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November 22, 2008

yes!!! aku dah dpt keja..
gtg.. nk bersiap g keja ni..hu3

Jugdement Call

"Don't Judge A Book Just By Its Cover"

yes!! dats wat i love to say.. yes dats my thrid principles of life.. yes dats what i will tell my duded if they say sumthing or 'fuck' someone because they dun like his/her appearance..yes, i damn look like a saint that trying to change the world n trying to change people perspective on sumone but still...

why i make the judgement call?
sumtimes without my notice of cos, i make a judgement call on someone..
why dis happen?
should i be the on ethat do not judge bcause im da asshole dat will always tell evryone not to judge..

well i guess im just a normal human..i make a judgement call every single minutes..not just bout my life but bout people around me..

yesterday, around 4 Am i went out from my house walking in the suburbian area in my house,smoking of cos.. yes, i noe what will be in ur mind, WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS GUY DOING OUT EARLY IN THE MORNING..


a judgement call had been made.. again, dun judge a book just from its cover..
i just walking around on no actual prupose..just wanna sightseeing the area of my house had i had live in 4 almost 11 years..

back to the story, as i was walking around i came across one chinese dude..kinda well dress,not all compang camping type..he's picking up empty cans from the dustbin..yup..its true..early in the morning,picking up cans.. well, to be honest i made the judgement call at that time..

what the hell this is this dude doing picking up cans early in the morning?
is he broke or sumthing?
is his appearance just a fake?

well all the negative thought just came on coming till i reached home..but then, before a close my eyes to get some rest for the day an hour later, this thing pop out back..but its a different that time i realize, why should i judge him..well, even if its true that his broke so what..he didnt steal anything or harm anyone..he just wanna pick the cans n sell it for some penny..maybe dats not the real storyy, maybe he is well being but he just wanna make an extra income. or dats maybe he's hobby.. who noe which one is the truth? but, to make it all different its the judgement call that we make..lets put its dis way..if i kept having all the dirty -ve thought bout that dude,what if one day i bum to him sumwhere that moment of cos i will remember all the -ve thought that i had b4..n 4 sure i'll be like this

"weh,hampa taw x mamat tadi tuh punk makan sampah"


"weh,mamat td tuh dia bkn kaya mana,miskin ja..dia kutip tin mlm2 buta"


"cian mamat tuh..juai tin untul support faimly"

or any other similar stories,but who noes the real story? the truth behind that guy..maybe he have his own reason..maybe he is broke n need those cans to support his life but only god noe..but if we make the judgement call on that guy thats gonna change the whole perspective on him,for sure..all the negative look will be on his back while he turn away just based on unknown reason or fantasy that been, dun judge..unless all the truth r reveal or the real reason its there..


November 21, 2008

The Tough Choice

lost a frens,gain anu frens..
lost a gurlfren, u gain a nu pain..
my friends thought me back..
im totally disagree..
lost a gurlfren u gain bax ur freedom..
free to the loved..
free from any attachment.
free to giv a flying kiss to any random hot gurl..
free to wink to anyone on the street..
free to hang out with ur frens anytime
free to choose anything u want in life without refering to anyone..

but, theres a price to pay..
loneliless will be ur besties..
jealousy towards ur frens who in love will bust out..
self esteem sumtimes runaway from u.
appearance seem useless to be show off.
ciggys n movie becomes ur pillow n bed..
live sex chat is ur nu frens in midnite..

u see.. thats da big different bout having a spouse n being on ur own..some people prefer being alone bcuz they have been alone since god knows when but some others, who have been in relation b4, these is whats their situation might end up with.. so choose wisely..
which one u wanna choose?

November 20, 2008


well according to anarchy can be defined as

+"Absence of government; a state of lawlessness due to the absence or inefficiency of the supreme power; political disorder."+

+"A theoretical social state in which there is no governing person or body of persons, but each individual has absolute liberty (without the implication of disorder)."+

+"Absence or non-recognition of authority and order in any given sphere."

