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December 30, 2009

I Hope She Doesnt Read This

imagine a "thing", something that u eager to have,fantasize about everday n ever nite especially during the time b4 u close ur eyes to end the chapter of a day,hoping for tommorow that u'll possess that thing.try t imagine that. exp, the "thing" is ur favourite car, Toyota Accord.then one day, out of the blue, ot of sight, someone u know give it to u, the "thing".n u think that shes fooling around n u just accept it cuz u think its just a part of a funny joke.u compromise, u react, u oversee towards the action of getting the "thing" just by a fling cuz in ur mind u know u'll never get the thing for real possession from her. then as day goes by, u realize, she actually giving u the "thing" for real, for u to keep. she act like is was meant for u, but never clearly stated it n u r afraid to ask because u dun want to hear the answer. cuz u dun wanna to lose the "thing".u just went with the flow cuz u know, without having the tough conversation of the possession of the "thing", somehow, u r possessing it no matter what, as long as u play along with it. but in ur heart u r wondering whether u r really possessing the "thing". how to deal with it?? seriously, im confused but i refuse to ask. because i wanna own the "thing", i dun wanna loose it, so i choose to play along.. cuz if i do so, i own it, i possess it.story of my life!

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