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January 3, 2009

Keep Smiling, And Die!

wow! im Mad! im Crazy! Im loosing my mind! help!since i tried it, i addicted(nape lately ni aku suka guna word addict n so on ek)

to all smokers2 out there try isap rokok n drinks sumthing yg ada caffeine.please try..aku dah stat addicted dah..caffeine with tar n nicotine its really not a great combination..its killing all our brain cell, i guess..i sucks in, i just made out my own conclusion n i think, i stress out I THINK its killing me slowly n softly..die n, tahts not to bad.not at a i previously, if we gonna go to hell, might as well enjoy the ride..if we wanna die, might wanna do sumthing that worth killing urself for.if we gonna go down, better go down swinging not me crazy, i dun care. cuz im gonna still do it.because again, its a wrong thing to do in the first place.i shouldnt try it..well, since i started theres no going bax.its one bullet train away straight to nirvana.well, if its my attemption its not for me n just me, its for everybody sake as, enjoy the ride guys.

p/s-if none of the above make sense, well its not what it seem to be..actually, my not writing to tell a tale bout smoking n caffeine..theres another story there..sorry, another metaphor.whats its really bout, go figure! ops! chow! rox in, peace out!

Aku Gila Pepagi Buta

cmna kalau zombie tol2 ujud cm dlm cita resident evil?
cnpem chaos..
a part of me wishing it to happen, in reality..
tp, kalau betui2 jdk ble k aku survive?
aku bkn Alice, yg geneticly freak n immune to T-Virus..
aku bkn Jill Valentine-the besh S.T.A.R.S member in town.
aku bukan Carlos-Umbrella Loyal soldier n great aimer.
aku bkn gak LJ-mamat gampang yg sentiasa terlepas..
but still, i will fight the freaking zombies..
sure will

January 2, 2009


peh aku dapat award dowh.nanott.kita sma r..aku pun first time dpt award ni.xpenah dpt award pun sblom ni.hahaha..thanx nanott..

1. Copy badge "2008 Cute's 3logger Award" di atas untuk diletakkan di blog anda.
2. Link/ceritakan kembali siapa yang memberikan award ini kepada anda.
3. Setiap blogger mesti menyatakan 10 fakta/hobi diri sendiri sebelum memilih penerima award seterusnya (anda di-tag).
4. Anda perlu memilih 10 penerima award seterusnya dan menyatakan nama mereka di blog anda.
5. Jangan lupa melawat blog kawan anda dan meninggalkan komen yang menyatakan mereka telah di tag


+aku start pakai nick ace @ aCe+ ni sejak form 4..reason? xble nk gitau+

+aku t-shirt addict..yup.aku ngaku skrg+

+hobi aku mcm2 benda dr tenet.tgk wrestling, jgn kutuk! skrg antara hobi terbaru aku blogging.+

+aku start wat rambut spikey sejak dr form 2..smpai skrg xpenah ubah lg.suma cacak2 jew+

+aku ni kuat argue..kdg2 benda yg dah konpem aku salah pun aku argue..sbb tu, aku ikut ckp mak aku n join debate team aku time skolah..n kitorang menang takat daerah..negeri kantoi..kat u ni, aku ada join time part one..pastu aku stop,atas sebab2 tertentu+

+aku suka jdk indie..masuk indie di sini bkn dressing rasa indie tp indie dr segi lifestyle.xbergantung kat org.berdikari r lg seswai+

+aku suka dgq music..rock saja.RnB sbb radio byk sgt mane lagu rnd kdg2 aku terinfluence jugak ckit2..sbb tu aku xsuka dgq radio, plus,aku fuck band indon..sorry.+

+antara suma simbol yg ada kat keyboard aku plg suka simbol '+'..aku pun xtaw napa..sbb tu nick aku aku buh aCe ada jdk r aCe+..+

+aku ni kuat joli duit n xpandai manage duit aku, im not prepare to face the real world,yet.still working on it+

+pa lg ek fact pasai aku yg aku nk tulih.aku pun xtaw.hmm.hah..aku stat pakai spec dr umur aku 9 tahun..muda kan? chines blood..chinese kan byk mata rabun.ha3+

Dg kuasa yg aku ada aku nk bf award ni kat
+anwar ibrahim..(seriesly..aku nk tag xtaw r dia nk wat ke x.)+

