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October 31, 2009


TOT kalah 3-0!


baru first half dah kena 2-0 ngn arsenal.
sum agol bengong2 ja!
cmon hotspurs!
u guys are better than that!
keep the pace up!

October 29, 2009

Bak Kata Saf

life is like a drama
where i have to act as a different person in every situation
call me hypocrite or whatever, i dun mind..
only for people who knows me
will understand myself, the real me and who am i actually
i try to bring up myself as who i am exactly to every situation that i face thru
but i cudnt make it coz those people wont understand
im facing a hard situation of life and im chill dealing with it
i learn so much about life by observing people around me
what they did,how they react and when they are in emotions
that is how and what i've become now.

i dun trust love
i dun trust of "true frens"

COZ all i know
human breath becoz of the needs of themslves
i believe on every human are selfish
they want love so that they wont fill lonely
they want frens so they can chillin around
but i do believe in karma
im being realistic here and not idealistic
and soon yet after i found LOVE,
well not to say i dun believe in it anymore.
now i do realise, LOVE makes the whole world look colorful.

then you get something which u will never really expect!
and thats what my life is all about.

yeah im not perfect
im clumsy..
my hair doesnt stay in place
i spill alot of things
useless sometime
but this is me and and i always do have my flaws
accept me or just fuck off if u hate me

Quick Update!

to all Man U haters, go fuck ur self cuz Man U is Back on Winning Lane okay.
Last Nite, or should i said last 2 nite, Man U Kick Barnsley in the ass bu scoring 2-0. credit to Welbeck n Owen. Nice goal though eventhough Gary Neville get a red card, but a win is a win..

n not to forget, my second fav EPL team, Tottenham Hotspurs is also back on the winning game. their trah Everton..

ViVa La Glory!

Falsampah Hidup

Aku Mahu Ber Jaya Dalam Hidup
+Aku Malas Nak Berusaha+

Kalau Aku Ada Awek/Balak, Saya Akan Sayang Awek/Balak Saya
+Aku Ni Player, Satu Awek/Balak Mana Nak Cukup+

Kalau AKu Banyak Duit Aku Nak Tolong Orang Susah
+Keta Baru, Umah Baru, Nak Pi Vacation Lagi, Byk Aih Cmna Nak Tolong Org+

Aku Manusia Berprinsip
+Aku Sampah Masyarakat Yang Merosakkan Bangsa+

October 28, 2009

Jom Kahwin!

Smalam, aku dapat wedding invitition. seriesly, its been sent to me not my parent. umah aku mmg slalu dpt wedding invitation tapi usually jemputan tuh nama parent aku la,xdak nama aku pun, tapi ditulis kat situ ahli keluarga dijemput hadir sama. chop2. back to the topic. okay so aku agak suprise tambah excited dpt invitation tuh sbb bukan sng org nk letak nama aku dlm wedding invitation. curiously, aku bukak la. last2 terkejut beruk kot. member aku time skolah dulu, skolah kat Penang Free dulu nama lutya punya invitation. aku baca leklok kot2 akak ka abg dia yg kawen, last2 usha punya usha mmg dia yg akan kawen. peh! siot! seriesly terkejut kot. aku x aspect benda ni nak jaidk dlm masa terdekat. bend ayg aku maksudkan ialah dpt wedding invitation kawan2 dlm masa terdekat. aku dok igt kalu nk jadik benda2 ni pun maybe lagi 5 6 taun la kot. wow! member au ni tua setaun ja dr aku dia umuq 20. dah ank kawen december ni. wow! aku masih terkejut kot. cepatnya masa berlalu. padahai, rasa mcm bru smalam ja aku dok lepak2 ngn dia kat McD tepi Penang Free time skolah2 dulu. its make u think aint it, hwo old u are getting. member aku dah nak mendirikan umah tangga, aku masih terkial2 mencari arah idup yg x pasti lg. well in the other hand, on my defense she is way to wya to settle down. tapi xpa r, future husband dia daha da career plus 5 years older than her. aku palk, bila la nak kawen ek? ha3. gedix siot ang adam. bru 19 dah dok pikiaq nak kawen. well, theres nothing wrong to dream bout it, plus its not that far away timeline anyway. its just around the corner. maybe in few years, aku palk yg akan stat invite member ke wedding kak aku, n then wedding aku plak. chop! akak aku awai2 lg dah confess dia nk kawen lambat, so maybe aku la yg akan settle down dulu kot. ahak. konpem dlm pala otak sapa2 yg baca ni pikiaq adam ni gila meroyan gedik nk kawen. well my frens, think bout it. in a few years, aproximately 5-10 yeard from now, maybe i;ll get married so its not to possible ti think bout it now. at least ur mind is already been set bout the idea. im not a dreamer, but just a believer. yet again, i still in the progress of searching for MISS RITE. till i found her, im just gonna keep dreaming.. peace out!

p/s- aku dah ckp dah kat mummy aku, kalu aku kawen nanti aku xmau buffet, aku nk makan berhidang. kira penuh ngn adat melayu abih r.series!