+Without government or law+

+A society free from coercive authority of any kind is the goal of proponents of the political philosophy of anarchism (anarchists)

anarchism in the other hand means

Anarchism is a political philosophy encompassing theories and attitudes which support the elimination of all compulsory government, i.e. the state. The term anarchism derives from the Greek αναρχω, anarcho, meaning "without archons" or "without rulers", from ἀν (an, "without") + ἄρχή (arche, "to rule") + ισμός (from stem -ιζειν). It is defined by The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Politics as "the view that society can and should be organized without a coercive state." Specific anarchists may have additional criteria for what constitutes anarchism, and they often disagree with each other on what these criteria are. According to The Oxford Companion to Philosophy, "there is no single defining position that all anarchists hold, beyond their rejection of compulsory government, and those considered anarchists at best share a certain family resemblance".
There are many types and traditions of anarchism, not all of which are mutually exclusive. Anarchism is usually considered to be a radical left-wing ideology, and as such much of anarchist economics and legal philosophy reflect anti-authoritarian interpretations of communism, collectivism, syndicalism or participatory economics; however, anarchism has always included an individualist strain, including those who support capitalism (e.g. market anarchists: anarcho-capitalism, agorism, etc.) and other market-orientated economic structures, e.g. mutualists. As described by the 21st century anarchist Cindy Milstein, anarchism is a "political tradition that has consistently grappled with the tension between the individual and society." Others, such as panarchists and anarchists without adjectives neither advocate nor object to any particular form of organization. Anarchist schools of thought differ fundamentally, supporting anything from extreme individualism to complete collectivism. Some anarchists fundamentally oppose all types of coercion, while others have supported the use of some coercive measures, including violent revolution, on the path to anarchy.

well if u ask one particular guy name Adam a.k.a aCe+ he would said dat anarchy is a self-lead philosophy..yes it is against any type of government or any supreme authority but it the mean time its build up urself internal self which need to be build..
it help us to learn how to survived if we r on anarchy rules.. it help us to be help us to grow n be the man should we should, why should we be anyone dogs? following orders n let "them" feed us..why dun we be our own boss n the dogs on our master,no free feed that only gonna left us to be obey.. plus,

who need a government if it is corrupted?....
who need a government when all of the individuals in it plays above the law n constitution while everyone else whom they refer as rakyat have to be loyal to the law?..
who need government who stupid enough to make a decision for themselves but they want to make one for us?...
who need government n law or constitution is not all of us are adment to it?
who need a government that limitise our freedom but they refer themselves as a democratic government?


we dun need government that only gonna destroy us in the is better to stay on anarchy if we have any type of these government..

well, thats what Adam a.k.a aCe+ said..wehther u believe if, its up to u..

November 19, 2008

*Past Is Past*

kenapa sesetgh manusia amat sukar untuk menghadapi perubahan dalam hidup? kenyataan yg pahit untuk ditelan oleh sesetgh insan.. walaubagaimanapun liku2 itu tetap diharungi jua walaupun apa carapun kita guna untuk mengelaknya..tanpa kita sedar, suatu hari nanti kita bagai berada di dunia yg berbeda hanya kerana terlalu taksub untuk menjauhkan diri yg menerima perubahan yg sedang berlaku..

masa pantas berlalu.sedar xsedar usia kita kian menggapai langit..usia mendewasakan kita dr persepsi fizikal..namu mentaliti manusia hanya akn mengalami evolusi jika individu itu sendiri yg membenarkannya..

susah sangatkah untuk mengharungi perubahan?
ya susah jika hati kita masih tidak merelakan..
ya, jika kita masih meragui diri sendiri untuk mengadaptasikan diri di dalam situasi yg baru..
ya, jika kita tidak percaya pada diri sendiri..
ya, jika kita hanya bagai katak di bawah tempurung..
ya, jika kita masih mahu berada di takuk yg lama buat selama2nya..

masa untuk berubah? kita silap..masa tlah berubah tanpa kita sedari..kiat yg kadang2 terleka dibuai mimpi yg dicipta sendri telah tertinggal jauh..kita masih di mentaliti yg sama,tempat yg sama,sikap yg sama namun dunia telah lama berubah..apa yg mampu membedakan kita dengan org yg lain yg masih dibuai mimpi indah ciptaan sendri hanya LANGKAH yg kita akan ambil selepas ni..

