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April 29, 2009

The Platinum Rules

according to Barney Stinson (potrait by Neil Patrick Harris) in hit TV series HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER season 3 episode 11,"dont eat where you poop.". sounded harsh? well its not literally that. what stinson tried to say is dont date anyone on ur regular circle, the person who we gonna meet everyday on regular basis, exp like co-workers, colleugues or blahblahblah. ted mosby (potrait by josh radnor) are tryong to hit on his doctor, Dr. Stella Zinman (potrait by sarah chalke) n all his 4 besh buddies trying to stop him.Barney try the hardest. he explain bout The Platinum Rules- dont ever,ever,ever,ever love thy neighbors. 8 steps of rules that apply within this platinum rules

  1. Attraction
  2. bargaining
  3. submission
  4. perks
  5. tipping points
  6. purgatory
  7. contraction
  8. fallout

attraction is the steps where the emotion boiled up. the attraction is undenialeble, but u noe better, u seems ur friends making the same mistakes before, but stil u think that its differents n the platinum rules doesnt apply on u, so u take the hit where the second step , step in

bargaining. the process of flirting starts here.

submission. its the process where soemthing or somehow the attractions boiled in the highest level n the flirting process, works.n the love spreads n the relation starts as blue sky.

perks. the upside rolling first the thought everything gonna be fien, cuz u guys r the same circle there a lot of advantage cuz of the relation, u can see each other often, u can share n caring everyday blablablah..thats come along steps 5.

the tipping points. this is the time where u realized that the relation is a mistakes.haha

u finally realize that u r making a big mistakes by undergoing the relation where u have to live with it, which bring to sixth steps, purgatory. "im such an idiot to go throug with this relation" is the simple n normal works out in this steps.

inevitably,u have to do the things that u have to things thae u should do a long time. in regular relation, its kiss n gudbye but this is a very different one cuz u have to see him/her again everday cuz he/she is in ur circle though. thats is step 7, contrantation.

fallout. the final chapter of the platinum rules.. the outcome or consequences that u have to pay cuz of the break up. well, its take a lot more then u think guys, seriesly.

dat is what platinum rules. ring a bell? ever happen to u before this? well, something its may make u think that u shouldnt do it cuz all of the facts point out the wrong direction but still, why should u care. yes, all the exp of others showed that dating with someone that in ur circle may leads to all bad stuffs, or may create an arkward situation more then million time, but thats doesnt mean we should try. yes, out of millions, yes maybe its hard even to make out of it perfectly but its worth to try. rite? so, fuck this plaitinum rules up.. dun give a damn, spreads the love guys.

p/s- as ted said in that very episode, platinum rules should have the ninth step, COEXISTENCE..rite?

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