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He Walk Among Us, But He's Not One Of Us

May 21, 2011

Care To Try Again?

Care To Try Again? I Do Actually
Because I'm The Guy Who Always Do Things Silly
Its Not Stupidity Its Just A Simple Act Of Bravery
Because To Me Rejection Is Whole Lots Better Than Sorry

Crash And Burn Plays Along As My Similarity Outcome
Why? Because Height Is My Phobia But I Still Make The Jump
A Jump Which Simply Defined As Rush Decision
But Is Showed That I'm Reckless More Than My Passion

But I Guess I'm Not Just One The Guy
The Type That Keep It All Bur Rather Than Just Let It Fry
Not One Of The Predictable Typical Type
One Of The Only That Keeps On Rocking The Vibe

Maybe You Are My Next Maybe You Are Not
So I Refuse To Keep In Shut In The Log
Because If You Are, I Have A Chance To Be Happy
Its Lot Than Wondering In Blurry

Care To Try Again? This Time I Am Damn Sure
Its Not Feel Like Love But The Affiliation Is Pure
I Not Gonna Tag Along Playing It Save
Because This Time I Got The Signal You Gave
In The End I Control My Own Choice, And Its You
Because, I Do Like You

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