*Past is Past* bak kata seorg sahabat aku semalam-Azlina Salmi' semasa dia menasihati aku untuk berani brubah dan tinggalkan kenangan masa lalu di belakangku.. masa depanku ada didepan mataku tapi aku masih ragu2 untuk menggapainya..mungkin aku terlalu terikat dengan perkara silam yg sentiasa menghantui fikiran ku..aku cuba untuk melupakan namun aku tidak cukup kuat untuk menghapuskan jejak2nya dr fikiranku.. memang..aku sentiasa nmpak kuat di luaran tp aku sendiri sedar aku amat lemah terutama dlm segi perasaan dan hati..aku xmampu melawannya tapi aku tidak pernah berhenti mencuba..aku sentiasa mencuba tapi apa kudratku.. hasutanya terlalu kuat untuk ku tempuh..namun perubahan telah mengambil langkahnya terhadapku..samada aku mahu seiring berjalan bersama dengan perubahan tersebut, hanya masa yg mampu menentukannya..

November 18, 2008

Something Differences..

i dunno why..
i just felt differents.. its not dat kinda "miss UiTM Kedah" differents but i dunno..
its about her.. well, i just get back to penang yesterday(well technical dis morning bcuz kami g round penang dulu sampai pukui 6 pagi).. after dat, i just went to my bed n try to sleep but suddenly i miss her.. i dunno why.. yes its been a while since we meet eyes to eyes(last time is the third raya on my open house).. well kind weird huh? what kinda of boyfrem am i? well dun just blame me.. im busy wif my final ok (busy maen game k blajaq? ang ja la yg taw adam oii.), i didnt text her for 3 weeks.. AGAIN, dun blame me.. my cellphone busted out ok..


well, again is it my fault? maybe dats the reason my i fell different when i went to see her this evening.. i dunno whats wrong but sumhings isnt rite..i didnt feel da love..myb its just tempopary bcuz i havent seen her for ages(nk gempak jew pkataan).. or maybe because what happen at the last dinner in kedah? i dunno..

rite now, at this moment, i really really really dunno whats my feeling towards her.. fell, usually she will text me "luv u muah2" in every texting moment.. but, today not even one..


but still she gave me the kiss on the cheek but its still felt difference..
this is all hakim's fault.. why? why, dude, why? why u had to mention her when u noe dat im not single anymore?

maybe im hakim's rite..maybe im still cant get over Lyn.. maybe shes still in my heart.. maybe Nabilah-my gurlfren is just a rebound Gurl dat i need to get over Lyn..i really dunno..

i dun wanna break her heart again..please.. this is the second time its happen to me okay..

the last time kuddus is the one had tried to refresh my memory about Lyn n i happened to be in the same situation as now..torn apart between two.. maybe im still cant get over Lyn..

What Should I Do?

i dun wanna break Nabilah's heart, i cant face another failure, another heart-break if i keep trying to win Lyn's heart this time..

maybe i should just stay with nabilah..maybe i shouldnt try to win Lyn's heart again..enough is engough adam.. she is ur past, SHE is the present..

well, i'll try my best..maybe i should refresh my mind on how i survived the first breakdown when kuddus i should rejoice my mind on how she gave me THE FIRST SIMPLE KISS..

well i think i should re-entry the poem that i create insipered by THE FIRST SIMPLE KISS she gave to me just to remind me how deeply shes in luv wif me n i should luv her back....


When Time Had Its Grudge On our trail love
When distances keep us apart and make it tough
When break up just an inch away to approach in
When the “The First Love” fired up in a form of girl name Lyn
We are so close, no too damn close to be separated
I won’t denied it, I’m the one that didn’t put the effort
The distances, it just an excuse that I wanna make
But the love for u just won’t fade

Thanks to you who always believe in me
Never stop fighting, never stop saying that you love me
The one that make me realize and see thing clearly
The one that holds my heart where it should be

A simple kiss it’s not what I really seek
A simple kiss that you gave on my cheek
A simple kiss that change it all
A simple kiss turn my ego down and make it small
A simple kiss restore, rejoice renew my feeling
A simple kiss ripped out the knife of love killing
A simple kiss that make me quit playing
A simple kiss that make me start loving..
The one and only
~My Shiteru~

November 16, 2008

The Dinner..