If We All Are Going To Hell, Might As Well Enjoy The Ride

who are we kidding? bluffing around.. believingg on sumthing that surely is just another illusion of tricky mind that contruct ourself to this massive mess.trying to fix the world that clearly can be save, destruction created by the people who sworn gonna save them from extinction.and still, as brilliant creation as we are that we'll alway claim to be, still dumb enough to believe in every damn word they throw out of their ass-licking mouth.sometimes, is confused me, whos dumber? we or them? maybe us cuz at least their r doing sumthing bout anything not like just, just nogging our head n swallow everything.till when this drama gonna keep winning oscar? till when this blockbuster movie gonna steal the magic hour? some of us, realize whats going on but, money blinds them.ya, the new religion for what people believe in nowadays, trustee, will-to-die-for possessive items..of cos, money make the world go round.but we didnt realize that is been sinning our world faster then before.nothing more that we can do to late already..we r all going to hell.hell on just been picture perfect so that no one freak out n start praying n believe.well for some that already realizing, its a lost cause.we lost it..everything..well, but thats doesnt mean we should give up.if we all are goin to hell, might as well enjoy the ride

January 1, 2009


sorry guys, aku mmg xble nk tolak seduction kedai2 yg juai graphic t-shirt..xble langsung..aku akan sentiasa tertarik utk masuk..n then aku terpaksa beli..sbb kdg2 aku ni bkn pikiq panjang.spontan je kdg2..kdg2 agak bodoh.aku ngaku..xble nk resist..he3.kalau x xdak r aku masuk sem ni sampai 3 beg, baju jew..azam dah bebai ngn aku.loker tu aku sorang je konker..brg2 aku je penuh..tu pun satu beg baju aku xunpack lg, xdak tempat..ha3..ok2..aku dah ada aza, baru lg utk tahun ni..nk kurangkan beli t-shirt..kalau nk beli baju pun aku beli t-shirt kolar jew..kolar t-shirt aku ciput jew..brapa lai je..ble kira..tshirt round neck aku, peh.bertimbun..xcampuq yg kat umah lg.well, not cna i say, another addiction dat i fall for..sluaq pun brapa lai ja aku ada.suma tshirt..sampai meber2 aku yg len ble pinjam g smpai berminggu2, ada yg bulan pun ada, adi sorang ja la.bangla tol adi, kwn2 pasni kalau kluaq ngn aku nmpk aku nk masuk kedai yg juai tshirt ketuk pala aku n kata jgn..kata aku yg ijinkan dalam blog aku ek..sumpah aku xmarah..thats the only way im gonna learn n help myslef out..aku xble nk tolong diri aku sendri..
ok, peace out!

p/s- to be honest, aku saja ja guna t-shirt tu sebagai simbolik utk benda laen..t-shirt tu hanya sebagai metaphor.maksud sebenar, biarlah aku simpan dalam2 dlm hati aku yg terluka kerana terhimpit.aku blum tersedia utk bercerita pasai bnda tu..when im ready, i will tell bout, cita tshirt addiction ni mmg betui r.

White Sweater Girl

ya, again..another love addiction some might say..but seriesly i guess not..its not an addiction..shes ruin my a positive way of cos.. i cant eve laugh while watching My Name Is Earl cuz in my mind there only her images.everything that i could possibly remmber bout her last nite, all stuck in my mind n it wont come out easilt..maybe its cuz i dun want it to go away.. maybe i want to remember her..i dun wanna forget her.seriesly..

