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He Walk Among Us, But He's Not One Of Us

March 10, 2012

aCe+ Shitload #18

"If You Can't Make The Person You Like LOVE You, Make Her HATE You. It's A Lot Easier."

aCe+ Shitload #17

"Its Hard To Be True To Others, Its Even Harder To Be True To Yourself"

aCe+ Shitload #16

"A Funny Thing About Being Followers Is That Without Followers, Who Will The Leader Leads?"

aCe+ Shitload #15

"Im In Tough Position To Make Hard Decision"

March 9, 2012

Fact Ain't Fact Without Stats

The sky ain't always blue as most people seems to view it. the thing is, that's reality. full of clouds, surprises such storms always come knocking by when we least expected it. and again, that's life. If we can't accept that, well we better off jumping from 50 storey building. well, that is the best place of to view the sky for the perfect vision. well, I have a solution for this stupid problem. don't ever, ever aim for the sky because the stats are stake against us, so just aim for the stars then. problem solved. at least if i fall, i'll be cruising on the sky of blue. just saying. peace out bro!

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