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July 10, 2009

Bom Masa Pembunuh Hatiku

sapa2 yg baca ni, try scroll kat bawah ada link Eny Heart.. dlm blog eny [drama is boring.reality is fun!!] dia punya latest entry cita pasai admirer dia mr.F.latest, mr.K nyanyi lagu dia title selimut hati utk dia, in a way of trying to win n unlocked her heart..sweet kan? admirer kebanyakkannya semua sweet kan.. well, WRONG!! xsuma! ada admirer yg psycho.. aku baru ja experience sendri.. xla lama sgt.. baru2 ni, time cuti sem.. minah tuh nama dia Maya..kalau nak ikut kami baru kenai sebulan lebih jew tapi dia punya psycho-ness in loving me,NAYY, i should use OBSESS with me is extremely mind blowing.. skarang ni dia dah seminggu dah ilang xdak balik umah..since dia mmg xbyk kawan sblum ni, sbb dia baru pindah mai penang dlm 3 bulan lepaih so maybe im her only friend there in, skrg dia dah ilang.. mggu lepaih mak dia call aku.l tanya taw x maya. aku ckp la xtaw sbb aku dah blk campus dah.ble ja slamba katak slama kami berkawan, as a fren, dia ble baeknya dok cita pasai aku kat mak dia, suma yg gila2 punya. kata aku ni baek gila2, aku ni ambik berat kat dia, yg aku ni slalu take care dia, plus dia ciap tunjuk umah aku lagi kat mak dia. well, skrg dia ilang mak dia igt aku la yg bawak dia, time dia lari umah tuh, dia ciap tggai kertas tulih nama aku, no phone aku yg dia mintak kat member aku time first dia dia nak text aku n ciap ada ayat lovey dovey gi.. hampa bayangkan lah.. kalau hampa jadik parent si minah ni, konpem hampa akan carik aku dulu sbg suspect utama kan dalam kes dia xbalik umah tu, tol x? well thats exactly wat her mom did. dia call aku tanya suma, igt akau la suspect. padahal, time mak dia call dia dah ilang 3 hari, on the last sunday dia dah xbalik umah dah.. by that time aku dah balik campus dah kot, on saturday aku balik..mak dia call aku ari senin xclap aku.mak dia cakap nak wat police report.. konpem2 polis pun akan carik aku dulu kan.. hm.. well2, so u guys still think admirer is sweet? think again!! really think bout it!


July 8, 2009

When The Devil Stood Upon Me..Part 2

Dlm Clas Stats-QMT212..aku tukaq clas pi clas A sbb timetable aku clas aku kena masuk clas A utk STats so dat aku ble ambik Acc164- accounting 2. n la payah kalau repeat paper ni.. clashing pny jadual.. ops.. lupa. status aku DROPPER not REPEATER..ahaks. so, for this sem tiap2 Rabu clas aku dr pukui 8 hingga 6. break just time pukui 12 sampai, xtaw la ble tahan ke x.. hm.. gudlux for me then..

When The Devil Stood Upon Me...

Tgh Dlm Clas BEL312-English Occupational Purposes..
borink sial...
arini clas pack..


Band- Aranda
Song- WhyYaWannaBringMeDown
Album- Aranda

This situation, if it gets any deeper could be critical
I’m not your love monkey so be taking back all the lies you sold
What did you want me to be It’s just too much now
So tell me so tell me so tell me one two three four

what’s your evil attitude
When you got me spending my time pleasing you
Why must you keep me underground
Tell me tell me, why you wanna bring me down?
Is it too much to give a damn When
I’m giving you one hundred and ten
Don’t blink cause I won’t be around
Tell me tell me, why you wanna bring me down

Now your transmission is on the negative
You’re on a losing streak
This information is getting ordinary and you’re losing me
What’s with your hostility when the lie’s on me?
you’re down to the last chance
So tell me so tell me uno dos tres cuatro

So what’s your evil attitude
When you got me spending my time pleasing you
Why must you keep me underground
Tell me tell me, why you wanna bring me down?
Is it too much to give a damn
I’m giving you one hundred and ten
Don’t blink cause I won’t be around
Tell me tell me, why you wanna bring me down

I don’t think you ever gave damn
In fact I know it I can’t take it no more
Was it all just a waste of time
I don’t wanna spend my whole life thinking bout it
Baby this is where I draw the line, I think I’m done

So what’s your evil attitude
When you got me spending my time pleasing you
Why must you keep me
me tell me, why you wanna bring me down?
it too much to give a damn
When I’m giving you one hundred and blink cause I won’t be around
me tell me, why you wanna bring me down

July 7, 2009

Jim Halpert Oh Jim Halpert!!

Jim Oh Jim I Do Adore Ur Character..
Jim Oh Jim Why The Hell We Are So Much Alike?
Jim Oh Jim I Dont Wanna Be You..
Jim Oh Jim Is Hard To Be You..
Jim Oh Jim Im Not Gud In Office Type Of Enviroment..
Jim Oh Jim I Havent Tight The Knot With My Pam Beesly..
Jim Oh Jim We Are Different In Relationship Matters..
Jim Oh Jim My Pam Still Heart-Locked
Jim Oh Jim..

