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He Walk Among Us, But He's Not One Of Us

March 18, 2009

Can I?
Well Maybe I Cant, Who Knows But I'll Keep On Trying
Trying Is Better Than Giving Up..
I Realize That Today...
Why Should I Denied It?
Im Just Gonna End Up Hurting MySelf, My Own Feeling..
So Now, From Now On,
I Will Do My Besh To Get It.
Seriesly, I Still Dunno How,
Your Heart Is A Very Solid roCk,
Hard To CraCk,
Thats For Sure,
I'll Keep On Trying..
I Dun Bother Waiting..
Cuz Deep Inside I Know..
This Feeling,
The One I Have For You,
Its Not Gonna Fade Away,
Its Just Gonna Keep On Growing,
So I Wont Stop Trying.

p/s- Yang Ni Entry Yg Bermaksud n DiTujukan Khas Utk "ANGEL"

2 Spits On My Face:

Shin Ju said...

Its hard actually to make sumone dats we loves cnfdnt with our feeling toward them..So, i wish u gud luck to reach her hand n told her bout ur feeling.. be a secret admire will make u feel sick from day to day..Gud luck,bro!

aCe+ said...

lady effa- wah kak saffa dah restu ke ni? hah.dah pasni jgn nk gossip adam ngn saf dah k.hati adam kat org len.saf just my bestie, the besh one i ever have

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