well, about 1 n half hour ago i had a dinner wif all my buddies in kedai Pattani..
actually plan aku kuddus adi azam aimil jew..tetiba ezzati ngn FD mai which is kinda arkward n then almost suma bdk2 pompuan clas DPA2B datang..well, actually is kinda like a reunion..dah lama kowt kami xlepak2 skali ngn gurl2 dr 2B since kami suma pindah clas masuk 2D except kuddus r sebab dia mmg 2B pn.gelak ketawa,sakat meyakat,kutuk mengutuk dah mengjadi amalan mulia yg diamalkan org bebudak dr 2B..hahaha.. kinda miss it..well mmg r sem lepas aku kat clas 2B sem ni kat 2D.rindu bila terigt blk masa2 kau DPA1b dulu..time kami gila2 suma..time amir masih ada kat UiTM KEDAH.. bkn la aku nk kata DPA2D xbesh, DPA2D tetap dihati aku..maybe its better this way.i bet if i still in the same clas in wont be dis fun..rite? bila lama xjumpa pas2 jumpa jdk lg besh dr jumpa, let it just stay dis way ok..Mr.mahadir please jgn r rombak clas lg sem depan..suma dah ok dah.. let it be dis way..i like it more then before,seriously...lgpn kalu xsama clas xsemestinya xble jumpa,xble hang out sama2, xble nk kutuk2,xble nk pangkah2..suma tuh tetap berlaku walaupun kami xsama clas.. like azam used to said "tgk dulu time adi xsama clas ngn kita, still ble jumpa dia hari2 sampai naek meluat.ha3"
well its true.. kuddus ayie hakim suma tetap lepak2 kat bilik aku walaupun dah xsama clas..still ble join kitorang g karoeke kat CS.well, i just hope things will stay like dis till the end of my studies in Merbok..please god..dun change a thing..

everybody!! Lets FUck Urself Up!! seriously..

i end my misery today wif a killing ending..
peh ayat nk gemoak jew..
akhir stelah sekian lama berhempas pulas(2mggu je pn) akhir tamat la sudah exam aku..



fuck U fucking hate u..
kita jumpa lg dlm masa 5 bulan..
till then dun ever bother me..

btw, risau gak time reslut nk kluaq..
xpa r redha jew pa yg dpt..(ayat cm gampang! ha3)

kepada sesiapa yg blum abih exam teruskan la perjuangan anda ok..(special dedicated to Izni Amalina.ha3.. 2 more days to go babe.hu3.study2.jgn dok blogging jew.)
i'll be supporting u(Ya Rite!!!)

ha2.. skrg ni aku nk p crk rokok n nk isap serokok non stop as a celebration..


p/s- kalu jdk papa crk aku kt hospital SP k..


Pancung Separuh..

td time aku tgh pulun study PAD170 satu benda wat aku tersentap..bkn marah tp tersedar satu realiti yg tlah wujud lama tp aku xbrapa nk ambik kesah..

sudah menjadi rutin harian aku utk isap rokok smabil blajaq.. well, to b honest xble study kot kalu xdak rokok.he3. menjadi kebiasaan untuk seorg perokok di"paw"..

*cutting setgh bro, weh pancung weh,bro half bro, steng ckit bro,*

ini adalah sesetgh ayat yg akan digunakn utk paw rokok..standed r kena paw tuh..xpenah jdk masalah utk aku pun slama tadi aku realize n recall sorang kwn aku,pompuan dia prasan member aku sorang lg paw rokok aku dan dia tny

*ang sanggup no,isap rokok bekas mulut org..xgeli k?*

aku baru terprasan.. well, adakah aku geli? xtakut infected k? apa yg aku ble simpulkan di sini, rokok mengeratkan perhubungn persahabatan.. seriously.. aku rapat ngn suma member2 aku kat campus nih sebab rokok.. so share rokok dr bekas mulut org len xpenah jdk probs kat kami. maybe its bcuz dat we r becoming too close so dat things doesnt matter anymore.. ya betui..aku dah xkesah kalu share2 rokok nih.xpenah plak aku dgq ada org kena aids ngn share2 rokok..(ada k kes?) kalu ko share ngn drugs addicts len r setaw aku member2 aku yg aku share rokok xdak r drug addicts..

so conclusion aku xkesah.. bucz thing like sharing ciggies*(bak kata izni) make us close..kalu diorang xdak rokok n sangap gila2 babi xkan la kita sep sangat xbagi setgh time diorang paw..bagi je la..sebab kalu time aku xdak rokok pn aku mgharap diorang bg aku paw.. plus, kalu aku ada lebey slalunya aku bg jew sebatang baru..xkesah sgt..ala apa la sgt sebatang rokok dunhill kalu nk di bandingkan dgn frenship kami..kan?

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