Song- Simple Man
Band- Lynyrd Skynyrd

Mama told me when I was young
Come sit beside me, my only son
And listen closely to what I say.
And if you do this
It will help you some sunny day.
Take your time...
Don't live too fast,
Troubles will come and they will pass.
Go find a woman and you'll find love,
And don't forget son,
There is someone up above.

And be a simple kind of man.
Be something you love and understand.
Be a simple kind of man.
Won't you do this for me son, If you can?

Forget your lust for the rich man's gold
All that you need is in your soul,
And you can do this if you try.
All that I want for you my son,
Is to be satisfied.

And be a simple kind of man.
Be something you love and understand.
Be a simple kind of man.
Won't you do this for me son,
If you can?

Boy, don't you worry...
you'll find yourself.
Follow you heart and nothing else.
And you can do this if you try.
All I want for you my son,
Is to be satisfied.

October 27, 2009


for opening up my eyes to a lot of stuff in the world
for telling me everytime i miss something on the journey of life
for messing with my feeling cause sometimes thats actually what i needed the most
for been tough with me when im about to break down
for sharing all of the shits
for everything
specially thanx to
my mind for think before i acte radically
my heart cuz just leads me to trouble
i guess chuck was wrong after all
i cant just follow our heart
cuz its just want we want it to be
our mind in the other hand
will do the thinking for us
the bad n good
the conqecuences that we have to pay for the action
the future prediction of what might happen
thanx again
my head
my mind

Who Know Aite?

chuck said "follow ur heart cuz ur head only gonna mess everything up"

which mean we need to follow ur heart eventhough ur mind said its a bad move.

i choose to stay down n do nothing..

whcih one is better?

Oh Facebook!

seriesly, facebook is far far better than myspace.
to whomever do doesnt create FB account, u should do it now.
im addicted to facebook now.

October 26, 2009

The Game Of Truth And Dare

ver played this game? okay, to make it a lil bit more interesting, skip the DARE part. only play the game of the truth. spin the bottle, the person it pointing to need to answer truthfully any questions been directed to him/her. on over trip last 2 day, we did play this game. guess what, it wat fun. n most of all all of us whose playing know others deepest secrets. i was fun. we actually kind aafraid that this gmae gonna affect our frenship but its not. it make i stronger. but yet again, all the secrets that had been reveal that nite, will stay as secret among us. no one will ever know though.. i love all of u though. ajam, aimil, saf, imah. ur secret is save with me.

Trip To The North Region

last sunday, aku ajam aimil saf imah fatin ronggeng ezzati mat jan ngn dua org kawan ezzati gi berkelah.well, that was the original plan. as it ended up to be atrip to the north region. dr SP kami gerak pi kodiang, lepak umah ezzati dulu. fatin ngn ezzati dah tidoq umah ezzai sejak sabtu g. btw, her parents are really wonderful. peramah siot. aku jadik malu truih. pastu dr kodiang, kami plan nk gerak gi gua kelam. aku roger mat jan ajak dia pi skali. sampai kat gua kelam jumpa di indu AIMST tuh. actually kami plan nak mandi kat gua kelam tuh, tapi last2 kami juts masuk n usha2 n snap pic ja dlm gua paleolitik tuh. ahaks. kami mandi kat bukit ayaq. ikut signboard panggil bukit air. pas mandi mandi manda mua gerak blk pi umah ezzati. pastu tgk2 jam dah lambat dha kot. xsempat nk make in on tinme tu sent dua minah tu blk ke uitm before 10.30. last2 kami overnite ja la. lepak kat aloq staq n then baru blk merbok blk. n pas blk aku tidoq puas2 n ready2 nk blk umah. the end.

The Fall Of 2 Giant

first, tottenham losses last nite which mean its becoming harder for them to keep their 4 cartel in the EPL, but no sweat its still a good season for the hotspur.

second, liverpool did it again tonite by beating Man U in Anfield. what a shame though! 2-0.. again, Man U cant keep their leading path on EPL cuz chelsea had a pesta gol yesterday.

conclusion, what a weekend!

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