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April 17, 2010

So Long & Gudbye To Teen World, I Don't belong There Anymore

as i turned 20, well it suck though.i wanna be 19 forever but thats just wishful thinking i guess.hahaha. now, like it or not i belong in adulthood, no more teenager.but do i change completely? dun worry im stil me. i dun believe in resolution changes n wishes. i change when ever i want to.pediodically, not instantly.i will change but not in single day, not starting tiday cuz its my bday, i will change bit by bit.haha.

well, thanx to all the bday wishes. i appreciated it a lot though. to all the texts, all the wishes through facebook, chat in facebook,email, mail i facebook. thanx a lot. sory its my reply its short but stil i appreciated it all.n specially for the one who called me on the exact moment of 12am today. who? not gonna tell. haha. n not to forget for all the early wishes, stil tengkiu.hehe.

my bday turn on to be great but stil theres one grudge. not a big one but i was hoping for it to happen actual. guess what, she didnt wish me. well, she did chat with me 30 minutes aerlir to ask whether its my bday, n then she promised to wih on the excat time, but that didnt happen.well, im not as hurt as i thought i would, but im kinda excepting another letdown n that is what excatly happen so its okay.

p/s- stil looking for poetry book.ahaks.silly

Welcome To The Adulthood

abg,,i found diz 1 poEm 4 u...
so,,i guEss diz is da bEz birthdAy wishes 4 my dearEst bro...=)

"I'm fortunate, and I'm glad
I got you for my brother;
Even if I had the chance,
I wouldn't pick another.

I'm happy you're in my life
You're my winner, come what may.
May your birthday wishes come true
On your very special day. "
hAppy 20th birthday abg adAm...

mAy aLLah bLess u aLways=))

April 16, 2010

Im Officially Hates Burfday Next Year cuz Im No Longer Teen

Dear Adam,

A little reminder to show that I care,
A few thoughts in my mind, openly share.
Where should I begin, before raindrops appear?
Has it already been another beautiful year?

Who would have guessed; no changes at all
Expressions the same, If I do recall.
That smirk is you, strangely unique,
In sync rhythm, with rosy re...d cheek.

Please do not worry, you are not asleep,
Internal changes and growth, surely not cheap.
A birthday; a chance to remember a year,
Where is the line of moving frontier?

Once again I wish u Happy Birthday Adam...

April 13, 2010

Nothing Left To Say

nothing left to say.
its just a memory now.
all the times we share, even though its too short, but still wont perished.
cuz deep inside i know.
we will never be the same.
all left with me, its just this picture.
to remembered all the gud times happened.
to recall that once i was happy.
to be reminded of the truth meaning of life.
to learned thats worng and whats rite.
the moment we were together were heaven on earth.
eventhough its on the call of the devil.
at least at that moment, we are ourself.
we connected on every level possible.
at least we try to discover, together.
but yet again, thats all in the past.
you took the path far away from mine.
and i choose to stay in wonderland.
i dont regret my decision.
its just another memory.
a sweet old memory that i cant never relive ever again,with anyone,ever.

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