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March 15, 2009

For You ANGEL...

Am I A Failure Or Its Just My Destiny To Fail?
Am I A Loser Or Its Just Life That Dun Want Me To Succeed?
Am I A Fuck Up Or Its Just A Path I Chosed?
Whatever It Is, Im Not Sure But My Life Isnt As BeauTiful As I Imagine,
Maybe Im Just Being Silly Or Maybe It Is What It Is,
I Live It Anyway,
At Least I STill Have A Life To Spare Rather Then None,
I Cherish Every Nice Moment Because I Know Its Not Gonna Last,
When Chaos Stop By,
It Is Not The End,
Its Just Another Floppy Storm That Crash In The Way,
I Survived..
But Usually,
Im Not The Same As Before,
The Storm Took A Lot Of Me With It,
Maybe Thats Just The Way Things Are,
Maybe Im Just Another Pawn In War,
War Against The Demon,
The Demon Among Ourself,
Maybe I Like It This Way,
Its Not So Great,
Not At All,
How Come I Wanna Be With You ANGEL,
If Im Still The Same Fuck Up Dude As Before,
I Need To Change That,
But I Cant,
I Wanna Be With You ANGEL,
No Matter Whats The Consequences Are,
Theres A Lot To Pay,
Im Willing To Do So,
But I Wont Change,
Not At All,
You Need To Accept Me Just The Way I Am,
CAn You?
I Don'y Think So,
Im Hoping For Miracle,
Miracle That You Will Love Me,Like Me,Accept Me,
Is It Even Possible?
Its All Depends On You ANGEL,
I Really Need To Know,
But Im Scare Of The Truth...

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