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January 3, 2009

Keep Smiling, And Die!

wow! im Mad! im Crazy! Im loosing my mind! help!since i tried it, i addicted(nape lately ni aku suka guna word addict n so on ek)

to all smokers2 out there try isap rokok n drinks sumthing yg ada caffeine.please try..aku dah stat addicted dah..caffeine with tar n nicotine its really not a great combination..its killing all our brain cell, i guess..i sucks in, i just made out my own conclusion n i think, i stress out I THINK its killing me slowly n softly..die n, tahts not to bad.not at a i previously, if we gonna go to hell, might as well enjoy the ride..if we wanna die, might wanna do sumthing that worth killing urself for.if we gonna go down, better go down swinging not me crazy, i dun care. cuz im gonna still do it.because again, its a wrong thing to do in the first place.i shouldnt try it..well, since i started theres no going bax.its one bullet train away straight to nirvana.well, if its my attemption its not for me n just me, its for everybody sake as, enjoy the ride guys.

p/s-if none of the above make sense, well its not what it seem to be..actually, my not writing to tell a tale bout smoking n caffeine..theres another story there..sorry, another metaphor.whats its really bout, go figure! ops! chow! rox in, peace out!

4 Spits On My Face:

aNa said...

u ..
x phm !!
hehe ;p

aCe+ said...

in suma metaphor jew..

Shakina Amirudin said...

merokok dgn coffee

aCe+ said...

mrs. bubu- mmg sedap..kaw siot

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