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December 28, 2008

GoodBye For Now

well its kinda sad tahts im gonna leave penang tommorow(teruk2 nk blk kedah ja jauh mana..setgh jam je dah sampai) i guess this gonna be the last entry i wrote from penang(for now) a month n half past by while im hanging in penang on my sem break, what had happen?
  • I Got A Job at Kareoke Site
  • i Quit Kareoke job
  • i Got my old job back-Swenz Kopitiam
  • I broke up wif Nabilah
  • Im Single again..pewit!!!
  • i make a nu frens in blogs
  • i make nu frens in real life
  • i'd scandal with amoi Myanmar
  • i lost 3 kg
  • i gain 4!!!!
  • i fall in love but i ignore it..because its just another addiction
  • someone fall for me n i ignore an idiot
  • i reconnect with my old buddies
  • i hanged a lot
  • i eat a lot
  • i sleep less
  • i smoked less

well thats all i guess..except for something that i rather not write bout it..well evnthough its kinda short sem break (at least thats how i felt) but a lot of things, yeah i love penang no matter what..i love seberang jaya doubt bout that.u can say what ever u want dudes but penang its the best place in teh matter where i go this is my home n this is where i will come home to..theres no place like home, man..

so gudbye for thing for sure, my next entry wont be from seberang jaya, penang anymore.its gonna be from merbok, kedah..i love that place too..chow!

6 Spits On My Face:

nadhirah said...

lowh..u tulis macam dah nak tinggal malaysia jey..hoho

aCe+ said...

nadmsamuel-hahaha..besa r.. i walaupun campus dekat je ngn umah(40 min journey) tp jarang blk..mummy i pun bising

nadhirah said... i nak sangat dapat yang dekat..tapi..i punye nun jauh disana..di bumi melaka..

aCe+ said...

wow..ok r tu..ble travel..i tringin g study jauh2 tp dpt kedah je..siot tol

nadhirah said...

memang dari segi travel tu best..boley g johor, singpore and kl anytime je..but i ni jenis kuat homesick..huhu

aCe+ said...

nadhsamuel- haha..besh pa tu..oo..home sick ek? so slalu blk r?

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