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He Walk Among Us, But He's Not One Of Us

February 3, 2010

Theres No Me If Theres No You

like a lighter to ciggys
like a mug to coffee
like a game to boys
like a make up to girls
yet complete each other
but if a choice given
all willing to go their own path
a ciggys want to light it self up without the help of lighter
coffee wanna spreads the floor but mug wont let it
a game wanna pause but boys will always be boys
make up wanna stop but girls will always be girls.
so goes with relationship
we complete each other
we need each other
we support each other
but what if none of it exist in a relationship?
thats mean it is a fake!

Im The Reject!

your hand not mine to hold
speak to me
all you gotta do is keep it strong
move along
move along
gotta make it through
even when the hope is gone
move along
move along

January 31, 2010

Meant For Me?

Kenapa saya asyik rindu awak???

Kadang2 kesian pulak tgk die...

Bole x kalau saya xnak rindu dia????

Xpyh nk bodo sgt laa..sbb kau pon same je...ckp org kunun!!! to the hand ^_^

Could i miss him?????

Owh my dior,i really miss him...^_^

Saya sayang anda;)..Anda bagaimana??

Waiting for the right person..Perlu ke nak tipu aku???? Benci kau..

Kinda miss that words from ur mouth...;)

is all this above about me? are you talking bout me? answer me please. i really need to know. cuz im kinda confused rite now. cuz u keep sending me fault signal.again n again.justify please!

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