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May 27, 2010


"Ang Nak Handphone Ni? Kiss Aku Dulu."

Happen Around 7.02PM Just Now.
What Happened Next, Thats For Me To Know And For You Guys To Find Out.

May 25, 2010

Stupidity Equals Single

Ok, Nows since the heat been cooled off, i will story at ya. SINGLE? some dont believe me saying that its just another tactics of me to hit a girl, to lure a gurl to my place. fuck you guys. thats what i reply. i dont need to justify myself, so say whatcha want, i dun give a damn at all. juts to be clear, if i really wanna used facebook as a tool of hitting girls, why on earth did i stated there that i'd been in relationship, better of said single if thats was my purpose, idjit.

believe it or not, yes, im single. like i said before, Adam Ar-Rashid is mean to be single, always. but my heart wont let me. it kept falling, n falling n falling for a wrong pair.i dunno, maybe its just my stupid luck or maybe its a punishment for me, but still i dont know how to stop. i keep on going n trying. stupid huh? yeah, maybe i am that stupid. or maybe i just that plain, or even maybe my herat is a soldier though cuz i keep on trying even i know its a lost cause.

oh ya, i forgot. this post is not about the story why i change my relation status in facebook to single. sorry.

p/s- FYI for that certain someone, i you do love me, why u didnt post any of the pics of you with barry, why upload something else. huh. yeah , i am that stupid

May 23, 2010

Road To Madrid

UEFA Champions League Final.
Inter Milan VS Bayern Munich

I dun favor any of this team, but its final dude so im gonna watch it anyway. plus, its get douchey if only EPL teams in the final every single season right, so its kinda good to see new team arive at the final.well, Inter havent win Champs League title eversince 1965 n Bayern since 1991. gud luck for both team.

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