story began, last nite after i cancel my PAD(code pa ntah) class cuz lec didnt n my boys went out to fill in our stomach with something delicious..otw the kenyangkan perut trip something happened in front of the we walked to the laiberi theres a bunch of girl waited there.waithed for somebody i we pass by them, 4 or 5 of them there she a white sweater, cute, kinda gudv looking, free hair, skinny jean..thats all i can remember bout her.what shes id next change my life for the moment n afterword until now.. she gave asmile.ifreak out...i dunno why.. i look behind me to make sure that shes smiling directly to me, not anyone else..there no one behind shes definitely smiling at me.. abig long stoodstill smile..hiow long? well its pretty long i guess. cmon let face long do a person take to raise a smile..she smiled for bput 5 or 6 second..that really freaked out, i still acted cool.i smil back at her..thats big msitake taht i've donw last least i should say HYE or something..or even wave my hand.. but i just smile bax..fuck it adam, u suck!that incident haunted me..seriesly..(ble guna ke word haunted ni?)..but still, i cant realy figured why did she smile at me? is it bout the way i look? cuz i look like chines dude? or maybe its cuz my appearance.. or maybe cuz my t-shirt..graffic t-shirt which have a writing "we are not schoolmates, we are not war buddy, we are colourful"..maybe taht the reason.or maybe she noe me before..i dunno..i wish i knoe.i hope i cna still meet her face to face again, n this time im gonna make it gonna make a move.butlet face it, UiTM Kedah is without a doubt is a small campus but how often u cross by a complete stranger which u can remember twice a day? or eben a week? or even a month? maybe i'll never see her again after this. i dunno.lets just hope that i get asecond chance okay.. i really need it..ok, that out..CHOW!!!

p/s- UiTM kedah..pesal xble connect tenet ni? dah 3 ari kowt..pelase r..aku nk blogging cmna..fix it, please..

December 31, 2008

Tagged-tentang Pompuan?

well, shank speselly request kat aku suro wat tagged ni..kat blog dia dia pun dia tulih..actually tagged ni ttg laki but dia tagged aku so xkan la aku nk tulih pasai laki kowt..musti r pasai pompuan..SPOILER ALERT!!! aku bru pas break so suma yg dibwh ni amatlah berbeda dr yg sblom2 ni ttg pmpn yg aku gambaqkan..maybe a lil bit demanding kowt kali ni..of cos r kan..bru break..xkn nk crk yg sama jew..nk imrpove r ckit taste2 aku..ha3.

Ciri Perempuan Idaman Anda :

+first of all aku xminat gurl yg cerewet..ckit2 aku ble tolerate lg tp kalau dah melampau2 aku pun xble tahan..+

+terima aku seadanya..strongly bout my smoking probs..FIY, im not planning to stop in the next couple years..seriesly..+

+sweet..i mean perwatakan yg sweet.susah r nk explain dlm kata2..senang cita bila aku usha dia aku rasa dia sweet+

+cute..aku pun xtaw napa..aku jenis yg minat gurl yg cute..dr dulu fact ni xubah.cute bg aku xsemestinya baby face, shorty(no offense shank..he3), or childish..again, seseorg tu kdg2 aku rasa dia cute walaupun org len pikir sebaliknya+

+xkuat melawan kata..kira mcm xsuka argue byk2 ngn aku..aku ni dah x r ble kalau bab2 argue ni.musti nk menang pny..kdg2 benda2 ckit2 pun still nk aku xmau r terlalu menurut kata aku..when the time is rite, if shes noe how to fight bax. that will be the perfect gurl to me.+

+unik.dr segi perwatakan @ penampilan..well, some might label unique as freak @ pelik tp aku xkesah..kira laen dr yg len+

+indie..indie disini maksudnya kalau dia pandai take care dirinya sendiri..x terlalu dependent sgt.. n not to indie sbb nnt aku rasa tercabar plak..kira kdg2 or in certain part of life dia still bergantung kat aku..+

+manja..eeew..gelinya time aku tulih seriesnya aku suka gurl yg manja+

+smart..kira ble pikir untuk diri sendri r.noe when to speak n when is the rite moment to keep quiet..+

+respect..aku ni jenis yg susah nk respect org..eventhough yg oldies.."respect the ones that respect you" aku pgg prinsip kalau gurl yg aku nak musti r tau respect org len so dat bru balance..+

+opposite ngn nabila, aku xmau gurl yg lg tinggi dr aku..tinggi skit ble trima lg..besa r laki kan..ego lg tinggi dr ketinggian sendri.+

+mixture blood? ble r..agaknya..+

+well dressed..not to whore-ly not to alim-ly..kalau alim sgt dressing dia mana nk padan ngn aku yg style mcm org gila ni..rambut mohawk+awek berbaju kurung?..go figure.kalau whore-ly dress pun aku xble blah gak..well dressed bg aku kira xover sgt n ortodoks sgt.+

+ok ngn parents ngn sibling aku..kira ble ngam r.+

+last but not least, komen..+

Perempuan Yang Tak Pernah Anda Minati Sepanjang Hidup :

