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January 19, 2010

Public Declaration Of WAR

being a public figure mean that all eyes of the world is staring straight at ya, watching, commenting n also criticising all single action you done no matter ist a right or wrong doing. there well always be haters around you, fakers whom seem nice in front but way back is fucking u damn hard. no matter how nice friendly face you put out everyday for 24/7 but the moment of second which u didnt smile or been out of the game is the moment, the public gonna catch their eyes on you n start comdernming n destroying all the reputation left with you. thats is the price you have to pay. i didnt chose or want to be a public figure, not saying that i am a pulic figure, but just wanna say that that i hate the idea of public figure. no matter how well known you are, u r human. you mean to make mistakes. sometimes you cant control the emotions, some moment u do have a breakdown n u need to release it all, theres nothing wrong with it, but when the idea of someone is a public figure, we cant do all that, which will stress the person inside n out. people deserve to be angry sometimes, so curse sometimes in proper timing, but in public figure world, theres no such things. what im trying to say is, i FUCK the idea of public figure. yes, u can adore someone, idolised, love them, role model-ing them as ur mentor an such, but when they slipped out, dun straightly criticise. take a moment to understanding the situation rather than judging the person as whole only by teh perspective on one single insident, it is not fair. well i guess its just a wishful thinking cus this aint gonna happen. people will alway be judgemental. people will alway talk behind ya under any circumstances. people will never stop gossiping. well guys, its an unfair world we living in. just try to survive out there, PUBLIC FIGURANs..

I Declare War

its dean list this sem or im gonna extend my semester to semester 7..
thats the only choice left for me in my current diploma study.
either step up, brace myself n force me to study hard this semester to mark up my pointer or im gonna have to take the long way to grad with a good pointer.
its do or die for me this semester cus its the breaking point..

January 17, 2010

Fling & Distraction

why? why now? why when im already committed in a beautiful relationship suddenly out of blue all of u come knocking at my love door? yes, if you reading this its include you too AnAn. you, plus "T", n F. all three of you. when im free,single n uncommited to anyone, not even one of you even look at me, or take me seriously. i guess its rite what one of my dude say, women only inretest to a guy whom are unavailable huh? his words, not mine, im just phrasing. now, i'd confused a bit. seriously, it been emotionally chaotic inside my chest. im committed to D, but in the mean time, T,F n AnAn is flirting with me. dinner invatation? all three of u invite me though. i wanna to reject, but my heart say dun. i guess i am a player huh? well, i wont be suprising okay, cus a lot of people thought i am a player, maybe i should act like one. but i do love D. D is the one who interested in me, while all three of u look at me "sebelah mata". dun worry D, i'll figure out this emotional thingy inside my heart cus i noe, i'll alway ended up back to u. all three of them, its just a flings a distraction. i will be faithful.cuz i still remember what imah said to me "CINTAI ORANG YANG MENCINTAI KITA BUKAN KEJAR ORANG YANG KITA CINTAI".. i refuse to agree with imah before, cuz my rebuttal is that is only apply for girl, not guy. i guess now i am agreeing with imah.

p/s- i love u D!

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