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June 25, 2013

Stand Still Obelisk, Don't You Dare Move

Never Say Never, As I Always Say Never Give Up Never Surrender.No, Yes!

Things Standstill Unless I Make It Move, Why? I Don't. I Did Half The Shits I'd Done Because I Felt Its Right For That Moment. Do You Think I Don't Feel It Too? I'm Afraid For The Mistakes I Made, For The Confession I Threw. My Nature Resolve Around Making People Happy, Especially You. I'll Do Anything To Make You Happy.

I'm The Idiot. I'm On The Wrong Side Of Track. No, I'm The Idiot. 

Yes, We Choose This. We Want This. Stay Here, Still No Need To Move,That's The Promise. For That, I Ought To Say Sorry For Making All The Shits Real. Again, We Feel What We Feel, I Say What I Want If I Think Its Right For The Moment, If Its Not, I'll Pay The Price. Things About Me, The Move I Push Something, The Stronger It Get. Sucks Right? 

I'm The Idiot. I'm On The Wrong Side Of Track. No, I'm The Idiot. 

Sorry Is Not Appropriate Here? Why Should You, Ain't Your Fault. Just Be Honest As Always. Nothing Should Ever Change. 

 There Is None, I Get That. 


Yes, We Been Living In Fantasy, But Isn't That The Point? Because Reality Sometimes To Shitty, We Need A Safe Haven To Feel Happy.

Pain? Times Thousand, Thats How I Feel Because I On The Wrong Side Here. There's Nothing, There's Should Be Nothing. It's Okay, It's Allright.

 How Far We've Come? Where Do We Go From Here?

Get What I Can Get Or Leave Anything? Gotcha.
Here, In This So Called Zone, Is What Make Me Happy. No String Attached.

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