+sepanjang hidup? wow..mampuih r..ada ke? ada kowt..hah..gedikz..seriesly aku xminat gurl yg gedik..manja ngn gedik 2 benda yg berbeda ok.+

+shop-a-holic maniac n addicts..point n aku ble tolerate lg..besa r gurl.aku is\their hobby, most of, kira yg shopping berpada2 r..sebulan sekali ke, dua kali je ke.orait r tuh.3 kali sminggu pun aku ble wat2 pejam mata g r.jgn r sampai sebulan seploh duploh kali..aku pun kuat shopping gak..bukan kedekut tp mcm dah membazir sgt dah tu..+

+overdress n to HOT for me to handle..iman aku lemah kowt nafsu aku kdg2 membuak2..jgn r uji kan..payah nnt+

++ngada2? sma ke ngn gedik? kalau xsama kira r ek..aku bkn tahu sgt mengklafisikasikan org ni+

+judgemental..suka sgt judge org..aku anti sifat ni+

Perasaan Anda Sekiranya Keluar Dengan Orang Yang Minati : pun mau tny lg ka? musti r sonok..+

Tempat Istimewa Yang Ingin Dilawati Bersama Pasangan Anda :

+aku pa yg pasti tempat tu musti spesel n meaningful for both of us+

Barangan/Sesuatu Istimewa Yang Akan Anda Hadiahkan Kepada Si Dia :

+bab2 brg2 ni utk yg istemewa aku akan bg my personal item..brg2 aku yg aku beli ngn duit aku sendri,aku syg gila2,aku jaga gila2,sentimental value.kira kalau ada gurl yg dpt brg personal dr aku dia mmg spesel di far, xdak lg la yg bertuah.+

Tajuk Lagu Yang Akan Anda Nyanyikan Untuk Pasangan Anda :

+Never Been Replaced-First Lady+

Rakan Yang Anda Tag Dan Mahu Mereka Buat PERIHAL :
+Suma blogheads yg membaca netry ni, tagged la diri anda sendri ek..nk list down byk sgt..sesapa yg terbaca entry ni juts wat je.xkesah..+

December 30, 2008

Noor Hajar Binti Mohamad Rasdi..I dedicate this for u, My Lil' Sis..

lil' proud of u..
7A's n 1B..thats damn good babe..(orait r b sejarah dah dia menci sejarah)..
one thing for sure, shes still gonna be in that prestige skool(skolah men sains tun syed sheik shahabudin..tol ke aku eja ni..ranking no 23 dlm skolah men mesia), not as shes expected, well she thought that shes gonna get an ass kick from that skool..shes even prepared herself mental n physical to fit in to normal skool(skolah harian r..)..sorry babe, trust me, u wont fit in..u too good to be in normal more thing, sejarah B? thats cool..just try to keep up cuz in form 4 there essay that u have to write in history subject.. n choose the rite stream okay..shes wanna choose accounting n bio stream..well, shes said she love math but hate bio, but they cant be, do what ur big bro did..juts study to get pas.. which i did ok..i get 8E for bio..hahaha..accounting? good.. after this u can teach me accounting cuz im sucks in this fucking subject..haha(kalau la dia taw aku fail account kat U conpem dia xmau ambik accounting pny, u noe why cuz she look up high for her mine, his big bro is some genius boy that have xtraordinary mind..ooh lil sis..u dunno how untrue that is)..well u beat me again on PMR..well i only got 7B n 1C for PMR..well i totally deserved that..n im proud of her..shes can do much better than me in academic.i admit just somehow got lucky all the time.she n my big sis is the brain of the just the mastermind of problems..haha..well Hajar i hope u read this entry(i noe u wont) so that u noe that im very proud of u..n i love u soo much..sometimes i just dunno how to express it..really..seriesly..but shes still love me more than big sis..i just dunno why..maybe its cuz that im the only bro she have n no matter how screw up i am, im just the one to turn in..n remember, no matter what, no matter what stream u choose, i'll alway support u..our family alway support u..dun worry.the pressure is not n u..u r the youngest..its not u that leads the way..big sis carry that next..u r the last..well, i really am glad that mummy drop the pressure of pursuiting u on medic(eventhough she didnt noe that shes applying the pressure on u, but i noe..), n now ur choice is wide open..just be anybody that u want..(well to be honest i still hope that u'll someday be a that everynite i turn on the TV on 8 n i ca proudly say that-that babe on Tv is my lil sis!..haha)..well thats all i wanna say to u, my lil u so i just need to accept that u are no longer our baby gurl..u have grown up..all of us need to..u can be indie u just need to believe in urself more as much as we believe in u..n remember, i'll have ur gonna take ur hand everytime u fall, im gonna shield up the bullet for u if i have to..cuz no matter what, u still r baby gurl in my heart..u r the reason i wont do any bad things in life cuz i dun want anybody hurt u..n im sorry if im being to tough on just trying to build up ur confident on urself..thats all..

