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August 2, 2011

Keep On Speaking Up Moron!

People Speak Their Mind, What Ever They Wanna Say, About Anything They Wanna Say About, And Thanks To Technology, They Can Say It Out Loud Through A Lot Of Source And Network. But Yet Again, Do They Have The Right To Talk Or Give Their Very Own Opinion About Anything. Not To Discriminate, But What Qualify Them To Give Out Certain Perspective About Certain Topic? Do Their Specialize In That Area? Do Their Hold Any Sort Of Certificate To Prove That They Have The Knowledge And BackGround Good Enough To Allow Them To Speak Up? In Term Of Freedom Of Speech, Yeah They Should Speak out Their Thought. Let 'em Be. The Only Corcerning Matters Is That, The Party Involve In People's Conversation Or Criticism, But Must Smart Enough Not To Be Influence By Those Who Gave Their Comment. Let Them Critics, Let Them Condemn, Let Them Say All The Bad Thing, Just Know This, "Thing Will Be Chaos Is Its Not According To Plan, People Will Start Panicking." If Thing Do Not Fall Into The Plan, Just Try Harder The Next Time Around. Don't Let Any Orthodox Thinker Bring You Down Out Of Your Game.

p/s- People Say That K. Rajagobal Should Vacant The Post As National Coach. Hmm....

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