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January 1, 2009

White Sweater Girl

ya, again..another love addiction some might say..but seriesly i guess not..its not an addiction..shes ruin my a positive way of cos.. i cant eve laugh while watching My Name Is Earl cuz in my mind there only her images.everything that i could possibly remmber bout her last nite, all stuck in my mind n it wont come out easilt..maybe its cuz i dun want it to go away.. maybe i want to remember her..i dun wanna forget her.seriesly..

story began, last nite after i cancel my PAD(code pa ntah) class cuz lec didnt n my boys went out to fill in our stomach with something delicious..otw the kenyangkan perut trip something happened in front of the we walked to the laiberi theres a bunch of girl waited there.waithed for somebody i we pass by them, 4 or 5 of them there she a white sweater, cute, kinda gudv looking, free hair, skinny jean..thats all i can remember bout her.what shes id next change my life for the moment n afterword until now.. she gave asmile.ifreak out...i dunno why.. i look behind me to make sure that shes smiling directly to me, not anyone else..there no one behind shes definitely smiling at me.. abig long stoodstill smile..hiow long? well its pretty long i guess. cmon let face long do a person take to raise a smile..she smiled for bput 5 or 6 second..that really freaked out, i still acted cool.i smil back at her..thats big msitake taht i've donw last least i should say HYE or something..or even wave my hand.. but i just smile bax..fuck it adam, u suck!that incident haunted me..seriesly..(ble guna ke word haunted ni?)..but still, i cant realy figured why did she smile at me? is it bout the way i look? cuz i look like chines dude? or maybe its cuz my appearance.. or maybe cuz my t-shirt..graffic t-shirt which have a writing "we are not schoolmates, we are not war buddy, we are colourful"..maybe taht the reason.or maybe she noe me before..i dunno..i wish i knoe.i hope i cna still meet her face to face again, n this time im gonna make it gonna make a move.butlet face it, UiTM Kedah is without a doubt is a small campus but how often u cross by a complete stranger which u can remember twice a day? or eben a week? or even a month? maybe i'll never see her again after this. i dunno.lets just hope that i get asecond chance okay.. i really need it..ok, that out..CHOW!!!

p/s- UiTM kedah..pesal xble connect tenet ni? dah 3 ari kowt..pelase r..aku nk blogging cmna..fix it, please..

4 Spits On My Face:

fara aqma ghani said...

fall in love again ke?

aCe+ said... not sure..maybe im falling again.maybe its just another love addiction..we'll see when i see her again after this

blitzizni said...

wawawa. nk cri ouh dak mna. hoho.

aCe+ said...

nnt kalau i jumpa dia lg u'll be the first to noe..tggu..i ada feel yg kitorang akan jumpa lg pasni..kena tggu r..jarang kot ada girl yg senyum kat i dlm campus ni..yg usha plek ramai r..

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