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May 19, 2011

Moving On Is Effing Hard

The sky turned dark make it hard for sore sight,
It make us all helpless, a lost cause without a guide,
Leaving you on thought how to get through the night,
sympathy alone make no good to put a strength of a fight.

A baby steps only easy as it been said,
But a suffering heart knows better as hope starting to fade,
Good 'ol memories repeated itself as sadness created,
In the end, you are all alone again like a confused soul in a maze.

Nobody can really understand how you feel inside,
As perfect moment seized, it disspeared in a glance of slide,
"You Will Never Move On!", this thought comes by as a might,
But you control your own life, you alone capable of making it right.

The pain alone killing you inside, without a doubt,
Makes you wonder on how to put a smile to the crowd
The same crowd of people who keep on asking why,
The same crowd who'll never understand why you cry.

No question that moving on is "effing" hard,
As you keep on trying, everything starting to fall apart,
But do remember, within every heart there's a soldier,
A soldier that haven't decided whether to be a fighter or a quitter.

Do yourself a favor, please be a fighter,
A fighter whom made out of believer,
A believer whome comes from weak becoming someone stronger,
With that you own yourself happiness which is better.

Life is not a fairytale, because you'll never be the same,
Times might heal the pain, but the scars remain,
But the scars do serve you as a reminder,
That you are once hurt but it will not stay on forever,
Bacause you will move on to something greater,
In the end, You, Only You Yourself Which Is Matter.

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