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June 9, 2011

Runaway Monalisa

Run Monalisa Keep On Running
Don't Doubt Yourself Now Even Though Nobody Is Gunning
Keep On Your Pace And Your Head In The Game
Keep Pretending Forever That Everything Is Still The Same
But The Fact Remains That Everything Cannot Be Overturned
Every Piece Of Trust Shattered As You Left Me Burned
No Problem At All That's Everything We Build Is Now Ruined
Just Keep On Running Monalisa, For God Sake Keep On Going...

Put Your Act On Now Monalisa, Keep On Pretending
Play Your Roles As Puppet Master Now As I'm Stupid To Still Granting
To Still Be Waiting To Be Justified Even Though It's Never Happening
Toy My Emotion Away As I Moronic Enough To Still Be Believing
Believing Is Something So Impossible That We Will Someday Be Together
Dreaming Of Being At The End Of The Aisle As You Walk To The Altar
Dream Which Appear In Motion That We Somehow Happy Here And After
A Dream Of Stupidity What Left Me Broken And Suffered...

Yeah Monalisa, Keep On Running Away
Don't Stop Now Because I Am Inching Away With A Sway
A Sway Of Payback That I Keep Long Enough Peeling
Once I Release It For Sure You Be Numb Without A Feeling
But Somehow With All That Pain And Anger I Still Choose Not To
Because Right Now The Revenge Is Coming In Due
Not By My Doing But From Someone Who Did Stole Your Heart
Does That Make Me Happy? Happy Is A Funny Word and Yes, It Is A Start...

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