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He Walk Among Us, But He's Not One Of Us

June 23, 2011


I fight to make you stronger, to make you love your life.
I fight to show you purpose, to keep you satisfied.
I fight to make you happy. I war to win your heart.
I'd fight forever for you. I ache when we're apart.

I fight to stay together, to bring us eye to eye.
I fight to speak your language, to keep you by my side.
I fight to make it easy. I push to give you time.
I fight our losing battle. I bleed to stay alive.

I fall like a fighter when you give me a shot. I'll live like a lover when you're all that I've got.
I'm fighting for us. My heart is a soldier.
I'm killing myself. My heart is a soldier marching to die.

June 21, 2011

Only God Can Plays God

Human is limited. Limited is every possible way that we can imagine. But yet, somehow, some of us gain extra in some way which put them in position where most of people adore, or even worship. But lets face it, they only superior in certain area, not all of it. In this case, they are still need to be consider as human, human whom can and will at any time, make a mistakes. Some are small, some may be big enough to ruin life. So, why we keep blaming those people if a mistake happened. We are whom adored them, worshiped them at the first place, putting them in the highest hierarchy in the system, and when they screw up, we put all the blame to them? That is not fair. Because Only God Can Play God, Not Human.

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