walk Away..
HE'd Do The Same..
He Lost From The Sight In The Mirror..
I Live My Life The Same Through The Day..
I Drink..
I Smoke..
I Play..
I Tease..
I Kick..
I Punch..
As I Look Back Into The Mirror At Nite..
That Dude STill There..
I Kept Me Wondered..
If He Know All The Things That I'd Done

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