July 6, 2009

Its A Boys Thing

Sorry r kalau ang nak suro aku explain kenapa dia wat cmtu kat ang, aku seriesly xble nk explain sbb maybe itulah lelaki.. ya, aku ngaku gender aku ni byk kelemahan.. tapi mungkin series di lepas pangkah kelebihan2 laen lelaki.. mata keranjang? kalau usha ckit pun gurls akan chop kata gatai kan? awat? gurls xpenah ke usha laki2 bajet gay look jambu2 suma.. time ada group boys tgh jogging depan hampa, hampa x ke gossip kata which one look better in sweats? same things goes when the situation turn around. bila ada gurl yg hot2, agak sexy lalu konpem r kami usha. n isnt really our fault? gurls yg pakai sexy kot.. curang? well dlm byk2 kapel boys je ke yg curang? yes aku taw percentage yg ada depan mata kita byk membuktikan yg boys yg slalu cheat in relation. sorry. based on my exp, gurl yg slalu curang. thats my point of view. bukan aku ada apa2 against gurls or gender-war or something is just that ada kes member aku sorang ni dia curang r kat awek dia. so, susah nak koemn sbb takut ada yg tras plak. pada sapa2 yg baca, sorry, aku xdak niat nk beratsebelahkan mana2 pihak cuma ni opinion aku sbb slalunya in any situation boys will alway be blame sbb sympathy goes to gurls. not boys. n boys slalunya choose to shut the hell up in this type of matter, n just let things fly by camtu this is my chance to voice out! sorry for any inconvinience.


A Plot Of The Beginning Of The End

Not Everything Turn Out As We Want It To Be..
I Learn That Fact, The Hard Way..
Plus, Like I Said..
Theres No Such Things As Free Lunch..
Its Not Works Only On Girls, Guys Too..
Payback Or Consequences Is Always Around The Corner..
Waiting For The Right Moment To Snap Back Rite At Ya..
Our Lil Sweet Perfect World..
Is So Freaking Fragile On The Inside..
Waiting To Crack On The Least Expected Moment..
As Our Perfect Comfort Zone Starting To Fall Apart..
We Tried To Look Back Searching For What We Thought Was Wrong..
As The Expedition Goes, We Realize, Everything Was Wrong At The First Place..
We Are Just Too Blind To See It, To Realize It..
We Choose To Postpone The Arkwardness & Unpleasantness..
Till The Time When We Thought Everything We Loved Starting To Fall Into Pieces..
Its Too Damn Late Already..
What We Can Do Now..
Is Just Watch & Let It Burn To Ashes..
Ashes That Have To Clean Up Cuz It Is Our Mess To Begin With..
"Turn Over A New Leap"
"Make A New Clean Cut"
The One Who Whispers This So Called Wisdoms Thought..
Are Not Really The One Who Experience It Themselves..
All They Do Is Talk & Smile..
When They Truely In The Situation..
They Ask Themselves..
"How Im Gonna Make This Right?"..
Theres Not Shortcut In This Life Quest My Dear..
The Only Option Left..
Is The Long Path Of Uncertainty..
It Will Hurt..
Time Wont Heal It This Time..
Time Will Only Be The Component Of Evolution Of Pain..
A Pain That We Had To Suffer..
A Pain Of Lesson..
A Pain Of Mistakes..
A Pain Of Taking Things For Granted & Easy..
We Will Make It Out Okay..
But Apart Of Ourselves..
Left On The Journey..
We Will Make It Out Just Fine..
But We Wont Make It Out The Same..


July 5, 2009

Sweet Damn Life, thats BULLSHIT!

my forth semester in UiTM isnt as smooth as i thought it will be man. choatic, fuss, messy all roll into! as the first second i stood my foot on UiTM Kedah soil, problems awaited me.. hm.. first of all, my room A220 is fill with 3 new juniors which i didnt had time to get know them i step in that beloved damn room, all the locker are full, there aint a bed left for me.. so, i changed place. as for now, i stayed in A003-baby,awe n boy's room.along with azam, well as for him, is tragical.he's a completely outsider. his college application had been rejected so dia merempat r.ahaks. well, the crowd just gets crowder. ijat join the party which make 6 of us staying in a same room together. what r the odds for this to happen huh? plus, now even Pak Lah is staying in "our" room. before is Izhar also stayed for a while. hm.. well, i aint got any position to complaint aite? well, is our last sem to stay in college so we just rolled with it cuz after all after this all of us will be staying in same "outside" home anyway so we better start now to co-habitat. its been good so far for all of us. as for my academic goes, there aint sweet smooth ride for me either. i repeat my acc114 paper, which i already pass so i'll be carrying acc164 this semester. well, all my acc164 paper clash with my other subjects timetable. so i have to fix it. im seeing sir mahad tommorow to see what he can do for me. hm.. life aint sweet huh aCe+, well this time u r in big damn mess cuz u r not wearing a damn

Im Here

im here.. in campus.. in my class.. QMT212- business statistics..MK11..everythings , far so good.. it had been a lil bit chaostic, but its good.

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