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October 18, 2011

Kill Or Be Killed , Who Cares, Everybody Gotta Die Sometimes

"Learn To Hate Before You Can Love"

I know. Some people, no, I should say most people prefer the other ways around. They kept on saying oneself should know how to love before they step on the world of hatred. Well not me. What can I say? I have a twisted mind to begin with. Maybe in this context I'm more protective than before. You know, prevent something bad from happen so you gotta gank up your mind with the worst case scenario so if anything goes wrong, you are ready for it. If you not fully prepared, well the pain will come and get ya. So my advice people, learn to hate before you can love. Hate everything first, so when thing get out of hand, you are not that fucked up because at least you hate the thing first thing first, and if the thing out of good, well just cherish it and act surprise because sometime not everything is negative enough for us to hate. Well, maybe by having this kind of thought make you a negative enforcer but who cares, protect your own self because other right. By all mean, in deep deep truth, all people are selfish, and when push come to shove, they'll show their true colour, and when that happen, you'd wish that you hate it in the first place so you won't be that affected. Regardless, I am not perfect and god knows I'm not always right, so maybe you shouldn't follow my way, but it's your choice, play along and someday you'll get hurt or play my playbook and maybe you won't get hit so bad that you can't step back up. Again, it is your choice though.

p/s- Love Is Addictive So Its Fucking Hard To Hate Anything Or Someone

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