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September 29, 2012

This Is Where We Make Our Last Stand

The thing about beauty is that it is subjective.
What society perceived as beautiful might be a majority belief but that doesn't mean it is from the view of all. Say what you want, believe what it is, follow as the perception lies down and take its toll, some people, the one that considered to be the "Society Rejects" might beg the differ. What make the majority supreme over the minor? What is it about perception of the many that belittled the one who think differently? Maybe they are right, it is safer to just follow the flow rather than turn and go the other way around instead of following your true belief and go against the mass. The thing about following your fighting heart is that it will always lead us toward the destruction of our self because our thought is just different from the rest of the obedience "monkeys in the suit".

Tale a look at all these girls. Do you believe that they are beautiful in their own way? Most will say otherwise. Just by looking at their differences in a way they present them self, these girl will never be put in the running for Miss Universe since society have a different idea of the definition of beauty. With all that tattoos, the striking hair colours, the piercing on the lips, the mind of the masses already labelled them as "The Outcasts". Is that what they all are? Rejected by the false entitlement just because they are different from what the majority want as the representative of beautiness? Say what you want, some of us, even though our numbers are small, we praise these girl for being different because it what separate them from the packs. It is what make them special in they own way even others don't believe so.   

Maybe WE (the different breeds) will never fit in the so called perfect society but we will never back down. Just because we are not who the rest of the world want us to be, that doesn't break us or bring us down because no matter what, our belief stand on its own, our voices make some noise even though its seldomly heard. Maybe we will never even make our mark in the map of history but we know that we at least tried. Try to be who we want, not following the trend of social setting that set for us, instead of doing that, we follow our heart and goes with our day.It might not mean anything but to us, its everything we have. Hey you,  yeah I am talking to you the rest of the world! You can kick us down, break us apart but you will never take away our freedom or our choices. Because in the end, we know that at least we make our own choices even though it might be the cause of our fall down.

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