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February 24, 2011

Hope Is Another Dying Faith

Throughout this unknown I tense to walk alone
Crossing air for any miserable do and don’t
Still, the uncertainty blinded the faith of many
To the point where the right mind turn to another crazy

Left and right seems a lot alike
The understanding of its alone is a losing faith
Which directions need to be followed?
That the million buck question left in dark hollow

Faith is not something sweet with a lovely price
It’s one of the reasons why so many failed to thrive
Losing it only the beginning of one’s Dark Age
Swelling numbers of converters into losing faith

Faith is not alone fighting the creatures of the dark
Side by side a further entity comes to make the both sparks
Together the shoved the light into the darkest heart of elope
It’s none other than faith equitable hand man, HOPE

A dying faith can’t stand alone in all this desolation
Hope ain’t that strong to give any handful resurrection
Hope is also a dead end but some choose to believe
Amalgamation of them both might bring the lost cause to save

But who we to judge compare to them both,
We are all damnation, all together, slave of the sloth
There’s always a magnify darkness bloating in every single heart seize
What’s there left to deem in, faith is losing, hope if far of reach
Alone in the dark, some of us feel already comfortable with,
Just another reason that make us one of the lusting beast,
The battle of light and darkness is far from over,
It’s all on us to be whether free or bond to the darkness forever

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