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He Walk Among Us, But He's Not One Of Us

August 12, 2010

Till The Day I Die, Im Gonna Try To Touch The Sky

never. never dream, never thought. that one day i will ever touch the sky. why? cuz life experience make me believe that i am failure. that no matter what happen, im gonna alway fall back to where i started in the beginning. how many time had i crawl back up on my feet so that i can try again. try to do the impossible. try to do what other say i couldnt achieved.try to prove them all wrong. try to prove that i am somebody. i am worth taking serious off. till, i do, no one will ever look at me straight and say, this dude have what it take. til then, im gonna keep on trying.

Good Things Never Come Easy Handed

Orang Cakap Bulan Posa Ni Bulan Baik, Bulan BerAmal Jariah. Bulan Mengcegah Maksiat. Bulan Setan Kena Pasung.Bulan Baik Utk Memulakan Perubahan. Bila Lagi Aku Nak Brubah?

August 10, 2010

The Freaking Four


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