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December 23, 2010

WWE- 10 Years In The Making

Remember This Dude? Stonecold Steve Austin. Austin 3:16. The Toughest Son Of The Bitch In Pro Wrestling. He's Now Retired From Wrestling Circuit And Not To Forget He Is Now WWE Hall Of Famer.This Pic Was Taken In 2000 When Austin Was The WWF Champion. One The The Best There Is And The Best There Will Ever Be. He Is Indeed Among The Greatest That Achieved What He Deserve By Putting His Blood,Sweats And Tears To Be Able To Hold One Of The Prestigious Title In World Wrestling. "Thats The Bottomline Cause Stonecold Said So, Hell Yeah!"

Now, Look At This Dude. The Miz. Self Proclaimed "I'm Awesome" and "Most Must Watch WWE Champion Ever In The History". Yes, The Title Had Change In Term Of Its Original Look, But The Miz Held The Same Price Of Title As Austin And Yes He Is The Current WWE Champion. But Whats The Different Between The Miz And Steve Austin? Well, Its Pretty Simple. Even After 10 Years, People Still Talk About How Great Steve Austin Is But 10 Years From Now, Will People Still Talk About The Miz Or Maybe He Is Just One Of Those "One Hit Wonder" Champion? Well, Nothing Against The Miz, He Is A Good Wrestler (Eh..), But Maybe The Problem Here Is That Steve Austin Set The Line Pretty High For A Guy Like Miz To Achieved. I Mean, Come On Austin Career Live On Because Of The Attitude Era Of WWE, One Of The Best Era In The Business, Miz Is Just Trying To Keep The Business Running.Comparison Between Both, Austin Is An Empire Builder And The Miz Is Just An Empire Maintainer. And One More Thing, Austin Is The Past, Miz Is The Current And Hopefully The Future Of The WWE (*Finger Crossed*).

Now Thats Is Someone Who Can Make Us Proud. Luckily For Us, WWE Now Have Two World Champion, Which Is WWE Champion (Hold By The Miz) And The World Heavyweight Champion Hold By This Guy, EDGE. The 10th World Champion. The Ultimate Opportunist. The Master Of Manipulator. The Rated "R" Superstar. The Current World Heavyweight Champion, Which He Won 4 Days Ago At WWE TLC Pay-Per-View. Some Might Not Know This, Edge Sit Along Among Legend. Why? Because He Is One Of The Few That Manage To Hit The Double Digit In Term Of Holding World Title. The Greatest Of It All, The Current Top In The List, Ric Flair, 16 Times World Champion, Triple H, 13 Times. Guess What, Edge Fit In Among Those Guys. You Think You Know Edge, Think Again.

December 20, 2010

The Difference Between Love And Like

In Front Of The Person You Love Your Heart Beats Faster,
In Front Of The Person You Like You Always Get Happy.

In Front Of The Person You Love Winter Seems Like Spring
But In Front Of The Person You Like Winter Is Just A Beautiful Winter.

If You See Right Through The Eyes Of The Person You Love You Blush,
But If You See Through The Eyes Of The Person You Like You Smile.

In Front Of The Person You Love You Can't Really Say Whats On Your Mind,
But In Front Of The Person You Like You Can Say What Ever You Want.

In Front Of The Person You Love You Tend To Get Shy,
But In Front Of The Person You Like You Can Be Yourself.

You Can't Look Straight Into The Eyes Of Someone You Love,
But You Can Alway Smile When You Look Straight Into The Eyes Of Someone You Like.

When Your Love One Cry, You Cry With Them,
But When Someone You Like Cry, You Comfort Them.

The Person You Love Comes To Your Mind Every Two Minutes,
Because The Feelings Of Love Starts From The Eyes,
And The Feeling Of Like Starts From The Ears.

So If You Stop Liking Someone You Just Cover Your Ears,
But If You Try To Close Your Eyes,
Love Turns To Tears And Remain In Your Heart,
Forever After.

December 19, 2010

Blood Fued

We Cross Through Time And Space,
Literally Through It All Just To Find Each Other Again,
After All We Been Through, Still Nothing Is Been Forgiven,
We Still Find Our Way To Shoot At Each Other,
Still Try To Get On Each Other Nerves.

Ultimatum Given, Attitudes And Position Shift,
Still Nothing Ever Really Changed At All,
Its Just One Stupid Cost Of Living,
No Matter What Our Constants Are,
We Still Try To Find Each Other Wrong Doing And Focus On That,
Blood Have Spilled Over, Live Losses Among Another
But In The End, The Differences Rules Over.

United Had Never Been Our Strong Perspectives,
That On Of The Reason Why We Keep On Loosing The Battle,
Over And Over Again,
Faces Changes By When Times Took It Tolls,
Alliances Made Under The Terms Of Survival,
Yet Again, We Are Loosing Our Self,
The Blame It's Not "Others" To Hold,
It's Our Own To Be Perfected,
There's No Cursed, There's No Bad Luck, It's Just Simple Rules Of Believe,
Destiny's Call Upon But No One Willing To Step Up,
Many Tries But Failed In The End,
That's The Costs Every Single One Of Us Pay With Such High Price,
In The End, It Takes Our Life.
Just Because We Can't Let Out Lil' Disagreement Slide Away,
The Blood Fued Continue, Forever!

p/s- Tibute To LOST TV SERIES!

I Am One Pacthetic Loser

No Matter How Prepared You Are,
No Matter How Ready You Set Up Your Mind,
No Matter How String To Try To Put Your Face On,
No Matter How Cool You Try To Act On,
But No Matter What Once You Screwed Up,
Everything Starting To Fall In Line.

Yes I Did Mentally Prepared To Face The Consequences,
6 Month I Tried To Round Up My Mind Around The Facts That I Screwed Up,
But Once The Time To Face The Music,
I Failed,
Emotionally I Loose To The Dying Fact That I'm Lacking Behind,
Yes, I Know I Screwed Up.
I Deserve This Torture!
Please, Give Me More!
I'm Begging You!
Gimme More!!

p/s- If One More Person Asking Me About My Continuation Study, I'm Kill Him/Her For Sure!

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