p/s-sumthing bout my lil sis-shes fragile.not confident in herself as much as all of us trust her..vunerable sometimes..soft hearted-really2 soft..softer than a feather..easily influece(this one is my own conclusion.)..not so indie as me n my big, as a big bro i have to take care of her..the respo lies on my shoulder.i really have to

December 29, 2008

I Woke Up In Different Bed

wow aku bgn pagi ini dr katil aku di kolej tersyang kolej malinja berselimut n dlm keadaan kesejukan.. kedah sejuk? wow..suatu perubahan yg ketara..maybe byk benda bru dah brubah sepanjanh cuti sem ni..maybe skrg kedah masih dlm musim hujan? xpa..aku masih ada full 5 bulan utk menguji teori ni..maybe kedah dah melepasi fasa kepanasan yg melampau atau akan kembali ke keaadaan sedia kala dlm masa dua tiga hari..hanya tuhan yg tahu

December 28, 2008

Shock n Awe

same room, sam rumates, different locker.. everything else seem right where i left it..yup, im back in UiTM Kedah..massive changes? nope..thanx god..well, since ramai yg argue napa aku xdak azam tahun baru well i think i just found one..aku nk brubah tahun depan n study rajin2 n bg naek blk pointer aku yg keep dropping..i dun wanna fail my folks.i'll do muy best..seriesly..i hope i can make it..please god..i need to make me..

okay gtg..xabih unpack lg..barang byk xbeli g..katil xkemas xsusun g..well, i'll sharing my loker with azam again this sem..gud..ble paw rokok dia lg sem ni.hahaha..btw, aku xsempat g jumpa junior aku..sem ni sorang ja junior dok sebilik ngn aku..xtaw nama pa, asal mana, course apa. its ok..i have full 5 month to know him better..

one more thing, since im now in my beloved campus, i think im ready.. ready to be hurt again.ready to fall in love again..but this time, im gonna make it rite.. no more not gonna hook up with any gurl that just come gonna search for Miss Right this time..if i dun find her, will stay single ja susah..bkn aku xble idup kalau xdak gurlfren..btw, i msg nabilah sblom bertolak td ckp kat dia yg aku nk blah dia mai cni, i ckp gudlux n bye2..i told u, were good.. no heart feeling..we still can be frens..we used to be gud frens..nothing gonna change that.. the chemistry we share, gonna make us pull it through though..just wait n not bluffing..


GoodBye For Now

well its kinda sad tahts im gonna leave penang tommorow(teruk2 nk blk kedah ja jauh mana..setgh jam je dah sampai) i guess this gonna be the last entry i wrote from penang(for now) a month n half past by while im hanging in penang on my sem break, what had happen?
  • I Got A Job at Kareoke Site
  • i Quit Kareoke job
  • i Got my old job back-Swenz Kopitiam
  • I broke up wif Nabilah
  • Im Single again..pewit!!!
  • i make a nu frens in blogs
  • i make nu frens in real life
  • i'd scandal with amoi Myanmar
  • i lost 3 kg
  • i gain 4!!!!
  • i fall in love but i ignore it..because its just another addiction
  • someone fall for me n i ignore an idiot
  • i reconnect with my old buddies
  • i hanged a lot
  • i eat a lot
  • i sleep less
  • i smoked less

well thats all i guess..except for something that i rather not write bout it..well evnthough its kinda short sem break (at least thats how i felt) but a lot of things, yeah i love penang no matter what..i love seberang jaya doubt bout that.u can say what ever u want dudes but penang its the best place in teh matter where i go this is my home n this is where i will come home to..theres no place like home, man..

so gudbye for thing for sure, my next entry wont be from seberang jaya, penang anymore.its gonna be from merbok, kedah..i love that place too..chow!

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