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November 27, 2010

One Step Closer

Don't Ever Say I Didn't Give You A Chance, I Spread Plenty.
Don't Question My Heart, Because I've Gain Caution Fully.
Don't Hesitate Now, Because Time Is Running Out.
Don't Criticise Just Yet, Because You Don't Want To Shout It Out Loud.
Don't Blame Me For What Might Happen Next, I Did What I Must.
Don't Runaway, There's A Lot More Lust.
Don't Pretend No More Because Thing Have Changed.
Don't Crush Down To Earth Because It Might Not Stay The Same.
Don't Fight It To Hard, That Just Seem Silly.
Why? Because I've Move On And I Am So Sorry!

November 26, 2010

Stalking Is Somebody Hobby But Don't Make It A Daily Unpaid Job

Not that I'm keeping score, but you stalk me more than I do. Facebook, Tagged, Blogger Formspring, even my unactive Twitter account. Well, who's paranoid now? hahaha. Well, all I can say right now Karma aint that bitchy it just a simply concept of what goes around comes around. Goodluck on your search of finding what ever you're looking for. Trust me, it aint there. Keeping on rolling baby. Like I said, it just another cute cover to blow. ahaks.

p/s- I know You be smiling when you read this post. YES, it is for you!

November 25, 2010

Love The Way You Lie

Love is just another impression right?
So, just play along see where it lead you.

November 22, 2010

21 Aint Forever

146 days left. People keep on saying that age is just a number. Hell even I used to say that. Believe it of not, this statement only useful if it is under the matter of love. But in term of life, it does matter a lot. Take an example of working for a big damn company. Do you think all the corporate greedy guys willing to risk hiring any 20 and below years old to run the big show? Never in a million light year. Another interesting quote crossed my mind. "21 Forever". Well, as for this one, it's just silly. It's for those who never want to move on with their life to the next level and choose to stick with the basic and keep on living in fantasy. Good luck to you guys. Keep on living in or fantasy, living in fear to be exact.

146 days from now, I'll be 21. Why on earth is that matter to begin with? Well, as for me, I always put 21 as a benchmark. A benchmark within two things, two different world actually. The world between teenagers and adult, and 20 for me is the thin line between both or the changing period (which where I am at). But yet again, a question arise. Is it 21 really the time for people to change their status from teenager to adult? For me it is. Why? Because as you turn 21, you are eligible to vote in election. Government had already set up the age line which is 21 to be mature enough to make a decision of choosing the entitled and power house to rule the nation. Well, if the government said so, it must be count for something right? (BULLSHIT)

21. Wow! in 146 days I'll be turning 21. Through out this years, at the age of 20, I always assume that this is the time for me to involve, to change myself from the creepy lil teen whom always confused in life, whom always disagree and protest a lot, whom always didn't give a crap about anything toward some one whom matured, serious in life, successful, and wise. Well, me myself put that line to be cross. I set up the goal for myself and in 146 days i need to achieve that goal. Can I? To be completely frank, I can't give a straight answer. Yes, I admit I'd change a bit for who i am 2 years ago. I did realise the changes that happen to me personality-ly and from the perspective of life itself but I don't know whether I will be the man i thought I will in time. There's a lot work be done, there's a lot more changes need to be happen and I am still confused a bit. To hell I am.

Changes need sacrifice and as for now, there's a lot of stuff that I am not willing to let go just yet. Yes, I am still living in my own fantasy world and I am not planning on leaving it just yet. Procrastinating is my best buddy. Once I'm willing to be serious, to be responsible, to be the man of the hour, that is the time that Adam Ar-Rashid has step into the world of adulthood. My best guess is, I am still a young teenagers who live his life to the fullest and not ready to face the big world call reality. Once I done that, there no looking back. So, I am waiting for that time to come. A time for me to completely change. A time that when i look back I can simply say, "YES, I AM AN ADULT NOW"

p/s- I am still hoping to get a poetry collection book for my birthday. I didn't get any for my 20th Birthday so for my 21st I am crossing my finger! please, anyone!

November 21, 2010

You Just Another One Of My Mistakes

You are so beautiful,
You are the kind of girl
that has the chemicals that makes me fall in love
Beautiful, you are the kind of girl, that has the chemicals
That makes me fall in love Fall in love

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