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November 23, 2009

I Heart Tottenham Hotspur!

First time ever in history in White Hart Lane!

Tottenham Hotspur TRASH Wigan 9-1!!


Defoe score 5*first player in history of EPL ever done that*

Lennon score 1!*right after come back from injury*

Crouch score 1!*magnificient header, the first goal in the first half.take note, there only one goal in the frist half, other 10 goal happen in seken half!*

Kranjaar score 1!*beautiful score too*

Bentley score 1!** beautiful free kick!

first time ever TOT had a big win in white Hart Lane. if is not bcuz of wigan conterversial 1 goal, TOT can leveled up with Man U ni 1995/96 when they win 9-0!

well done Hotspurs!

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