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December 30, 2008

Noor Hajar Binti Mohamad Rasdi..I dedicate this for u, My Lil' Sis..

lil' proud of u..
7A's n 1B..thats damn good babe..(orait r b sejarah dah dia menci sejarah)..
one thing for sure, shes still gonna be in that prestige skool(skolah men sains tun syed sheik shahabudin..tol ke aku eja ni..ranking no 23 dlm skolah men mesia), not as shes expected, well she thought that shes gonna get an ass kick from that skool..shes even prepared herself mental n physical to fit in to normal skool(skolah harian r..)..sorry babe, trust me, u wont fit in..u too good to be in normal more thing, sejarah B? thats cool..just try to keep up cuz in form 4 there essay that u have to write in history subject.. n choose the rite stream okay..shes wanna choose accounting n bio stream..well, shes said she love math but hate bio, but they cant be, do what ur big bro did..juts study to get pas.. which i did ok..i get 8E for bio..hahaha..accounting? good.. after this u can teach me accounting cuz im sucks in this fucking subject..haha(kalau la dia taw aku fail account kat U conpem dia xmau ambik accounting pny, u noe why cuz she look up high for her mine, his big bro is some genius boy that have xtraordinary mind..ooh lil sis..u dunno how untrue that is)..well u beat me again on PMR..well i only got 7B n 1C for PMR..well i totally deserved that..n im proud of her..shes can do much better than me in academic.i admit just somehow got lucky all the time.she n my big sis is the brain of the just the mastermind of problems..haha..well Hajar i hope u read this entry(i noe u wont) so that u noe that im very proud of u..n i love u soo much..sometimes i just dunno how to express it..really..seriesly..but shes still love me more than big sis..i just dunno why..maybe its cuz that im the only bro she have n no matter how screw up i am, im just the one to turn in..n remember, no matter what, no matter what stream u choose, i'll alway support u..our family alway support u..dun worry.the pressure is not n u..u r the youngest..its not u that leads the way..big sis carry that next..u r the last..well, i really am glad that mummy drop the pressure of pursuiting u on medic(eventhough she didnt noe that shes applying the pressure on u, but i noe..), n now ur choice is wide open..just be anybody that u want..(well to be honest i still hope that u'll someday be a that everynite i turn on the TV on 8 n i ca proudly say that-that babe on Tv is my lil sis!..haha)..well thats all i wanna say to u, my lil u so i just need to accept that u are no longer our baby gurl..u have grown up..all of us need to..u can be indie u just need to believe in urself more as much as we believe in u..n remember, i'll have ur gonna take ur hand everytime u fall, im gonna shield up the bullet for u if i have to..cuz no matter what, u still r baby gurl in my heart..u r the reason i wont do any bad things in life cuz i dun want anybody hurt u..n im sorry if im being to tough on just trying to build up ur confident on urself..thats all..

p/s-sumthing bout my lil sis-shes fragile.not confident in herself as much as all of us trust her..vunerable sometimes..soft hearted-really2 soft..softer than a feather..easily influece(this one is my own conclusion.)..not so indie as me n my big, as a big bro i have to take care of her..the respo lies on my shoulder.i really have to

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nadhirah said...

congrate tuk adik you..

let ask her untuk struggle tk form 4 and form 5..insyaALLAH dapat straight 10A'S..

blitzizni said...

congrats her.

aCe+ said...

..ok i'll sent ur regards to her....dun worry..she'll struggle academic, shes alway push herself to da limit just like her older sis..not sucks in studying..he..still trying to improve myself

aCe+ said...

izni- i will..btw pa yg important sgt u nk series je..i dah add u kat ym..

Fyruz said...

congratulation to your lil sis...
keep it up lil girl!!!~

aCe+ said...

fairuz- ok..t aku ckp kat dia..ko pe cer skrg? chat?

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