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July 17, 2011

Curse Word

"I'm Not A Risk Taker, Not A Play Save Guy Either. I'm Just A Guy Who Love To FUCK Around"

Please read the statement above carefully. For those who know me, really know me, or virtually know me, i guess you guys are already well known, or sick an tried of hearing me cursing around, in every sentence of words that come out of my mouth, or well written in any of my social network, am i right?.. Some of you, may accept me the way i am, some of you may still in the process of doing so, some of you well totally different way, hate my gut. right? Truth to be told, I don't really care, its just the way i am. Yeah, I cursed, a lot. Its a normal thing for me already. Spoken or written, there"ll be a curse word, some are really hurtful, some are just simply funny in its own way.

It never occurred to my mind that some day I 'll give a damn about what people might think of me until a few days back. The Statement above is exactly what i post in my facebook and out of nowhere, my uncle, whom i never thought having an active facebook account, left me a comment, "nice language".. ops.. and it got me thinking. Yeah, I do love to curse. The only different on this realisation it that, my two different two finally collide. a world there i gotta be me on my own way, and the world where i am a son of my mother, so people always pictured me as a good,loyal, obidient son. Well, its already happen, so one thing that i can say is this, my mom know his only son, she know me, she know how i alway behave when i with my friend, she know that when i'm around her, I am not the real me, im becoming who she want me to be, and she's okay with it, so i'm not gonna change myself, I'm still gonna be me.

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